Bullant Banter Round 2 2017

Presidents Message

One of the most exciting items we get to take on in our role as committee members, is how can we go about bettering the situation? How can we go about making the club a better and stronger and more vibrant place than when we first decided to volunteer our time to make a difference that benefited all our members and families? How do we go about keeping up to date with changes that can have a huge impact on not just our club, but the greater community?

Well there are many ways. Let’s touch on a couple here. There are new child safety standards being rolled out practically across the country where there are children, volunteers and people involved on many levels. These measures are aimed at ensuring a safe environment for all children around the club. This is being led and implemented by committee member Gab Olarenshaw who has put her hand up to make a difference and a difference that has put the Mighty Preston Bullants at the front of change as others wait to be led by organisations very much on the back foot. Watch this space, keep up the great work Gab!

What about the talk of installing a perimeter fence around Zwar Park to make it more of an oval if you like as opposed to an “open space”. Again, in conjunction with committee members Cameron Gibson and Mark Giuliano we are in talks with the council about the best way to go about it and while it may not happen this season, again watch this space as a lot of time, planning and funding needs to go towards such a project. Again, an impact being made by volunteers who want this club to thrive for many, many wonderful years to come and grow from strength to strength.

And what about our mighty Girls teams!! Who after 2 years of planning and meeting, became a reality in season 2017, and are being led by both Mark Tierney and Emma King and from all accounts are doing marvellous things and have developed a team bond and level of friendship that will last a lifetime for being part of something so special and not only creating history, but bettering our club, our community and all those around us who never thought it would happen. It did, and it couldn’t be any more pleasing then seeing the wonderful smiles this 2-year effort has created by many hands and volunteer hours.

So, I guess where to from here? What else can we make an impact on for the enjoyment and advancement of our great club? An electronic scoreboard at PCO I hear you say? Why not an electronic scoreboard at Zwar Park as well then? Coaches shelters will be re-positioned shortly and permanently which were funded through grant applications to the office of Mr David Feeney MP which went to great use at Zwar Park. We also need to envisage better facilities all round at Zwar Park with gender friendly change rooms for both the home and visiting teams as our club grows and looks at potentially being a 2-stream club as more and more local families come to be part of something special and why not girls’ representation across all age groups? Magnificent!!

So, as you can see there are a host of projects we as a committee would love to get off the ground and deep into a pipeline for completion, and if you yourself have any ideas you would like to share, or ideas on how we can bring things together through a contact or a skill set of your own, we would love to hear from you and how you may be able to make an impact on our club yourself.

Feel free to email me your suggestions to president@prestonbullantsjfc.com.au

Good luck to everyone in Round 3 action, go the Mighty Preston Bullants!!

Whitlam Malkoun
Preston Bullants JFC

Under 9's WHITE Match Report

An overcast morning lead the Bullants Whites to Telfar Reserve to take on the Bundoora Bulls.

Lead by our Captain for the day Zak, our Whites lent 2 players each quarter to the other team as their numbers were down. Thank you to all those boys for the great sportsmanship shown by offering to help out the other team.

We were off to a solid start. It was a very tough contest that saw hard fought 1st and 2nd quarters. With both teams scoring, both goals and points were all hard to get.

The 3rd and 4th quarters proved equally as hard fought, however the goals seemed to flow more freely for both teams. The teams were goal for goal for most of the game; it proved a great spectacle for our supporters.

A big congrats to Sonny for being a multiple goal kicker, kicking 2 great goals.

At the end of the day our boys finished on top and did a fantastic job!

Looking forward to training Wednesday and another tough game next Sunday.


Under 9's RED Match Report

Another dry and mild morning saw the mighty Bullants taking on Fitzroy at Ramsden Street Reserve in Clifton Hill. Both teams were evenly matched in the opening quarter with the Bullants more accurate on the scoreboard. Alex started the game on ball and continued to rack up possessions and intercepts. Sid, Darcy and Archie also starred in the middle in the first term.

The second quarter was again an even contest with Fitzroy peppering the scoreboard without kicking a major. As is the norm now I nominated a leader on every line to give instructions to his teammates. This saw Sam, Sid and Christian take on leadership roles for round 2. They were all great generals on the field with Christian kicking a goal and setting up another. Louie was great in the midfield and Daniel was clever in defence.

Fitzroy came out strongly after half time and they started the quarter with some great running and a couple of goals. Our boys steadied through our smaller brigade. Both Roman and Dylan taking strong marks in our forward line. Dylan was rewarded with a great goal after a strong contested mark. Lucas was fantastic giving our mids a mobile target and booting a goal after the 3rd quarter siren from long range.

The final quarter saw Leon dominate the midfield as the Fitzroy boys began to tire. Ruben and Josh both played strongly in their first official game for the Bullants. Sean was a mobile target up forward and took some strong marks throughout the day. He was rewarded with 3 goals next to his name at the end of the game. A special mention goes out to Barnaby who was ill but still came and supported his teammates. He even helped out by holding the white board in the huddle.

Our accurate goal kicking meant we were too strong for Fitzroy on the day.

Well done boys - lets continue our hard training and good work in the following weeks.

George Cotsonis

Under 10's Match Report

After running out a big game last week for a “come from behind win”, the focus at training had been all about structures, being accountable for our opponent and protecting our team mate with the ball.

Tommy G was given the role of captain for the day and we discussed the odd ground that is Lynden Park Upper. With a fall of a couple of metres from one end to the other, Tommy won the toss and elected to kick “uphill” in the first quarter, the plan being that in the final term we would have the benefit of running downhill to score.

Camberwell came out hard in the first with much of the game played in their forward 50 but the Bullants met the challenges head on! Kes, Joe, Ned and Tom were all hard at the ball and their opponents with some great pumps and tackles while the backline of Tommy G, Ziggy, Big Willo, Pablo, Isaac and Steven all stood up under immense pressure. For all of their play forward, Camberwell were restricted to a single behind for the quarter and the Bullants were just warming up. A great mark going back with the flight of the ball from Tom indicated he might be in for a big game and across the ground, everyone was settling into their positions, marking their opponents and following instructions. The signs were good, now we just needed to hit the scoreboard.

Camberwell again came out hard in the second with a series of possessions providing a quick rebound from defence. More pressure from the solid back line kept them out wide and the shot from a tight angle hit the post for another minor. At this point, the Bullant midfield took things up a gear with Hamish giving us first use of the ball against his bigger opponent while the running Dom, Tom, Sam, Thomas V and Pablo worked hard to constantly pump the ball forward. The pace was frenetic as the Bullants peppered the goals from all angles but failed to convert a major! A total of 6 behinds for the quarter as much a tale of Camberwell’s defensive pressure than inaccurate kicking on our part. Tamer was instructed to hold his position in the goal square to provide a marking option and was soon rewarded as he marked directly in front and made no mistake with the kick. Finally a goal! For all of the play we’d had, the game was still tight and the pressure from Camberwell relentless. A lapse in concentration on our part saw our opponents switch play and link up with a series of uncontested possessions, driving forward they took a long shot on goal, siren going while the ball was in the air….goal. All of our hard work, most of the play in our 50 and it was still a 4 point game.

Half time and the boys were encouraged not to worry about that last goal. We needed to keep to our structures, keep up the intensity and centre the ball going forward. Everyone had their jobs to do. It was still going to be about who wanted it more.

The 3rd quarter started as tough and as fast as the others with both Bullants and Camberwell wanting to gain early ascendancy. Camberwell again got a quick rebound and goaled early before the Bullants went up another gear. Hamish, Tom and Dom continued to win the ball out of the middle and drive forward, following up their clearances by running deep into our forward 50 to assist. Ned was dangerous running forward from the wing and Big Willo got into the mix with a great kick to Hamish who was unlucky to hit the post. Hard running, tackling and forward pressure from the Bullants was relentless and soon both Tom and Hamish were rewarded for their efforts with goals. The few forward pushes from Camberwell were shut down across half back by Ziggy, Joe and Steven who positioned themselves beautifully and marked strongly.

3 quarter time and the Bullants were all smiles. Encouragement amongst each other was again evident and pleasing to see. Each week this team continues to bond, making them stronger and more confident. Instructions were to run out the game with the same intensity, keep your opponent accountable and to centre the ball into the forward line.

The final quarter was played out strongly by the Bullants. They were hungry for another win and pushed on despite some heavy bumps and tackles from Camberwell. While we held them scoreless in the final term, to their credit, Camberwell did not drop their intensity and we were made to earn every possession. A free kick to Ned in the pocket saw his range tested but a lovely kick into the square dropped into Tom's lap for an easy goal….the celebrations by the team and smiles all round was great to see. Isaac was moved forward in the final term and his hard work was quickly rewarded when he marked a quick kick out of the middle from Hamish and goaled. He could have got another shortly after had he given himself some more time and space when lining up. Even with the game seemingly out of reach, Camberwell never gave up. Fighting their way uphill, Camberwell tried to push forward on a few occasions only to be met by the ferocious tackles & marking of Izzy and Steven and the every reliable Tommy G at Full Back….the number of goals he stops on the last line is remarkable!

Post-game handshakes and both coaches were full of praise for the tough, physical battle that had taken place. Camberwell had given us a real contest that was not evident by the final scores….and again, the Bullants had risen to the challenge. Camberwell awarded their Best on Ground Medal to Tom Maddison who was suitably proud of a great game. In the rooms the boys were praised for their hard work….every bump, every tackle….the sore legs….all worth it when they work together and get to sing the song at the end of the game.

Still things to learn and improve on but the kids are soaking it up and improving rapidly!

Really proud of everyone! Every single player made a contribution and played their role….if you keep doing that, great things happen!

Bring on Round 3 at PCO v Whitehorse!

Coach Scott.

Under 11's Match Report
 Bullants Bundoora
 3.3.21  4.5.29
Goal Kickers  Lucas 2, Samuel 1
Best Players  

The Under 11's were excited to be playing their first game of the 2017 season at Preston City Oval. The centre was sticky, however the ground overall was in fantastic condition and the day started nice and still. The teams were evenly matched with Bundoora having a little more height overall.

Jaxsyn was strong all day, his presence overhead and at ground level was second to none and he delivered the high work rate that the team have been demanding of him over the pre-season, it was pleasing and exciting to watch! Jude was determined and dependable in the backline, he made the right decisions at every contest, without hesitation. He demonstrated that his understanding of the game is increasing. Perry read the ball well in the backline spoiling several quick balls coming into the Bulls forward line. Grady worked hard in the middle of the ground, he tackled hard and was courageous to win the contested ball at ground level. Rylan gave us a contest overhead, his ruckwork and courage to be an option across the ground was impressive. Lucas worked hard, playing half the game in the ruck and half in the forward line. Lucas has been working hard at training to improve his fitness level and kicking accuracy. This effort was rewarded on Sunday with an opportunity to play in the ruck and be involved in more contests across the ground and then score 2 goals in the 3rd quarter, well done Lucas! Ayden increased the tempo on the weekend, giving us an option around goal and showed us the live wire that he can be and Kalan hunted the ball at the base of the pack getting it out cleanly on several occasions.

Pat gave each individual member of the team a target for the day, 1 tackle per quarter for all. Up until 3 quarter time, every Under 11 Bullant rose to the challenge, a strong contributing factor to our lead at 3 quarter time. Unfortunately our work rate and intensity decreased, allowing the Bulls the opportunity to kick some quick goals in the final term. The Bulls won on the weekend, not because they were better than us, but because we ran out of legs.

It would be remiss of the coaching team not to mention the improvement in the team, and each individual, from the 2016 season to 2017. The team are understanding the importance of winning the contested ball at ground level - Will, Asher, Samuel and Anthony consistently demonstrating this to date. The boys are starting to use their opposite side in pressure situations, TJ clearing the ball out of the centre on the weekend under pressure kicked on his left foot knowing that his right would have been smothered but his opponent. We are starting to make quicker and smarter decisions, Jude and Perry demonstrated this on the weekend with knowing when to push forward and when to stay back on the backline, always a risky and tricky decision to make. While we haven't had the success on the scoreboard, we are having success with skill development, understanding how to play this complex game of ours and developing a great team spirit.

C'arn the Bullants!

Under 12's Match Report
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 Bullants Camberwell 3
 5.2.32  6.8.44
Goal Kickers  
Best Players  

The Preston Bullants went down by 12 points at Preston City Oval against Camberwell 3, in an enthralling match that also marked Liam’s 50th milestone game.

The boys were up and about in the first quarter, with lots of probing plays forward, however it was Camberwell 3 that opened the scoring. When Josh followed this up with a great snap at goal, the teams seemed evenly matched as the quarter finished with both teams at 1.1.7 apiece.

At the quarter-time huddle, the coaches praised the boys for their pressure and attack on the ball, and asked for the same effort in the second quarter. The Bullants started the second term well, continuing to contest the ball, until Camberwell 3 began moving the ball more effectively. Three unanswered goals towards the end of the quarter opened up a 24-point lead at the main break.

The pressure the Bullants displayed at the start of the match, returned when play resumed in the third. Harry was tough and courageous in his attack, and Josh led by example with his relentless efforts to reach every contest, laying a few chase-down tackles that proved to be infectious later in the game. Two goals in quick succession, the first from Dion and the second from Jack after a marking in the goal square, reduced the margin to seven points, before Camberwell 3 were able to get one back - the margin out to 17 points before the last quarter.

When the final term started, the boys continued to show desperation for the ball. Harry was again brave in the contest, marking the ball and getting in and under packs. Phoenix was prolific around the ground, Jacob repelled Camberwell 3’s entries forward, and Joel and Remy were repeatedly in amongst the action. Perhaps inspired by Josh’s tackling efforts, Jesse chased hard for a couple of superb run-down tackles himself, his follow-up efforts locking up play to create stoppages even when outnumbered. A soccer goal from Jack shortly after brought the margin back to 12 points, but when Camberwell were able to respond with another goal, it started to feel like an unrecoverable lead. That is, until Jack kicked his third for the game, a slick dribble kick near the boundary, and it seemed we were still in with a chance.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t to be, Camberwell 3 running out eventual winners by 12 points, despite a great effort from the boys, doing everything they could to try and get the win. Congratulations to Liam on 50 games, a great achievement from a great player.


Under 12's GIRLS Match Report
 Bullants Heidelberg
 3.5.23  3.3.21
Goal Kickers  
Best Players  

We won! We got our first win for the Preston Bullants girls!

All the girls had outstanding games and their team effort got us the win by 2 points!

Playing at PCO, a larger ground than last week, we knew would be a challenge for the girls but they definitely stepped up!

Awesome pressure across the field from all the girls set the standard early, and they kept it up the whole game.

Scoreboard was kept low for the first 3 quarters, with Heidelberg taking a small lead in the first, but not gaining much more.

Special standouts were Marianne, taking a couple of bounces down the wing and kicking the ball lace out to a leading forward. Erin, again used her speed, taking the ball under one arm and going for a run off half back and delivering into the forward!

Victoria was great down forward for us, providing a tall option and scoring our first goal for the game, which came in the 4th quarter. New girl on the block Libby, fit right into the team alongside Freya who, both had a couple run down tackles that set up our win.

Sian, Sienna, Zara again kept the pressure on down back, whilst Caitlin, Ayva and Charlotte supported through the middle as well.

Luckily George had kept time in the last quarter as the anxiety built! We had a fantastic last quarter, scoring 3 unanswered goals, for the Bullants to suddenly come back in the last couple of minutes! The girls kept the pressure on and came away with a 2 point win!

Great job girls!! Go Bullants!


Under 13's Match Report
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 Ashburton B Bullants
 4.3.27  14.12.96
Goal Kickers  Alexander N, Jordan, Jack M, Jack B, Luca C, Xavier, Lachlan M and Felix
Best Players  

Where do I start!

On the first bounce we were on. It set the scene for the whole game, we went hard at the ball and it stayed that way all game. Every young man gave his all and far more than what they were asked to do. It was one of those games, you could say it was a coming out game as a young man. We were pushed physically and verbally and responded extremely well. We were composed when it was needed. We looked after our team mates when it was required and we got on with playing our game of football.

What was good to see, was all that hard work that Matt, Julian, myself, our volunteer parents and all of the young men have done over the pre-season is now starting to show on the field. Moving the ball on quickly, hitting the target and kicking goals and not taking the foot off the pedal, running the game out to the very end. Having the belief that, yes we can do it.

The challenge we have now from setting the bar so high is continuing to get better. Keep challenging yourself and keep asking yourself, how far can we/I go? It all starts at training! So come to training with the same positive attitude and belief to push yourself and your team mates for success and that winning feeling.

Go Bullants, another game and a new challenge awaits us this week.

Coaches Craig and Julian

Under 14's Match Report
 Fitzroy 1  Bullants
 16.16.112  3.5.23
Goal Kickers Ethan G Ross Pantelis
Best Players Ross, Jamie, Allister, Eamon, Jack - Billy R, Alexander

Our game against Fitzroy was played in what I would deem ideal conditions.

Before the game we spoke about hard work, and how there may be other players on other teams that may be more talented, but that there is no excuse for anyone to work harder than us.

Work hard we did, we tackled hard, we ran in two and three’s- it was great to see, that what we worked on at training and continued to discuss was being executed.

The backline stood tall under constant pressure – well done to all the back line players – the way you supported each other is a credit to you all – you took risks, kept position and switched the ball when required – though we did make a few mistakes and turn over the ball – that’s ok, as the only way we will continue to improve is to continue to try.

On ballers – excellent effort – you continue to win the ball out of the centre and around the ground. Your run, voice and toughness at the ball is a credit to you all.

Forward line – we kicked 3.5 from 25 entries into our forward line - great improvement on last week – remember we need to continue to move and not be stationary – move and open space – you may need to get the ball on you first lead – so lead again and again, don’t stand still as your movement will create a space for one of you teammates to lead into.

This week we saw so much improvement from last week – the team seemed to adjust to the level of playing Gold division- and I can see us only getting stronger and better each round as we continue to learn and adjust to the tempo of Gold division.

Congratulations to Allister on his 50th Game - you played a good game across the back line and should be very proud of your effort.

Louis Diab

Under 15's Match Report
 Ashburton G Bullants
 11.7.73  9.6.60
Goal Kickers  
Best Players  

Stay tuned for a report in Round 3.

Youth GIRLS Match Report
 Bullants Surrey Park
 0.0.7  0.0.127
Goal Kickers  
Best Players  

Sunday was one of those games where the scoreboard belied the competitive nature of the game. The girls came up against a very good opponent in Surrey Park who had the luxury of rotating players off the bench. This advantage really came into play in the second half as our girls' courage could barely compensate for the running required without rest, on our large home ground.

Our girls certainly got their fair share of the ball, and dominated possession in the front half for long periods of the game. Football can be a game of inches however, and on numerous occasions their efforts were not rewarded as the ball bounced the wrong way, Surrey Park were able to take possession and run it out of their defence.

It is becoming very apparent to those who have watched the girls in their practice match and first two official games however, that they are learning the game very quickly, are developing their skills and their competitive nature is unquestioned even in the dying minutes of a match.

The great news is that we had two girls register last week and play their first games on Sunday. Lily and Sassy are great acquisitions to our team and mean we officially have twelve girls in our team, with the strong possibility of a thirteenth registering this week.

Thank you to the parents who helped out on Sunday (A special thank you to Sofie and Danette who have very kindly offered to take on our team manager duties)

Also thank you to Ayva, Olivia and Zara (and their parents) who fronted up after their great win in the U12s to play for the girls.

Colts 1 Match Report
 Bullants Whitehorse Colts
 7.8.50  4.14.38
Goal Kickers  
Best Players  

Stay tuned for a report in Round 3.

Colts 2 Match Report
 Fitzroy 3 Bullants
 22.15.147  1.4.10
Goal Kickers  
Best Players  

Being a Carlton supporter, I wasn’t exactly looking forward to travelling to Victoria Park. Unfortunately, the boys are too young to realise the significance of playing on such a hallowed turf. The first quarter was quite promising for us, the first 8 minutes was played in our 50 metres but we only managed to score the one goal. The end score doesn’t reflect the great effort that our boys put in for the whole four quarters. Our ruckman Stevie Hadj was outstanding and by far the best ruckman of the day, not only with his ruck work but with his marking all around the ground. Mark Chamberlain was fantastic on the wing, half back and roving all day without a rest. Unfortunately, we didn’t have a bench after half time which made it very difficult for the boys to run out the game on such a massive ground. James Scattolin worked tirelessly in the centre without a rotation and at one stage was doing the kick outs from fullback.

Boys,the results in the past two weeks doesn’t reflect your fantastic effort, please don’t lose heart and keep enjoying the best game in the world.

Go Bullants!

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