Bullant Banter Round 6 2017

hockingstuart Play of the Day -

Joe Ledda

Round 6 Play of the Day goes to team Tackers White!

Tackers White (Under 9s) participated in the annual YJFL round robin.  From the outside looking in, Bulleen's sporting grounds looked awash with hundreds of Specky Magees running around haphazardly! However, when you looked a little closer at individual club marquees, you observed a network of wonderful parents, siblings and friends working together to feed, water and encourage their kids to enjoy the day, have fun and celebrate community football.

Paul Clohesy, Tackers White coach reported, "Our outstanding teamwork starts with our families and continues with our kids on field." He also added, "Great goals, great kicks, great marks, great tackles, great teamwork, great sportsmanship."  So, on behalf of hockingstuart - GREAT WORK!

We all know the proverb 'it takes a village to raise a child' and this was certainly on display last Sunday with Tackers White's parent group. Congratulations!

Joe Ledda

Under 9's WHITE Match Report

Wow. This week was our toughest week to date. Round robin day at Bulleen Park. 4 games, 4 new teams to us. 4 very different games.

There is no way I can single out any specific players this week as there are far too many outstanding achievements to mention. Every single player put their heart and soul into the day. Great goals, great kicks, great marks, great tackles, great teamwork, great sportsmanship. 3 outstanding wins and a well fought out draw saw all our hard work at training pay off.

Every single player played their hearts out in every game and did the Bullants jumper proud. On and off the field I was very impressed with everyone. It is such a big day yet our tackers whites made it look easy. Well done guys, let's continue on with the positive attitudes and keep up the great work.

A special shout out to all the hard work that our tackers parents and families put in. Week in week out. Thank you also to all those that made the BBQ happen and those who helped set up and clean up. Our outstanding teamwork starts with our families and continue with our kids on field.

Lets give it a white hot go Sunday and enjoy the game.

Cheers, Paul

Under 9's RED Match Report

The infamous Round Robin at Bulleen Park had finally arrived. We had four matches scheduled for the day, each match comprising of 2 x 6 minute halves, and the all-important BBQ set up under the Bullants’ marquee.

Game one saw us take on Whitehorse Colts. The Bullants were far too strong with Alex, Dylan and Lachlan finding a lot of the football. Sam was courageous running with the flight of the ball and The Stoj continued his purple patch of the past three weeks with some brilliant forward play, booting two majors. The boys were pumped and headed to the tent with their chests well and truly out.

Game two was against Heidelberg. A much tougher match saw us lift the bar and fight hard at every contest. The umpire was strict on the rules and this saw us give away a few free kicks for smothers and solid tackles. Yes! Smothers and tackles! It is difficult to tell the boys not to do the “one percenters” as this is what will make them better footballers in years to come. We had a few great moments. The best of these was Louie gathering the loose footy and kicking to Lucas who in turn found Daniel for a goal. Then Daniel kicked before the end of the game to add to his already hefty season tally. Dylan was putting on a master class of skill and demonstrating that size doesn’t matter: his long kicking and hard running was a highlight. The boys had earned their sausages and oranges.

Game three saw us take on Glen Iris, a much larger and more experienced side. Alberto flicked the switch and was a tackling machine. He earned many free kicks and was responsible for a stack of forward entries. Alex thought he was Wayne Carey, dominating the air in the forward zone, while Sid and Lachlan combined on multiple occasions in the middle of the ground. Jackson was also rewarded for his hard work over the past few weeks with a clever goal from the pocket that Eddy Betts would have been happy to claim. A great solid team effort yet again.

The last game saw us take on Parade/St Damien’s. Our backline of Dylan and Sid stopped many forward entries, while Darcy laid some great tackles and Alberto continued his great form from game three. Dylan and Darcy combined brilliantly for a sensational goal.

Across all games special mention goes to Ruben. He was reliable once again and one of the best team players in the side, readily giving off handballs to his teammates. Archie has been one of our most consistent performers throughout the year and continued his form across all four games. Roman showed his courage and appetite for the contest, while Christian is the modern day version of Leigh Brown. He can play anywhere, anytime. And his salary hasn’t broken our budget. Barnaby thrives on the tough stuff and has a lethal left boot. Aiden, ‘the gloved one’ loves a tackle and is hard running. Sean has terrific hands and his kicking is constantly improving. Well done to all the boys and thanks to all the parents who helped out on the day.

See you all at training on Friday.

George Cotsonis and Dave Debono

Under 10's Match Report

Now comfortable in Brown division, the undefeated Bullants ventured all the way to Mont Albert to take on Surrey Park.  We were met with a ground that had a slope greater than my childhood pool table where all the balls would end up in one pocket! Our captains Ziggy and Willo led the team out but unfortunately lost an important toss to provide the opposition the benefit of kicking downhill in the first quarter.  Surrey Park made the most of this, getting off to a flying start, kicking the opening goal of the game within two to three minutes.  The Bullants have a bit of a history of slow starts and today was no exception, as Surrey Park dominated at the stoppages to continually drive the ball forward.  Our backline was under constant pressure with the end result for the quarter - five goals to zero against us.  However if not for the desperate defending of Marcus, Isaac and Kes (who on his own saved 2 goals) the deficit at quarter time would have been much greater.

On his Preston Bullants coaching debut, Rob kept his calm at quarter time and spoke to the group about making sure we were first to the ball and making our tackles stick.  The players all took this on board and responded with a second quarter that stemmed the tide. Whilst we didn’t score, neither did Surrey Park and we started to see we could match them in every area.  Ned had a strong dashing run taking on the opposition and with Harry, continued to drive us forward on a number of occasions. Tommy G and Azza were resolute in defence and overall our tackling and intensity rose to new heights. Every player on the ground was hungry and got around their mates in great numbers.  We went to the half time break feeling that we were right back in the contest.

The third quarter kicked off with our best play of the day, Ziggy tap to Callum who dashed out of the centre, delivering to Tommy G, who now playing forward, ran on and kicked a beautiful goal……all done within 30 seconds of the bounce!  The tackling intensity continued with Tommy V and Steven setting the example.  Ziggy took a brilliant contested mark in the forward pocket and was unlucky not to snap the goal.  The midfield really started to gel with Dom, Marcus and Callum working well together to provide plenty of run and carry. We may have been outscored during the quarter, but in general play we were more than matching it with Surrey Park.

As has been so often the case this season, we saved our best quarter for the last. Harry set the scene with a booming goal from outside 50! This was followed up a few minutes later with a brilliant tackle from Isaac in the goal square before calmly converting the resulting free kick! The Bullants weren’t done there, with more goals coming to Cam Meehan from a great mark, Joe with a fantastic snap and Tommy G who capped off a brilliant game with another goal!! Five goals to one for the quarter meaning we had outscored Surrey Park after quarter time and showed that we could match it with any team in the league when our hunger and intensity is up!

Overall, perhaps it was the loss we had to have, but for a very slow start may have been our sixth straight win.  Tommy G was rightly awarded the medal from the opposition team, but the best players list was long with many players performing extremely well in new positions.  We missed coach Scott and will happily welcome him back next week, but all parents stepped up to help make sure everything ran well and the team performed at its best.  The conditions overall were quite trying and often tense, but the full group showed such great character and support for each other both on and off the field

Go Bullants!

Under 11's Match Report
Glen Iris G  Bullants
 6.6.42  6.4.40
Goal Kickers  
Best Players  

The Under 11 Bullants played against Glen Iris on Sunday. A team who hasn’t lost a game and has been beating their opposition by over 100 points each week. The Under 11 Bullants were looking forward to the challenge and felt privileged to play on a pristine surface at Glen Iris, especially considering the rain we had the night before. The Bullants were undermanned with several players suffering from injury and illness, many who bravely put on the guernsey and pushed through their soreness and fatigue. We were fortunate and grateful to Josh Carelli and Liam Pappas (Under 12s) who joined us at quarter time to give us some depth. Thank you to Fab and John for travelling from Preston to Glen Iris immediately after the Under 12’s game to provide the Under 11 Bullants with this opportunity.

The Under 11 Bullants delivered perfectly to Pat’s pre-match instructions and we had our opposition challenged. We tackled hard, won the contested ball, kicked accurately and kept the ball moving as instructed and to top it all off the team were having fun! Patrick played another stellar game in the backline, he played in front all day and continually lead forward to the contest, winning the contested ball 90% of the time. Patrick has come a long way, what a tremendous asset to our team! Keelan provided options over-head and marked well. Anthony played like a modern mid-fielder, strong at ground level to win the contested ball coupled with winning several marking contests. A ripper achievement for a little fella! Ayden worked hard on the wing and read the play well demonstrating that he is starting to develop some footy smarts! Lucas – 3 goals in one quarter against a phenomenally strong opposition – well done buddy!

The Under 11 Bullants led by a small margin at the half time and three quarter time breaks and there was enormous excitement in the huddle. The team knew that the job was not done and were committed to finishing off well. They kept working hard and remained disciplined in their approach but unfortunately Glen Iris ran over the Under 11 Bullants late in the final quarter.

The Glen Iris opposition coaching team were extremely impressed with the Bullants performance on Sunday. They each individually spoke to Pat after the game commenting on their skills, their commitment to play to team rules and disciplines and the respect they showed. While the loss was hard to swallow for us all, it was a very proud moment for the Under 11 Bullants coaching team. We are thrilled with the progress that has been made in individual and team development. Well done Bullants! We play Hawthorn Citizens on Sunday at PCO, second top side, let’s come our firing!

Under 12's Match Report
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Bullants  North Brunswick
 9.7.61  1.1.7
Goal Kickers  Mahmoud 4, Phoenix, Lucas, Coen, Liam, Josh
Best Players  

The Under 12’s were first up at PCO and delivered another determined performance against a much bigger Brunswick team. It was an arm wrestle early, with both backlines doing a great job preventing deep entries. The Bullants backline set the tone with successive smothers and several timely marks. Ben and JJ were standouts down back, while Nathan, Seb and Liam brought the heat at ground level. Mahmoud finally broke the game open kicking the only 2 goals of the quarter, proving that Lauchie playing without his trademark white headband hadn’t upset the footy gods too much (but let’s not risk it again thanks Lach).

The “Mo show” continued in the second quarter, with his 3rd and 4th coming from strong marks and capitalising on the Bullants ability to keep the ball inside the forward half. Phoenix capped off a great first half with a goal on the run from 30 out.

Brunswick hit back early in the third quarter, with a quick goal, and repeated inside 50’s. Brody helped turn momentum, winning successive contests at CHB as did Oscar who marked everything in his area. The Bullants had weathered the storm and were rewarded with a stunning piece of play when Nathan burst down the Grandstand wing, setting up a strong mark by Seb who found Lucas for the Bullants 6th goal.

The Under 12’s finished the game strongly. Coen (who always looks dangerous around goals), Liam and Josh all hit the scoreboard – just reward for the Bullants 4 quarter tackling pressure against bigger opponents (special mention Harry), intensity around the ball and 1%ers.


Under 12's GIRLS Match Report
 Hawthorn Citizens Bullants
 1.3.9  2.6.18
Goal Kickers  
Best Players  

After negotiating with the opposition coach to play 14 players v 14, I knew we had our work cut out for us. Hawthorn had 10 players on the bench and we had none. The opposition coach said “Are you going to be ok with no interchange?” To which I replied, “We will be right mate, our girls don’t know any different.” Without Emma by my side I knew I needed some extra help. Phil Smith jumped into the box and we were off and running. Our girls started magnificently, led by Erin and Charlotte. Marianne was skipper for the day and led by example, putting on a tackling clinic in the first quarter. We fought our way to a 2 point lead at quarter time. We had the wind and I was worried we had not sufficiently capitalised.

The second quarter saw us kicking into a strong wind, yet our girls were relentless. Victoria was playing a sweeping role across half back and Marianne, Erin and Caitlin were onto every loose ball in their vicinity. However, the quarter belonged to Charlotte. She was playing ruck but when we locked the ball in our forward half she had three consecutive shots at goal, with the last shot resulting in a major: one of the best individual 5 minutes of footy I have witnessed. When Caitlin kicked our second goal of the term into the wind I could feel our girls rise in intensity. At half time we had booted ourselves to 2.6.18 and kept the third placed Hawthorn scoreless.

We took the girls into the rooms and reminded them of our training sessions with the tackling bags. They came out focused and understood the job ahead of them. Sienna, Ella and Sian were brilliant in stopping many Hawthorn forward entries. Olivia moved into the ruck to give Charlotte a break and was solid. Hawthorn came out blazing but could only manage 2 points for the term. We could taste success, but we still had the final quarter to play and the wind was with the opposition.

The fourth quarter started with Hawthorn kicking its first major early. Victoria moved into the back line half way through to steady the ship. We ended the game victorious: Preston 2.6.18 to Hawthorn 1.3.9, a hard fought win away from home. Erin was the deserved winner of the opposition medal for best Preston player, and our girls did the jumper and the club proud. Thanks to Phil, Leanne and Bec who all rode every bump with me on the boundary line.

See you all at training on Friday.

George Cotsonis

Under 13's Match Report

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 Canterbury B Bullants
 11.11.77  2.2.14
Goal Kickers  Luca Camilleri and Ty D'Ath
Best Players  

Having won all 4 grading games and earning automatic entry into a higher division, the Under 13 team’s experience so far in Brown has been challenging - we have seen a big difference in the skill level and tactical play in Brown compared with Green. The style of play is fast, some opposition boys clearly eat more weetbix than ours - footy has cranked up another notch!

After a really tough game against Parkside last week, we entered round 6 with the same objective of showing great commitment to each other. We did however ask for one additional thing from them - that they push themselves harder than before.

The game started off at a fast pace with Canterbury proving to be a quick and skilful side, which saw our boys chasing rather than leading the play for the first half. This was a physical game that constantly tested both their mental and physical strength.

After a tough first half and what was viewed as a one-sided game on the score board, we asked the boys to roll their sleeves up and start showing us the pace and skill we have been working on all season. To the boys’ credit, you could see that the team committed to their football and lifted their game. We began moving the ball more cleanly and with greater confidence, which saw us start to push the opposition deeper into our forward line. But alas, we struggled to convert this into goals.

Our midfield and backline worked extremely hard all day and could have easily given up, however they refused to and we saw an opposition beginning to show cracks across the ground. Unfortunately, our efforts weren’t enough on the day, but we were pleased to see the boys keep their heads up and try. That’s all we can ask for.

We are really proud of the team’s transition to Brown division. The boys are always united when they take to and leave the footy oval each week – if they continue to improve their speed and commitment to getting the ball first, and work with each other to drive the ball to our forward line, the rewards will come again soon.

Go Bullants!

Coaches Matt, Craig and Julian

Under 14's Match Report
 Bullants Ashburton R
 12.9.81  5.7.37
Goal Kickers  
Best Players  

What a difference a week makes - After last week's loss to Banyule by 7 points we came out determined to seek redemption.

Our motto for this game was “NO WHAT IF’S“ - we asked the boys before the game after the narrow loss last week, how many went home and thought about the game and had a what if moment - a what if moment is when you ask yourself, what if I had punched the ball from behind instead of going for the mark, what if I had taken that mark, what if I had laid the tackle - so many little instances in a close game that can have a direct impact on the result of the game - we asked them that no matter the result, that they walk off the ground with no what ifs in their mind – knowing that they had given everything.

I am proud to say - that we had no what ifs - every player performed there role and performed it to a level they should be proud of.

The Midfielders were there dominant best - winning clearance after clearance and winning the ball at will around the ground.

The back line was ever reliable - switching the ball when required and their decision making was fantastic

The forward line - held there marks, kept it open, and kicked truly - Special mention to Ethan L to kick 8 goals in a game is a great achievement – saying that he wouldn’t have Kicked the 8 if it wasn’t for the clearance work of the backline, the midfielders delivering the ball and forwards keeping the forward line open.

Overall this was one of our best overall performances for the season.

Let’s continue to work hard, develop our skills and work on our game plan.

Louis Diab

Under 15's Match Report
Brunswick  Bullants
 5.10.40  3.5.23
Goal Kickers  Leo, Brodie, Chilli
Best Players  

Thank you to parents who fulfilled their volunteer duties.

We got beaten because we didn’t play to our potential. Footy is not just about skills and strength. It’s also about commitment and confidence. You can have stacks of one or two or even three but if you have a good measure of all four you’ll have teamwork. That’ll beat a side that’s only using three of those four core pillars of the game. Brunswick demonstrated that on Sunday. With Ange away Rob took the coach’s reigns. He had a simple but powerful message: run and keep running; we win when we run. That proved the key to this game and I suspect this season. A team that runs and keeps the ball moving forward will have the advantage. Watching how the Dragons took control in the Last it was their running game that stormed over the top of the Bullants.

From the first bounce the Dragons were intent on controlling the game. It helped that early on they won clearance after clearance. This forced the Bullants into a defensive mode. Rather than maintain a defensive line we chased. Structures wobbled. Brodie worked hard, Antho gave another great effort. Anton and James were strong contributors too. Unfortunately we were short on commitment from too many. Brunswick scored 2.4 in the First to keep us in the game but if that was going to happen players would need to start putting in second and third efforts. The one percenters as they say.

Then we lifted. The middle two quarters were the Bullants. From the first clearance. Our link players showed up and we played in front. We started to make forward entries. It was a fast paced game with tough tackling from both sides. Even with this lift I did note that we still need to work and run twice as hard as this. The other note was that pressure will beat them!

Our first goal (a Leo special) came from our best and fiercest run across and down the field! Jack A was terrific, the backline solidified with Max, Rhett and Chilli stamping their mark. Sadly Jai took a heavy knock and didn’t return to the field. Rain set in at half-time and with that the game descended into a series of scrimmages up and down the park. In all of that we structured another good run out of the backline. Brodie, as runner, tore down the flank and kicked true. Bullants pressure was really having an impact. The Dragons didn’t score a goal for two quarters. Going into three quarter time it was a four point game. The Dragons scored three goals in the Last to win by seventeen points. It’s hard to understand how we lost the run we had established such was the good work of the middle of the game. Confidence is king but it must be reinforced over and over again. The Bullants have the skills and strength. They need to build their commitment and confidence will follow.

Youth GIRLS Match Report
 Bullants Parkside
 2.8.20  8.11.59
Goal Kickers  
Best Players  

Sunday’s clash against Parkside proved to be the girls' closest game for the season. At half time and after a dominant second quarter, the girls were less than a goal behind their opposition. Once again after the opposition got off to a flying start the girls were able to regain focus and apply some of the basic fundamentals to their game.

The half time break brought about an opportunity to rest and go into the second half with a sense of confidence. Unfortunately the third quarter was a replica of the first, and Parkside were able to use their running game and superior marking skills to take a handy lead into the quarter time break.

As has been the pattern of the girls play this year (and indicative of their spirit), they dominated the last quarter with most of the football played in the girls' forward line. Unfortunately their efforts were not rewarded on the scoreboard and all opportunities resulted in points.

This game, as have all those played so far this year, show that the girls are continuing to evolve as a team, that their skills are developing and they are learning the nuances of what can be a complex game.

Thank you to all the great parents who helped out on Sunday. It is great to see so many mums and dads, taking a genuine interest in what is for all the girls, a journey into a new sport. Let’s all continue to celebrate and enjoy the journey.

Colts 1 Match Report
Warrandyte  Bullants
 9.4.58  8.13.61
Goal Kickers  
Best Players  

Reconciliation Week was the scene of Round 6, as well as Anthony Ciavarella's 100th game, as the Colts 1 team took on Warrandyte at their place. It was a slog all day and the pressure quite intense. Down to two on the bench due to injury made it difficult for the boys, but they responded well and won the game by 3 points. Solid games to Jack Sammartino, Tyson Lowe and Tom Hallebone who were all crucial, as well as the bustling work done by Johnno Wannous. Rory Howard played his best game so far. Highlight of the match was the match saving mark taken in the dying minutes by Chiv, the centurion. Well done Anthony, well done Ants!

Marty Fitzpatrick

Colts 2 Match Report
 Bullants  Macleod 2
 10.7.67  7.10.52
Goal Kickers  
Best Players  

Preston vs Macleod the battle of the two teams that hadn’t had a win. The boys I thought were quite confident. Macleod only had 16 players and we had two on the bench which meant some of our on ballers could have a rest. Our back line all season have been under the pump and losing our fullback before the game had me worried. Henry Vear, Nick Savidiss and Tony Parzinkas were outstanding. Our captain Scatto ran all day and received some heavy knocks but fought bravely. The win was well deserved for all the hard work the boys have put in. Singing the song was a highlight in the 15 point win.

Go Bullants!

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