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Under 9's White Match Report

After returning from school holidays, Tackers travelled to Brunswick to take on the Dragons at Gillon Park.

After a slow start, the boys really got going well and matched it with the taller and stronger Brunswick side.  Defending well and spreading the ball, the Tackers played a strong brand of football through the back three quarters.  Both coach Shane and Chris were very happy with the effort in the first game back.

It was great to sell all the boys shake hands and for the Tackers to belt out the song afterwards!

Under 11's Red Match Report
St Marys Preston Bullants
20 39

We turned up to Greensborough Park with all available players ready to go and sadly our ever loyal and encouraging Shep still sidelined. We finally had a bench of 2! St Mary’s were able to field 17 players and the excitement was palpable after the holiday break. The ground looked pretty muddy and slippery under foot across the whole pitch. I could tell that every parent that manages the washing machine was again worried about how to make the white shorts whiter after this match!

Zac arrived looking suitably fabulous to run through the banner for his milestone of 50 games! Steve and Sam talked in the pregame address about taking advantage of the smaller ground and ensuring we played as a team.

Leon was captain today and the instructions were to pass confidently and where possible take a shot at goals rather than trying to pass the ball off.

With grey and impending skies above us the boys formed a guard of honour for Zac as he proudly ran through the banner – leading our boys out to play.

The first quarter was a tough and intense quarter with plenty of time spent in our attacking half. The boys tackled and ran hard – it was challenging to keep their feet in the slippery mud but we finished the quarter keeping St Mary’s scoreless and Arch was able to snap a lovely goal and Leon a point to run into the break with the score 0-7.

The second quarter was a great tussle with both sides attacking and then defending, able to absorb pressure at both ends. Jack’s attacking and tackling pressure was exciting and every time we looked to there was a Bullant helping out. Tom and Leon lurked menacingly in the forward line with Tom being able to add a goal to our tally relatively early. Kade made a magnificent tap down to our advantage and Sonny was able to make the clearance. Brock was showing great determination and Arch, Edwin and Jack were everywhere. St Mary’s got 2 goals and then Leon kicked a fabulous goal to give the Bullants an eight point lead as we headed into the rooms for oranges and some warmth. The coaches were very impressed by a great quarter in tough conditions and their message was to remember it is muddy and slow. There were to be no short passes moving into the third quarter. Play as a team and keep working with and for each other. Keep up intense tackling pressure and the backline needed to ensure they stayed close to their opponent and shut down their attack when they moved into their forward line - don’t allow St Mary’s to take easy marks.

Tom was moved into the centre and Leo onto the wing as the third quarter kicked off. Again, it was a close and tight contest. Leo had clearly listened to the coaches and was in everything. Kade worked really hard with Ben and Zac was showing the skills that 50 games bring. Arch was able to add another major to our score and the evenness of the quarter was evident on the score card! One goal one point each for the quarter. With our players looking like they had come from trenches we went into ¾ time huddle 8 points in front. Coaches and parents were in awe of the efforts being made - the tackling and working together and each person contributing and working hard at the ball.

The fourth quarter was tense – overwhelmingly our boys looked in control and Sonny and Alex were rewarded with goals and importantly we were able to keep St Mary’s to a single point in the final term.

Tonight is one of those nights I wish we had filmed the match because it would show the contribution of each and every player and to me this was the best match we have played as a team.

The final siren sounded and not only signalled a fabulous victory but also the end of a hard fought and challenging game – each parent felt extremely proud of the boys and what they were able to deliver today.

In summing up, there are 2 things that will stick with me from today’s match – the excitement that the boys had for their mate Zac as he prepared to run on for his 50th game and how happy they were for him and equally the rousing cheer for one of our newest team members Leo when he was awarded the opposition medal today. It is a joy to watch these boys play and develop their skills and football understanding – it is a joy to each week observe a group of adults who are so helpful and supportive and it is a joy to be able to sing the Bullants song at the end of these matches.

Let’s make the most of our last four weeks of season 2019.

Final scores St Mary’s- 20 vs Preston Bullants - 39!!!!

Under 12's Match Report
Preston Bullants Glen Iris
31 17

Round 10 saw the Rosebank Cricket Club Bullants at home on a grey Melbourne morning. Our 50 gamers Ned Reid and Thomas Venuto lead the team through the banner to get proceedings under way.

1st Quarter:
It was a tough physical start in the middle that resulted in a quick, early goal to Glen Iris. The MIGHTY Ants responded with a clean centre clearance to Marcus, a neat kick to Tamer who took to ground and a quick crumb from Darby for the opening Bullants goal. Sage aka “Warrior”, head over the ball and hard at it as usual, took a heavy knock above the right eye early in the quarter. Benched with a very impressive egg over his eye, he would take no further part in the game.

Malachy and Dom fired up in defence with crunching tackles. Marcus was putting on a clinic with brilliant field kicking. Ned and Thomas didn't disappoint in their 50th game with great kicks and marks. At the end of the quarter Darby had 2 goals and Tommy G one.

2nd Quarter:
The second quarter was a fairly evenly matched, seesawing affair with both teams having opportunities to score. Isaac Brown connected with Ned who kicked to a leading Clem who couldn't quite take the mark. Malachy to Kes and a ballooning kick forward. 'WORK' was the instruction from the frog horn on the bench as we needed to lift our work rate.  Ned and Tom M displayed run and grit with second efforts to move the ball forward. Tommy G was rock solid on the last lines of defence with crucial marks and spoils. The quarter finished with a great passage of play driving the ball from Andre on the half back line to Kes on to Marcus and Tamer then Tom Maddison delivering to the forward line.

The boys headed into the rooms for some warmth and shelter at half time. Coach Scott applauded our 'Warrior' Sage who came off with a knock to the head. Scott challenged the boys to take Sage's place and charge in head over the ball. The team were encouraged to lead to space, kick to a good lead and don't kick to packs. Maintain composure and take the time to look up to find a teammate to kick to. The usual 'Our Ground, Our Ball, Our Game' had the team charged up for the 3rd quarter.

3rd Quarter:
The 3rd quarter was an arm wrestle that started with a quick centre break from Ned onto Harry who check side snapped for a minor score. Joe rushed a behind in defence to prevent a possible goal. The Bullants ran and lead all quarter. Several connected passages of play showed the boys had listened to their half time instruction. The finishing touches eluded us with further behinds to Clem and Tommy. Jake put on a beautiful smother to slow down Glen Iris' progress. In the back line Dom connected with Billy and on to Joe effectively clearing defence.

Three quarter time instruction:
Scott: urged the boys 'don't let the intensity drop', 'you've put in a really good effort', 'tackle now as hard as you did for the first tackle of the game!'.
Simon: Their forwards are strong. Organise yourselves in the backline and get between your player and the goals. Force the ball forward and wide out of defence.
Scott: 'All your training and preparation is for this last quarter', '15min of hard work'

4th Quarter:
The final quarter was all Bullants pouring on the pressure. Woody was paid a free, played on and kicked a behind. Pat B gathered the ball spotted up Tom Maddison who roosted long to the goal square. Kes took inspiration from Manchester United and soccered a major to give the team scoreboard breathing space. The connected plays (Marcus, Tom M, Cal, Jackson, Dash, Tommy, Woody, Pat B) kept coming with several inside 50's leading to two more behinds to Woody and Cal. In the dying moments Billy stripped the ball from his opposition and drove it forward. It's Our Ball, Our Ground and Our Game.

Week in week out this team train hard. They are getting fitter in the legs and smarter in the heads thanks to a dedicated team of coaches. Each game they listen to the instruction and enact the changes required to defeat their opposition. It's working. Six renditions of the club song on the trot. Knocking off the top team! Well done boys, you do us proud!!

Special mid-season shout out to all the parent helpers that take on the roles needed to orchestrate a match of footy. Well done all!

Thanks to Jim Bubbers for another ripping match report befitting the great game our boys delivered.

Proud Coach. Always.

Under 13's Match Report
Warrandyte Preston Bullants
26 56

Sunday the Bullants ventured over to Warrandyte to take on the top side with a couple of inclusions, and with the two week break for the school holidays the boys were excited to be back to play football.

The first quarter began with the Bullants dominating out of the middle and holding the football in the forward line for large parts of the quarter, leading at the first change three goals to none.

The second stanza was even in general play. The Warrandyte boys outscoring the Bullants 2 goals to one leaving the Bullant boys up at the half time Four goals to two!

The third quarter was the Bullants quarter with their run and carry of the footy, their ability to share the football and tackle and shepherd for each other plus smothers allowed the boys to kick two goals four points to no score leading 6.7 to 2.1 at three quarter time.

In the last quarter, the Warrandyte boys come back to score two goals to none, leaving the Bullants running out three goal winners 6.8 to 4.2.

In a very good team performance Robbie and Josh at full forward contested strongly.

Sunny across half forward competed well.

Caspian on the wing and Anthony across the forward line played strong games of football in wet conditions.

Nathan across the backline with Tom H were impassable, solid marking and good disposal helping the Bullant midfielders enjoy plenty of the football.

Jaxyn, Will and Grady helped themselves to plenty of touches in a good return to form for the Bullant boys.

Go Bullants.

Under 14's GIRLS Match Report
Camberwell Preston Bullants
0.2.2 6.5.41

Freshly back from sunny Greece and thrust back into a cold, wet and windy Melbourne winter I was ready to sit in the coach’s box once again. The girls had a tough few games while Olivia and I were away with the family visiting relatives and travelling around the homeland. Our percentage is still healthy but our wins and losses are not. Camberwell were always going to be tough at home but they were understaffed and we were ready to strike. With a new look set showcasing Lauren in the ruck and Erin as an onballer we were ready to light up a grey and cold Melbourne afternoon. Olivia had a new role also as a pressure forward and giving Freya a chop out in the middle as required. The girls started well with Victoria and Lucy hitting the scoreboard with majors. At the first break the scores were Camberwell 0.0.0 to Preston 2.1.13.

The second quarter saw us take the foot off the accelerator. Camberwell maintained possession in their forward line for the majority of the term but luckily they didn’t hurt us on the scoreboard. Our backline led by Ella and Charlotte were solid and put pressure on the opposition to create errors. Libby and Ava continued to mop up the loose ball and when Zara handballed to Tahlia to set up Ginger on the wing we sling-shotted ourselves into the forward 50. Erin slotted a beautiful set shot and we could all feel the girls’ collective joy. We were in control of the game and just needed to keep our pressure up in the second half. Scores at the main break were Camberwell 0.2.2 to Preston 3.3.21.

At half time we talked about creating space and holding our structure and positions a bit better. Caitlin was instrumental along with Gabby in creating an option at stoppages for our hard nuts to feed the ball out to. The weather worsened in this quarter with cold rain hammering the expensive plot of Camberwell grass. The game became an arm wrestle which suited us more than the opposition. When Freya went down mid way through the term with an ankle injury we needed some other players to step up. Olivia was moved into the rover position and she took a little time to adjust as she had played as our number one ruck since 2017. The game had really hit a speed hump and the scores at the final change were Camberwell 0.2.2 to Preston 3.4.22.

I gave the girls a challenge at the huddle to aim to kick 3 goals for the quarter. I also revved up Ayva who had been quiet by her lofty standards. Emma fired up Olivia and we moved Freya into a forward pocket to protect the ankle. Ayva started like a steam train gathering 5 possessions in the first two minutes and setting up our first goal to Lucy. We had lifted and there was no turning back now. Our pressure was relentless and when Ayva kicked her first with 10 minutes to go I thought I may need to revise the original target. The game did tighten up but when Charlotte intercepted an errant handball and again found Ginger on the wing we were away. Ginger booted the ball deep into the forward line and Lucy kicked a great snap to give us a much needed win and boost our already healthy percentage. Ginger was best on ground and Caitlin, Freya, Lauren and Erin were all sensational. Lucy was brilliant kicking 3 goals in the wet and is fast becoming our most potent forward. Our next two matches are must wins if we are to make the finals. Bring on Warrandyte next week in what will be a clash of 4 v 5. Final scores were Camberwell 0.2.2 to Preston 6.5.41.

Thanks to Emma, Jules and Simon for taking the reins while I was away. Thanks to Mish for taking on the role as Team Manager and Bek the role of Trainer. I don’t often give Mish enough praise but she sometimes gets allocated the worst jobs and she never complains. Thanks to all the other parents for their help such as Jim, Pauline, Sean and Marc.

George Cotsonis

Under 14's Match Report
Richmond Preston Bullants
0.0.0 21.22.148

The Bullants travelled to Citizens Park Reserve for an away match against Richmond, and with the inclement weather, it seemed some hard, scrappy football was on the cards. But the boys were out to play, and the resulting match was as free-scoring as any the Bullants had produced.

The Bullants were quickly out of the blocks from the outset. After a slew of sluggish first quarters in this campaign, the boys produced six goals in the opening term. Moving and sharing the ball well early, Daniel’s mark in the Bullants’ attacking 50 was quickly dished off to Phoenix who scored the first goal of the match. 21 goals (and a further 22 behinds) were kicked in the match, with nine individual goal kickers. Birthday boy Joel, ended up with a game high haul of five goals, with Phoenix and Joel adding four apiece.

The boys applied great pressure around the ground, unafraid to get their hands dirty, Mahmoud smothering a kick to create a chance for Liam to goal, and Lucas’ desperation winning a heavily contested ball to create his own opportunity to goal. The boys complemented the tough attacking footy with some great vision and kicking to move the ball swiftly, exemplified by Josh’s breakneck run through the corridor and smart kick over a couple of Richmond defenders with the ball bouncing through for a goal. While the boys seemed to be scoring with relative ease, the Bullants defence was stubbornly stingy, Lachlan, Anthony and Brodie limiting Richmond’s own scoring opportunities.

Richmond did well in in stages, particularly at the start of the third quarter, to stem the flow of Bullants’ goals. Having established a 70 point lead at half time, it almost seemed like goals might be drying up. But as the Bullants’ talismanic tall, Cooper, came through with the breakthrough, more goals followed.

With such a commanding lead, and having kept the opposition scoreless, Harry and Rufus, who’d been tough in defence, found themselves getting a spell up forward, to apply the same attack on the footy they’d demonstrated in the backline. Nathan, too, had a chance to reminisce in defence, yet still found himself in amongst the packs. It was a complete performance from the boys, all playing their roles, for the entirety of the match, rewarded with a huge win and a timely percentage boost heading into the remaining rounds of the season.


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