Bullant Banter Round 4 2017

Presidents Message

You know what makes this role easy (sometimes!!)? It’s the fact that we have a truly awesome bunch of coaches who support the club at any given moment it is required, and with very little fuss other than to ensure it happens. A prime example being Friday that just past. Being informed as late as 3PM that afternoon that we weren’t to train on PCO, I scrambled like mad to find an alternative venue which in the end became virtually impossible in that time frame.  The call to advise a new venue was officially made as late as 4PM, being effectively only 1 hour before the teams were to roll up and start training! Not a question as to why or a complaint, but rather unity as a team and unity as a club to give each team ample space to train on while modifying their own drills. I can’t tell you how warming it is to work with such a wonderful group who understand what it’s all about. Not to mention the 100 odd families too who were affected and simply made it happen. So thank you! thank you all for your support and sheer persistence to make it happen. It truly is an awesome club on so many levels. Friday night felt like somewhat a carnival atmosphere with people streaming onto Zwar Park! Check out some of these happy snaps from Friday night's training, of which for me one particular highlight was watching and listening to the Tackers doing a lap singing the club’s theme song! Ha! Awesome!

Pres report image 01

Big Happy Mother’s Day to all our Wonderful Mum’s and special people in our lives! An extra special Sunday being Mother’s Day which gives us all an opportunity to say a big, massive thank-you to all our wonderful Mums and Carers that mean the world to us. On behalf of the club and all players, we hope you all had an extra special day. So thank you all again.

New Banners are here! Out with the Old and in with the New!

In case you weren’t yet aware, the committee with the assistance of fellow committee members John Pappas and Melanie Meehan, have been working on a new re-usable form of banner to celebrate milestone matches for all our children when their turn to celebrate comes up.

Gone are the 000’s of meters of crepe paper and in with the re-usable and far more environmentally friendly new sort of PVC banner. Very easy to set-up prepare and pack away after. We had a trial run for Liam’s 50th game recently and as you can see by the pictured below, it was an outstanding success! So, gone are the 2-3-hour preps of a normal banner cutting around Bullant symbols and lettering etc. and in comes the new slip-in details to make life as easy as possible and to ensure many years ahead of creating wonderful memories for the many players who achieve their game milestones for the Mighty Preston Bullants. Old VS New as below. Speak with your team managers for all the details.

Pres report image 02

A big thank-you goes out to Ray Clarke for his design, time and efforts in making this happen. Ray is one of the many dads at our club who can’t do enough to help. He helps out wherever he can and in any role, be it coaching to water carrier to anything, anytime. A real stalwart of the true Bullants Spirit. A big thank you also to Sam from Auto Image who assisted in also ensuring a nice professional finish to the banners. We hope to have 3 available to use by Round 6.

So that’s a bit of a snap shot form my end, keep up the great work, thank you all again for being so flexible and supportive, bring on Round 5 action, go the Mighty Preston Bullants!!

Whitlam Malkoun
Preston Bullants JFC

hockingstuart Play of the Day -

Joe LeddaWe’re all guilty of glancing at the scoreboard to measure a team’s success or strength. However, when you watch the Youth Girls Team (Under 16) play footy, it’s clear to see that this team’s commitment to football is bigger than any result reported at the final siren.

Most of the girls are playing their first season of footy. They have achieved so much in a very short period of time. The girls consistently display great passion and enthusiasm for the game, every week. Their united approach and competitive spirit propels them to contest every ruck, mark, handball and boundary throw-in that comes their way.

This team’s strength lies in its ability to recruit new players each week - the girls represent so much more than goals and points. Girls, you are outstanding ambassadors for your club and we wish you continued success this season.

Joe Ledda

Under 9's WHITE Match Report

No report this week.

Under 9's RED Match Report

Banyule v Preston Bullants at Beverley Road Oval

Winter is closing in. The temperature gauge on the mighty Land Cruiser was a balmy 5 degrees as I rolled into opposition territory. The vast parklands of Banyule were like something out of a Jurassic Park movie, with a slow fog rolling in. Our boys seemed a little jumpy and irritable during the warm up and this carried into the first quarter where we found ourselves in unfamiliar territory at the break. Totally out-played by a Banyule team willing to run and get first hands to the ball, with only The Stoj showing desperation and attack on the footy.

During the quarter time break I pleaded with the boys for more effort and Dave moved the player magnets around on the board like chips at the Casino! The boys lifted their intensity and focused on winning the football. Darcy, Dylan and Sidney tried hard and pumped the ball into our defrosting forward line. Ruben again showed why he is a crowd favorite by putting his body on the line and sharing the football. Roman showed more courage than Libber and marked in the goal square, playing on to boot our first and his first goal. We had a pulse at half time.

Eddy was the chief whiteboard holder on the day and after a Tom Hafey type address at half time the Bullants were pumped, though we did not hit the scoreboard with any majors. Daniel and The Stoj were breaking even in the middle as was Sid. The backs were defending well and managed to hold Banyule to only one goal. I could sense the boys were running out of petrol but they did not stop trying.

The final quarter saw us continue to try hard but eventually we ran out of steam. Jackson, Archie, Darcy and Daniel deserve a special thank you for playing for the opposition. It’s back to the drawing board for the coaches next week, as we try and regain some mojo for the next round. Well done to The Stoj who deservedly won our best player on the day, taking out the Banyule Opposition Medal.

See you all at training on Thursday.

George Cotsonis

Under 10's Match Report

Driving through the fog on our way to Camberwell’s Lynden Park I was advised that we had never been defeated on Mother’s day round….Only kids could roll off stats like that! Undefeated so far this season and promotion to Brown division likely…I hoped we could keep the tradition of a Mother’s Day win alive.

A brisk warm-up in the frosty conditions was followed up in the rooms with a desperate plea from the Coach. “Please please please! No more come from behind wins! Let’s aim to win the first quarter and start the game strongly!” Then to tug on the 10 year-olds heart strings, “Let’s do it for your Mums who get up early & brave the cold every Sunday for your footy!”

Kes and Isaac were nominated co-Captains and given charge of the forward and back lines respectively, winning the toss they elected to kick “up-hill” for the first quarter.

The game started at a frantic pace and Camberwell’s bigger bodies hit the Bullants hard in the contests. We had talked about this and the need to protect our ball carriers, so it was pleasing to see Joe and Thomas V shepherding their team mates from the outset. No Bullant took a backward step as we met our opponents with equal intent. Crunching tackles from Tom and Callum (a couple a bit too willing!) showed we were up to the task. The quarter was a scrappy, hard fought affair played largely in our forward half….sloppy kicking almost costing us if not for solid defence. Marcus Carelli mopping up beautifully and running out from the unfamiliar territory of the back pocket showed his versatility while Tommy G was reliable as ever on the last line. All around the ground, Bullants were running hard and fighting for every possession…the intensity that had been lacking in previous starts was there but we couldn’t quite convert….until Thomas V started his courageous mission! Marking going back with the flight, backing into packs and head over the ball he was everywhere and soon duly rewarded with a hard earned goal! Bullants had won the quarter!

Sharks 0:0:0 to Bullants 1:0:6.

At the break the team was praised for their intensity and for achieving our aim to win the quarter. Work still needed to be done on the errant kicks and turnovers and shepherding could still improve across the board. Next challenge? Let’s win the second quarter!

The Sharks came out hard as expected and looked dangerous, driving forward constantly for the first 5 minutes. Great pressure from everyone in the back line held them out and wide, their only opportunity resulting in a minor score as a result. Dom and Kes were impressive with their 2nd and 3rd efforts and clearing kicks. Around the ground our kicking and marking improved with Callum and Ned setting the standard. As the term unfolded, the Bullants regained momentum and piled on the forward pressure. Callum managed a behind, while Azza worked tirelessly at ground level before snapping a great crumbing goal. Tamer followed up shortly after with a snap to hit the post. Not a lot about the quarter was pretty but the results were on the board and our goal achieved. Another quarter won.

Sharks 0:1:1 Bullants 2:3:15

Spirits were high in the Bullant camp as Camberwell retired to their rooms. Smiles through half eaten oranges told the story of a team who knew they were still warming up. How nice was it to be in front and able to relax and enjoy the break for a change! After enjoying that brief period we got back to business. Let’s keep up the pressure, no getting complacent or lazy and aim to win the quarter again! Are we having fun? (Resounding YES!) Are we just warming up? (Resounding YES!) With a parting joke or two as to whether the Sharks would ever come back onto the ground, the Bullants took up their positions and waited for their opponents eagerly.

Again the Sharks were out hard and appeared to be wanting to intimidate the Bullants. Tackles became even more ferocious until a line was crossed….  achieving nothing other than Bullant free kicks. They were used to pump the ball forward, and throwing an extra man into defence provided but a minor annoyance to the Bullants. Slick delivery from the midfield and Thomas V at centre half forward kept the forward line (and Sharks defence) busy. Tom kept running and slotted his first goal for the game, quickly followed by a good passage of accurate passing from Harry to Callum to Andre who kicked truly. Thomas V continued his impressive game with solid marking, accurate passes and smart play, eventually giving Andre another chance at goal that drifted for a minor score. The siren sounded and the Bullants almost sprinted off the ground! They were after all, just warming up.

Sharks 0:1:1 Bullants 4:5:29

Smiles again all round and the Bullants were ready to show they could play out 4 quarters without dropping their intensity.

The final term was Bullant domination at its best. Hamish continued to win first use and then follow up all over the ground. Dom “The Dominator” did just that, marking strongly and running hard to the contests. Kes made CHF his own, providing numerous forward thrusts and running hard. Thomas V continued to play out his best game to date, marking like someone twice his size and hitting the contests fearlessly. Relentless run and attack saw Tom kick his second followed by a lovely Tamer goal. Joe was unlucky to score a minor from good crumbing work as was the ever dangerous Marcus. A silky passage of play from a mark to Ned, handballing quickly to the running Tom (that looked remarkably like a set play orchestrated between the two of them) who then picked out Hamish directly in front of gaol. Making no mistake, the resulting major set the Bullants course firmly towards elevation to Brown division.

Final Scores.

Sharks 0:1:1 to Bullants 7:7:49

High praise from the Camberwell coach for our skills and run and who then duly awarded their “Opposition Medal” to Thomas Venuto for his courage, marking and attack on the ball. Well-deserved Thomas!

Retiring to the room we got the Mums in the middle for a huge “Happy Mother’s Day!” followed our loudest team song yet! Tempting as it was to empty some water bottles into the middle…I was heavily outnumbered and just a little bit scared!

Thanks to all the Mums on the day – and every day, for all you do.

Thanks to all who helped make the game happen with the various jobs.

And of course, a special thanks to our great team who continue to improve and inspire each week. Grading rounds are done and the YJFL will decide who our next challenge is. It doesn’t matter who we play or where, continue to work hard and play as a team and anything is possible!

Well done!

Go Bullants!

Coach Scott.

Under 11's Match Report
Bullants Templestowe
5.6.36 8.10.58
Goal Kickers Will 2, Jaxsyn, Keelan, Josh
Best Players  

What a spectacular morning we had on Sunday, the sun was out and not a breath of wind. The Under 11 Bullants were excited to welcome Templestowe to our training ground at Zwar Park, a top 3 side that we knew were going to put us to the test. Unfortunately we had 2 players out with family commitments, Asher and Dean, and Grady was suffering with the flu, however the brave soldier came on in the second half and put in a quality performance. To replace our absences, Josh Carelli and Liam Pappas kindly agreed to play three quarters with us before going on to play their game immediately afterwards.

The team ran through a banner to mark Jonah's 50 games with the league - what an achievement! On the ground, immediately before the bounce, Jodi and Dean reminded the team that there was no time to get settled, they needed to come out explosively at the first bounce and clear the ball out of the centre. They couldn't allow Templestowe an opportunity to take the lead and play catch-up football for the remainder of the day. Explosive they were! The Under 11's created great excitement on the bench and in the crowd and rattled the Templestowe coaches and team; obviously our opposition expected this one to be an easy win.

The Under 11 Bullants executed to Pat's instructions to the letter - 1 tackle per player per quarter (most exceeded this target), man-up, play in front, work hard, don't get sucked into the play and most importantly respect each other and play as a team. The line coaches were specific in their messages before the game educating the team on some basic structures, the team played to these structures well - the half forward line in particular.

Josh provided strong leadership to the team on the weekend imparting his knowledge and experience. He led by example, demonstrating to our Under 11 Bullants the role of a mid-fielder and the work rate required to put in a winning performance. Liam displayed examples of what is required to win the contested ball at ground level - something the coaching team have been teaching at training. Thank you Josh and Liam, we appreciate your support.

TJ (Thomas C) worked hard consistently for 4 quarters, spreading to find space to run the ball down the wing and into the forward corridor. He used his voice to lead and support. It was fantastic to see 4 quarters of consistent football from TJ on the weekend against a quality opposition. Will played half forward to perfection, playing at the base of the pack to crumb and run the ball into our forward line - what a champ! Thomas H delivered a stand out game, the best we have seen for his career to date with the Bullants. He played in front, used his body to defend and win possession and ran hard. Unfortunately he received a kick to the head in the final term but thankfully he has recovered well. Ayden's concentration and commitment at training is translating into a strong on-field performance. Running to the contested football, tackling and setting up as instructed. Samuel consistently supported the ball movement into the forward line, working hard to execute with accuracy.

Unfortunately, Templestowe ran over the Under 11's late in the final term, however, the coaching team have recorded it as a great team performance. Winning is a fantastic feeling in the short term, however development is the long term reward. Every member of this team is developing from week to week. Well done to a great team effort on the weekend Under 11 Bullants! You made your mum's proud on their special day.

Under 12's Match Report
Bullants Ashburton G
9.8.62 0.0.3
Goal Kickers Mahmoud 4, Seb R, Josh, Dion, Liam, Remy
Best Players  

It was Mother’s Day round, and what better gift to all the Bullants U12s’ mothers at Zwar Park, than a memorable win for the Preston Bullants at home against Ashburton G. Another four-goal bag from Mahmoud and it’s now two on the trot for the Bullants, heading into some good, early-season form. The Bullants set the tone early, displaying similar intent that was critical in previous matches. Lucas applied great pressure, the skipper Phoenix was involved around the ground, and Jack was running hard to present options and  marking well. Seb R opened the scoring after taking a great mark himself. Rufus and Callum were rock-solid across half-back, and when Mahmoud, Josh and Dion each scored a goal, the Bullants had created a commanding lead, 4.3.27 to 0.0.0 at the quarter-time break.

When play started again, the Bullants continued to move the ball well, with great transitional play across the ground, and great entries forward, with players lowering their eyes and honouring leads. The great ball movement was rewarded with a goal from Remy. The Bullants displayed a great desire to affect the contest, with Nathan desperate in his attack on the ball, and Phoenix exceptional in reading the play and directing traffic.

Likewise, the defensive efforts were also inspiring, as Lachie ran with the flight of the ball in a courageous marking attempt, and Josh chasing and tackling an Ashburton G player who was almost certainly running towards a shot on goal. The boys were playing with each other, for each other, with great support and communication around play. The continual effort was rewarded with possibly the goal of the round from Mahmoud, who kicked what can only be described as a no-look-overhead-around-the-back snap, setting up the boys with a 45-point lead at half-time, with Ashburton G still goalless despite registering one behind.

The second half proved to be a more contested affair. The Preston Bullants continued to press, but found impacting the scoreboard to be a harder proposition than it was in the first half. Anthony relished his opportunity in the middle, imposing himself onto multiple contests, and while Mahmoud kicked his third for the game, the Bullants were unlucky not to have scored a second with Lucas hitting the post with his shot on goal. With Mahmoud kicking his fourth goal for the match in the last quarter (and eighth from two matches), that made it eight quarters in-a-row since coach Phil had asked the boys to kick the first goal of every quarter, something they’ve managed to do for two full games.

Despite Ashburton G being able to restrict the Bullants’ scoreboard output in the second half, and ultimately keeping us to two goals, the Preston Bullants came away with the win with another solid four-quarter effort.


Under 12's GIRLS Match Report
Richmond Bullants
3.4.22 7.2.44
Goal Kickers  
Best Players  

Mothers Day! Slow start in the first, with Richmond up heading into the second quarter. A great team effort for the remaining 3 quarters saw our girls take home their second win for the season!

Freya led the team in pressure, tackling hard was also Marianne, Charlotte and Caitlin.

Ella and Olivia were also good up forward, creating defensive pressure and keeping the ball in our forward 50.

Sian had a brilliant last quarter when we chucked her forward, attacking hard at the ball and getting on the scoreboard also.

5 goal scorers from our girls, with Victoria and Marianne booting 2 a piece!

Marianne took home the best on ground awarded by the Richmond coaches.

Well done girls on a great win! You did all the women in your lives proud!!


Under 13's Match Report

Meehan Design Banners 1120x150

Whitehorse Colts Bullants
3.7.25 9.7.61
Goal Kickers Jordan, Henry, James, Serge, Yianni, Felix, Nicholas
Best Players  

We entered Round four with a beautiful day upon us and the boys ready to put their best foot forward while their adoring Mothers watched on.

While the boys train hard each week and we continually go over our game plan, it was important to remind them particularly on Mother's Day that they should never put too much pressure on themselves. Even in those games where we expect to be push physically and mentally, we still need to remind ourselves that we are here to have fun and nothing makes our parents happier (particularly our Mums) than watching our boys and girls enjoying their chosen sport. Win, lose or draw.

Round four saw us come up against Whitehorse Colts, a side that shared the top of the ladder with our Bullants and with that in mind the boys entered the first quarter ready to take control from the very first bounce. Even though throughout the game there were times our boys lost concentration and let Whitehorse back in with a sniff during the second and third quarters, we came back in the fourth with such strength and resilience they completely controlled the play. This game saw the ball moving up and down the ground freely for both sides, however the bullants composure and ability to move and change direction quickly helped us to control the game early and ultimately come out victorious.

Each week the boys show us something new and this week was no different. Their passages of play were fantastic, to see plays where two or three players are involved is terrific, but when you see plays involving five and at times eight players moving the ball around is spectacular. Having said that though, and this being a highlight of the game it was not the biggest highlight I believe for the Preston Bullants and our families. Late in the fourth quarter a Whitehorse player received a yellow card and it was for all those watching the game a confusing call as we weren’t sure of the reason. To see our boys on the ground come to the defence of an opposition player is an extremely proud moment for me and knowing that they were instrumental in the umpire retracting his decision. This showed great maturity and sportsmanship, which was also highlighted by an official of the Whitehorse JFC who wanted to thank the kids personally.

After successfully winning all our grading games, our boys now enter Brown division (Division 2) to face new challenges. This is a great achievement for them all as they work so hard each week.

Let's keep our strong work ethic going boys and embrace the season ahead.

Go Bullants!

Coach Matthew

Under 14's Match Report
Kew Bullants
5.5.35 16.13.109
Goal Kickers Ethan 5, Ross 2, Zach 2, Zac, Ryan, Jamie, Jack, Allister, Josh, Pantelis
Best Players Alexander, Jack, Ryan, Patrick, Nathan, Eamon, Ethan, Zac, Ben, Jamie, Pantelis

Last week I made a statement that it would not be long before this group of young men would sing the Bullants song - well on the weekend they got to sing it, after recording our first victory 2017 in gold division. – Well done to all the boys. It is the reward for all the hard work you have put in for this season so far.

Firstly Happy Mother's days to all - I am sure your sons and daughters spoiled you rotten!

This match had significance for this group - as it was a grand final re-match from last year – you could see by the players' approach to training during the week that this game held significant importance to them and they wanted redemption.

Before the game we made a statement to the team that "what matters is what you bring off the ground “ we asked them what they thought it meant – the key answer was pride in yourself, knowing that you gave it everything you have - and give everything they have they did – they did not stop from the first bounce 'til the siren blew to signal the end of the game.

From the first minute of the game our attack and pressure was relentless – we were winning contests all over the ground.

The Midfielders were their dominant best

The back line was ever reliable

The forward line started to hold marks and convert opportunities

We have been talking about forward entries into our forward line week after week and as a group we have been disappointed with the conversion rate on these entries - this week no such problem – 39 entries for 29 scoring shots - excellent result.

We have achieved 2 of our goals after 4 rounds - once was to secure a win in the first 4 rounds and the second was to ensure we stayed in Gold division - well done on achieving both of these.

Again well done to all – and a very deserving result for a fantastic bunch of Young Men

Let’s take this momentum in to next week

Louis Diab

Under 15's Match Report
Bullants Camberwell
8.18.66 7.11.53
Goal Kickers Jesse (3), Leo, Chilli, Rhett, Finn, Brodie
Best Players  

Thank you to parents who fulfilled volunteer duties.

On a light and sunny Mother’s Day we played our first game at Zwar for the year. This is our training ground and the boys should know every last metre of it. The results of the drainage project completed last year is a ground with lots of spring, a surface that the fleet footed can bound across and provides the ball with a more even bounce. It certainly ain't like the old Zwar, which would already, so early in the season, be pockmarked by sludge.

Noticeably the team was attentive to Ange’s explanations and expectations. He and Rob were composed as they delivered their instructions on structures, each player’s role and KPIs. “When we tackle be intense, commit, be hard”. Camberwell was undermanned so the game would be played 16 a side on field. The Bullants had five players on the bench.

We were kicking to the Cramer St end in the first and what impressed this spectator was that we started the game immediately competitive. A start like that will really focus the mind. Intent was clearly evident. Ben D (a true warrior spirit), Daniel (Mr Speed to you) and Chilli (hard and resolute) were in the mix from the get go. Jack King made an inspired, tough as nails tackle.

The game was fast paced; that would hardly let up over the next 80 minutes. The Bullants were taking control. Then, against the run of play Camberwell Sharks found an entry into an open front half. A noticeable feature of this game would be the Sharks' open forward line vs the Bullants' congested forward.

The Bullants registered their first score, a point. (Psst, it would be one of too many this afternoon). Ben D’s efforts in the back half were nothing short of herculean; refusing to give an inch and finding multiple roads out. Our excellent defensive teamwork again was the backbone of our game.

Into the midfield, Jack B, playing his 50th game, Jesse and Anthony all deserved gold stars for their tenacious efforts to get the ball and move it on quickly. Chilli was dominating. For all this effort and inspired teamwork we were rewarded with points. Too many. At quarter time we had kicked 0.7 to Camberwell 1.3.

For the next two quarters the Bullants played great footy but couldn’t finish it off. The Sharks stayed just in front due to their spread and running game. Another thing Bullants need to improve is their second and third (and even fourth) efforts to keep the ball in their control.

In the second a tackle by James M might just have been the play needed to lift the team. Jack B was playing an excellent game (at game’s end he was deservedly awarded a medal by Camberwell). Late in the quarter Brodie’s tackle was rewarded with a free. He found Chilli who converted. These were some of the players who did follow through until they could get the ball going forwards.

It was only into the third that the Bullants hit the front, courtesy of a good long goal by Jesse. Then Rhett, who was playing at his usual high standard kicked through a pack for another goal. Anthony (what would we do without his endeavours!) made another great tackle for the Bullants. This was the best aspect of Sunday’s game – our intensity through our tackles and pressure around the scrimmages. When Finn goaled (onya) you might have thought we were in control. But the Sharks hit back late in the Third with two quick goals and headed into the final quarter four points to the good.

We scored 3.6 to 1.1 in the last quarter to win the game. Jordan started to really make his mark on the game, he was superb. Finn was getting his hands on the ball and using his body well in tight moments. Jesse scored a couple of goals, by working the congested forward line to his advantage. Then Brodie, who was never far from the action, with another forward entry snapped a ripper. The Bullants were finally in control. A couple of strong marks by Chilli and then Jordan wrapped up a terrific game.

It took the Bullants into the Last quarter to grab the ascendency, something I’m sure Ange will be making a point of to his charges. They had the better of the game, an intensity that was great to see and plenty of contributors. However, their forward line still lacks structure. Improve that and that improvement will be felt across the ground.

The Bullants went into this game missing Patrick (who suffered a season ending injury playing for our Colts last week – the team is thinking of you mate). He has been in terrific form as our main ruck. This may have set the team back, coming to terms with his absence. But the team rose to the challenge and showed their mettle. More of that, and an improved forward half and the Bullants can take it all the way!

Youth GIRLS Match Report
Banyule Bullants
22.30.162 0.0.0
Goal Kickers  
Best Players  

Depending on the reasons you want your children to participate in sport, the winner of a game of football may not be recognised by the scores at the end of the game.

In my slightly biased opinion, this was the case with our Under 16 girls team in their match against Banyule on Sunday. Sure they were overwhelmed by a more experienced, more skilful and more knowledgeable team, but when two parents from the opposing team approach our huddle after the game to express their admiration for the girls enthusiasm, competitiveness and willingness to be involved in the competition until the match's final stages, you have to be proud and celebrate the team's spirit.

Congratulations to all our girls for representing the Bullants' jumper in a magnificent light. I know your parents are already very proud of you for the great young ladies you are, but on Sunday you showed your Banyule opponent that your spirit cannot be questioned. You certainly won some admirers in the opposition ranks.

As of this week, with a team of 17 girls (YES 17!), we will start to play against opponents who like us are starting their football journey. The spirit you have showed and continued growth in your skills will continue to stand you in good stead for this exciting journey.

Colts 1 Match Report
Bullants Macleod 1
11.6.72 7.10.52
Goal Kickers  
Best Players  

Round 4 saw us playing Macleod at Zwar Park on a sunny, autumnal Mother's Day. Both sides were seen as fairly equal going into the game so it was a fairly significant match. Macleod jumped the opposition in the first quarter, and looked impressive at times. Once you start chasing tails you know you're in for a tough afternoon.

But tough it out the boys did. Increased levels of pressure and intensity around the ball and a more even contribution across the board ultimately gave the Ants the win by 20 points. Terrific games from Sammartino, Di Napoli, Lowe and Torcasio and a big mention to Jacob MacBeth who was a key player for us all day.

Grading over lads. Parkside this week.


Marty Fitzpatrick

Colts 2 Match Report
Parade/St Damians  Bullants
 9.8.62  3.10.28
Goal Kickers  
Best Players  

Round 4 Bullants versus Parade/St Damians was a game of two sides that hadn’t had a win so all the boys were quite keen to do well. When I saw the opposition I saw they had 3 boys well and truly 6 foot 4 and taller. I told the boys once again to make sure we ran the ball and play on at all costs. We were absolutely fantastic up until half time and we went into the rooms with a lead for the first time for the season. I told the boys not to be complacent and to keep the run going. After half time the boys could not keep the momentum going and unfortunately ran out of legs. The boys once again tried their hearts out but not having a bench and two injuries to our better players did not help. There were two outstanding performances from Chiva and Scatto. Chiva played fullback all day and dominated and Scatto was in the centre and worked tirelessly all day. Thanks boys, continue to work hard.

Go Bullants!

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