Bullant Banter Round 8 2017

Presidents Message

Youth Girls first win

Straight back into after a well-deserved rest for all involved at the Mighty Preston Bullants and what a round it was. Our Youth Girls Squad registered their first win of the season!! You beauty!! A big well done and congratulations to Mark, George, Sophie, Danette and the girls for their sheer persistence, and for making it fun while learning how to get the best out of each other. After being held goalless in the first quarter, the determination and hard work ethic pushed past all barriers and eventually saw the Mighty Youth Girl Bullants run out victors, away to the Brunswick Dragons 2.5.17 to 6.8.44! MASSIVE!! Check out the smiles in the above picture!

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SALT - Sport and Life training sesssions

After running very successful SALT seminars last year, the committee unanimously voted to do it again as a club and we will make it a regular feature moving forward, such was the influence these very real, well run and sometimes confronting sessions have been and the effect they had on a lot of individuals and parents alike.

Tremendous feedback was received last year, with nothing but praise as the club strives to not only create and maintain a safe and happy playing environment for all our children and families, but a culture that can be utilised not only on the field but most certainly off it. we intend to arm our children with learning that being a good citizen and playing by the rules on field is of importance as they represent the club week in week out, and just as important is the way they conduct themselves off the field in everyday real situations.

Club Treasurer Mark Giuliano has again run this event and booked in some wonderful sessions that cover important topics such as:

  • Strong is the “new” pretty
  • Respect for Women
  • Vilification and Discrimination
  • Drugs and Alcohol
  • Wellbeing and Mental Health
  • Peer Group Pressure and Decision making

All sessions are very important topics and all are aimed at age and gender specific groups that spread from U12 girls right through to Colts. Keep an eye out on correspondence received from your relevant team managers and get behind it. It is a wonderful initiative and one that I learned a lot from personally, as I had the privilege of attending pretty much all of the sessions run last year. On behalf of the whole club Mark, thank you again for organising and bringing it all together so seamlessly.

Save the date - Friday 28 July - Preston Bullants JFC Bash

PBJFC bash ticket

It’s back! YES! The Famous Bullants Parents Only Annual Gathering - only this time the format has been turned on its head and stepping right away from tradition!

You said you wanted more music? You got it - not only will we have a funked up DJ spinning the latest and some of the greatest from the 80’s and 90’s but we have a live band too! You wanted less talk and more time to dance - You got it! 3 live auction items and that’s it! Silent auction all night long against the back wall, freeing up more dance floor space.

Speaking of dance floor space, it is bigger and better than ever with a cocktail function replacing the sit down table event, and while there will be chairs and couches placed around the room to rest your sore feet from dancing all night long, the bar will be a busy place as we have added spirits to the existing included beer and wine package!

So there you have it. A true party or “Bullant Bash” as we are calling it to celebrate our wonderful club, to be enjoyed by those lucky enough to grab tickets, which will be available shortly through your team managers. Be quick as The Stolberg Hotel Likor Function Room awaits what promises to be a totally new revamped night of fun and laughter, with the ever popular photo booth there and a couple of other surprises along the way! Should be a beauty!

That’s it for now, looking forward to the mid-year review which will be published in the Bullant Banter next week by our Director of Coaching Mr Dom Vaiano. Dom will give us a summary of how the club is travelling from a football department perspective.

As always, Go The Mighty Preston Bullants!

Whitlam Malkoun
Preston Bullants JFC

hockingstuart Play of the Day - youth girls team

It was only four rounds ago that the Bullants Youth Girls Team was recognised as hockingstuart's Play of the Day, for their dedication, passion and commitment to improving their skills and working together to get their team going in this inaugural season. Well, it's just fantastic that just four rounds later the girls have been able to celebrate all their hard work with a win! 

Congratulations to Mark, George, the youth team volunteers, and of course the girls, for committing to four quarters each and every Sunday, to come away with your first win for the season.  It will be one you will remember for a very long time, and we look forward to hearing more about your personal and team successes throughout the rest of the season.

Joe Ledda

Under 9's WHITE Match Report

Another beautiful Sunday morning saw our boys up against Macleod. And boy did our boys come out to play!

Sonny and Josh were the captains for the game and they led by example! Josh earning the opposition medal and Sonny kicking a couple of beautiful goals. Goals also came from Jack also kicking a couple of beauties and Kade kicking a long goal on an angle.

The boys really had their kicking boots on, although the highlight was how well the boys tackled, led by Oscar!

Apparently, if you ask the kids we got up again, to keep our unbeaten run in place!

Great game boys......can't wait for next week!

Cheers, Paul

Under 9's RED Match Report

Preston Bullants v Banyule Bears at Preston City Oval

We went to the game knowing that the Banyule Bears in full flight would provide us with a monumental contest, and from the outset we had our hands full. We tried a young and inexperienced midfield group led by comeback kid Eddie Sparks, who was playing his first game since breaking his arm. Lachlan and Roman were often in the contest against their much larger and more experienced opponents and the boys never gave up, with Roman having his best quarter for the club in just his first season. Banyule seemed cleaner with the footy but our boys shared the ball by hand and foot as instructed.

In the second quarter the Bullants continued to fight hard and the tackling pressure was immense, with Daniel, Sidney, Louie and Sam all contributing. The ball spent a considerable time in the opposition forward line so our backs saw plenty of action. Alex was doing his best Alex Rance impersonation. I really wanted to say he was doing his best Ben Reid impersonation but the kid actually spends time on the ground and not in the hyperbaric chamber nursing calf and quad complaints. Archie and Leon also played solidly in the backline.

The boys looked spent at the half time break but were not ready to throw in the towel just yet. With Dylan playing a quarter for the opposition, and playing too well, we struggled to move the ball into our forward zone with any authority. Again our backline saw plenty of the footy and the usual suspects led the way, with Leon, The Stoj and Alberto saving many goal opportunities.

I gave the boys a final rev up at the final change and made a point about Bears hibernating and Bullants outlasting them. We certainly took this on board and our attack on the footy and tackling was outstanding. Alex was rewarded with the Banyule opposition medal for his solid four quarter performance in the defensive zone. We will regroup and move forward in the upcoming weeks knowing that every game gives us experience that is invaluable in our development as footballers.

See you all at training on Friday.

George Cotsonis

Under 10's Match Report

Ammos U10s at half time

With the mighty U10’s blessed with a rare home game at PCO, clear skies and special guests to cheer them on, the stage was set for something special.

In a fantastic show of support, VAFA Coach of the Year, George Wakim and several senior players from the Preston Bullants Amateur Football Club came down to support the U10’s & U12’s games. Pre-game we discussed the brief but meteoric history of the Amateurs….3 flags in 4 years and now one of the teams to beat in Division 1. We talked about how George and several players had come from PBJFC and had been together since they too were in U10’s. We talked about the Bullants pride and fighting spirit…a constant across all divisions and both clubs. The kids swelled with pride with the knowledge that “The Big Bullants” had come to see them play.

No quarter by quarter, blow by blow match report this week… too much going on to do the game justice. Just The Good, The Great and The Special.

The Good.

Too many on the bench, no one wanted to miss a home game. A focused and attentive group, sharp warmups and a sense that everyone was switched on. Friday’s training had been an intense and physical one. Our focus was getting in and getting “The Hard Ball”. Previous games had shown we could be intimidated a bit by the physical side of footy… .

As the game progressed it was clear that every single player was there to have a real crack, not always standout individual efforts…rather a consistent work ethic across the board. The usual suspects in Tom M, Tommy V, Ned, Hamish, Callum, Joe, Marcus, Harry, Dom, Tommy G, Kes, and Sam were hard runners and hard at the ball…slick skills on display as always but with a higher intensity.

The Great.

The 1%ers. Every player put into practice what we had learned at training. The hard ball was ours as Bullants charged through packs to get their own ball. Bumps were solid and every player looked to protect their team mate with great shepherding. Tackles were solid and around the waist.

Effort. Everyone gave 100% and the running was fantastic. Running to position. Running to help out a team mate. Running to tackle. Running with the ball. All combined with ever improving skills by hand and foot saw magnificent passages of play, often going end to end.

The Special.

Xavier who announced before the game that he would play for Warrandyte (who were a player short) in the first quarter. “I’m here to play footy! I’d rather play for the opposition than have my quarter on the bench!” His sentiment was shared by Sam, Dom and Willo who all pulled on the Warrandyte jumper for a quarter.

Cameron, Andre, Pablo, Jerry, Azza, Tamer, Issy, Isaac, Willo, Xavier, Steven, Jake, Ziggy…all played their best games for the season. Again, doing the 1%ers, running & chasing hard. Taking on bigger opponents, sticking tackles and generally taking their games to new heights. Hard work brings reward.

Issy Plasto 3rdand 4thefforts resulting in his first goal. A beautiful roving snap. The joy as his team mates got around him! Tamer’s goal. Again, just reward for 3rd& 4thefforts. A beautiful left foot snap while being tackled. Again, the pure joy as his team mates congratulated him. Roving goals and sweeping clearances by Marcus who reads the play beautifully & can play any position. Hamish who delivers to our advantage by hand and foot or in the Ruck….great to watch! Solid defence from Tommy G and Isaac Wood…..last line marks never in doubt. Blistering runs by Harry and Tommy V down each wing. Ned, Dom & Kes marking everything & owning the midfield. Tom M and Callum as Captains being asked to lead by example, set the standards for work-rate and attack on the ball. Both playing their best games to date. High praise from the Warrandyte coach post-match…for all the things we had aimed to achieve and for being the only team to beat them this season….twice!

Having the players from PBAFC take their time out to support our kids. Two clubs singing the one great song back in the rooms….the long term positive impact that this will have on the kids is immeasurable.

This team of champions well on the way to being a champion team.

Proud Coach. Proud Parents. Proud Club.

Under 11's Match Report
Greythorn Preston Bullants
5.6.36 5.6.36
Goal Kickers Thomas C, Dean, Asher, Lucas
Best Players  

Greythorn welcomed the Under 11 Bullants to their home ground in Balwyn on Sunday. Greythorn were sitting 3rd on the ladder with 5 wins and 2 losses.

The Under 11 Bullants started the game with no bench, with Alex and Perry having family commitments. Rylan arrived at quarter time after fulfilling his family obligations.

The team rules on Sunday were clear:

  • Play by the Under 11 Bullants Mantra: Harder. Stronger. Longer.
  • Play in front at all times
  • Read play on forward of centre
  • Man up when the ball is in dispute

The Under 11 Bullants had a slow start to the first half scoring 0.3 to Greythorn’s 1.5. Our defence held strong and kept the pressure on Greythorn’s forwards and Will worked very hard in the mid-field demonstrating the Under 11 Bullants Mantra. However, across the team we lacked our typical intensity and tenacity. After some strong words of encouragement by Pat at half time the boys took the field in the second half with a belief that they could claw their way back into the game. Whilst Greythorn were taller around the field they couldn’t compete with our run of the ball, speed and determination.

Will continued his persistent efforts within the mid-field running hard all day, chasing, tackling, playing forward to the footy and playing that ‘in and under’ football we all love to see! Grady marked well overhead, shepherded allowing the ball to keep moving and disposed well with excellent decision making setting up several goals. Samuel read the play like a veteran and used his smarts to hunt the footy and dispose well. Anthony worked similarly to Will throughout the day rotating between the mid-field and half backline – for one of the smallest boys on the field he takes some fantastic marks! Eden played his best ever game for the club on the forward line. He showed determination, came forward to the contest and won the ball out of the contest on several occasions. He demonstrated that he is understanding how to take what he is learning from the training track into a game situation. It was fantastic to see!

The Under 11 Bullants worked hard to get back into the game on Sunday. We were in front at three quarter time, 3.5 to 2.5 – a ripper effort to come back against a top 3 side! This turnaround was not only visible by the scoreboard but by the change in game tempo. The Under 11 Bullants took the game from a scrappy game of football to a skilful, structured game of football – we dictated the terms in the second half. Greythorn responded late in the final minutes of the last quarter resulting in our first draw for the season. A bitter sweet result, but a proud one nonetheless to have witnessed the belief the boys have in each other and the coaching team to get back on top and dictate the terms.

We look forward to being back at PCO on Sunday to compete against Park Orchards who are currently sitting 5th on the ladder with 4 wins and 4 losses.

Under 12's Match Report
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Preston Bullants Ivanhoe B
6.5.41 10.5.65
Goal Kickers Dion, Mo, Liam, Josh, Seb, Jack

Ivanhoe jumped out of the gate to kick the first 4 goals of the game and put on a dominant display early. They marked everything, were clean with ball in hand and looked a very classy side. Lauchie, Nathan, Phoenix and Jack were great for the Bullants, absorbing the pressure and pivotal in turning momentum after the early avalanche. Dion capitalised on a great centring kick by Noah for Preston's first, and Lucas was unlucky in the final seconds of the quarter not to add another.

The second quarter was much more even. The Bullants took the first 2 shots on goal after controlling play and winning more ball around the contest, however Ivanhoe caught us on the break and were able to take advantage of an open forward line to again kick away. The Bullants were rewarded when Nathan's relentless tackling resulted in a Mo mark and goal just before half time.

Liam kicked goal of the day early in the third, running clear from half forward with a couple of bounces and kicking beautifully. Josh followed up with the Bullants 4th after marking 30 metres out and kicking truly. Oscar, Rufus and Brodie were giving great rebound and defending resolutely, and the tackling pressure by all the boys stepped up. Seb capped the quarter with another major for the Bullants, and despite Ivanhoe kicking 2 of their own, the Bullants won the quarter and had momentum.

The Bullants ran the game out well, and demonstrated that beyond the first 10 minutes, the 2 teams were pretty evenly matched. The entire team finished the game strongly, with Jack kicking the last goal and taking home Ivanhoe's medal for best opposition performer. Well done Jacko, and a great fight back from all the boys.


Under 12's GIRLS Match Report
St Marys Preston Bullants
5.14.44 0.0.00

Tough loss on Sunday.

A slow start from our girls saw St Mary's get ahead in the first quarter.

The girls bounced back in the second to what we're known for - our tough pressure and attack on the ball, but unfortunately couldn't hit the scoreboard.

The third was much like the second, the Bullants had most of the ball, but just couldn't concede. St Marys made the most of their opportunities.

It's always hard after a loss, but nothing we can't build from! The girls' effort is always there and it's great to see they never gave up the fight!

Emma King

Under 13's Match Report

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Bulleen Templestowe Preston Bullants
6.5.41 1.7.13
Goal Kickers Luca Camilleri

The last few rounds of football have been hard for everyone, however we keep plugging away and working hard.

Our boys continue to come out each week positive and ready for the challenges that lay ahead and round 8 was to be a game where we had little knowledge of the opposition but ever ready to meet all the challenges. Both sides came out strong and you could see that our boys had come out with a new determination. What was on display was a a group of young men fighting for redemption, trying to claw their way out of a season slump. What was evident in the first half was a fantastic battle between two sides and our boys were leaving nothing on the sideline.

It was pleasing to see the Bullants starting to work as a unified team once more rather than individuals. One of the best examples of this was when we had a passage of play that started with Felix passing to Xavier and then onto Luca who then kicked our only goal for the day. This was a great passage of play, however what made this even more important and special was seeing Jet shepherd the ball from the opposition as it bounced through the goals . In previous rounds I believe we may not have seen this happen with many of our boys. What was also pleasing to see was the boys looking for their targets before they kicked the ball, which signals they are beginning to regain their composure when under pressure.

The first half saw some fantastic performances from a number of players. Jordan consistently worked hard all over the ground and took a spectacular mark under pressure, James made a tremendous smother on the half back line which most certainly prevented the opposition from scoring and Max LT ran his heart out until injury flared its ugly head.

With the half time score showing a one goal difference we were entering the second half ready for the battle and to possibly claim the lead. However this wasn’t to be as the Bullants lost their composer under pressure and gave a tiring Bulleen a sniff, which they took full advantage of with their three goals.

Now that Bulleen had a commanding lead entering the fourth quarter our boys needed to lift once more and lift they did. We dominated the last quarter in my opinion, our boys did not stop. Before the game we spoke about elite athletes and the wall most of them hit while competing and then pushing through that barrier to find success and what that actually means. I can not help but believe they heard this as every one of the boys dug deeper than before and you could feel their desperation and will to score. This is the true Bullant fighting spirit we have become use to seeing and more recently been longing to see again. Even though all of our four scoring shots ended up being behinds, we out-played and out scored Bulleen in the last quarter.  Unfortunately that wasn’t enough and Bulleen were deserving winners.

With the effort the Under 13s displayed against Bulleen this week I’m looking forward to seeing our Mighty Bullants take on the remainder of the season and more importantly, see how much of a bite we can take out of our opposition each week.

Go the Mighty Bullants!

Coach Matt

Under 14's Match Report
Camberwell 1 Preston Bullants
5.11.41 8.2.50

No report this week.

Louis Diab

Under 15's Match Report
Preston Bullants Boroondara Hawks 2
6.8.44 3.8.26
Goal Kickers  Anton-2, Sam-2, Antho-1, Leo-1

It was a beautiful crisp sunny day again as the boys ran out at PCO our beloved home ground.

It was important to get another win on the board and keep the momentum going. Jack King got a handball out of the centre to Daniel Quattrone who kicked it long to Anton resulting in our first goal. Great work boys. Our back line was strong being led by Daniel Q and Suhail. Leo and Antho also kicking strong goals in the first quarter. Awesome team effort. Possibly Suhails best game so far.

6/2/38 to 1/2/8

Ange gave instructions to the boys to run hard at the ball and leave the forward line open. Chilli took a great mark to open the second quarter. Antho kicked to Sam who was flying high resulting in 2 goals for the team. Jordon was playing well alongside Jessie and Rhett who always have a strong presence. Anton kicked another goal.

6/5/41 to 2/5/17

It was a quiet 3rd quarter from most of the team. Although Jack Baddock ran like the wind as he does putting his body on the line in a 3 in 1 contest. Jessie was up forward contesting  strongly.

6/8/44 to 3/8/26

Boroondarah Hawks started to fight back in the 3rd and 4th quarter keeping us goal less for the second half. Strong efforts by Ben, Leo and Max kept us in the game. Rhett did a rippa kick to Sam. Even though we came away with a win.

Ange and Rob were wanting more from the team. We need to arrive awake and alert ready to play 4 quarters of footy. Always giving it our best effort. We are a real chance for finals if we train hard and keep pushing forward each week.

Well done boys!

Youth GIRLS Match Report
Brunswick Preston Bullants
2.5.17 6.8.44

The old saying “Winners are grinners” was never more apt than last Sunday, when the Under 16 girls tasted the sweet taste of success for the first time in their young footballing careers. When the final siren rang, the girls embraced each other in joy and celebrated what had been a well earned and in the end, quite comfortable victory against a gallant Brunswick. Mobile phones were brought out and the Bullant’s song googled so that the victory song could be sung for the first time!

The difference this week as compared to previous games, was that the girls were able to put together a concentrated four quarter effort in which each and every girl played a major contribution. The match was highlighted by the girls' ferocious attack on the ball and the gang tackling whenever their opponents had possession.

What has been more evident these past few weeks and was a feature of the girls play on Sunday, was their ability to take the ball with more confidence and then accelerate for a few steps away from their opponents. This broke the game up and gave their teammates time to make a lead or be in a better position to receive the ball. On a number of occasions the girls were tackled, but with sheer strength and determination were able to break free and send the ball forward.

I would like to congratulate each and every girl in the team for a well deserved victory on Sunday. Also to our ever growing supporter base who rightfully enjoyed their daughter’s victory, thank you for your continued interest and enthusiasm.

I am sincere when I say every girl made a major contribution to the team’s victory on Sunday. Once again thank you to the parents who assisted Sofie and Danette with duties on Sunday. PS: mention must go to Ruby who snagged three goals on Sunday, including an Eddie Betts style goal from the boundary in the third quarter.

Mark Tierney

Colts 1 Match Report
Preston Bullants Bulleen Templestowe 1
6.10.46 12.9.81

For the third week running it was time to celebrate another Bullants milestone. This time it was Rory Howard, who along with Anthony Chiavaralla and Jackson Sbrissa the weeks before, was running out onto the oval in a Preston jumper for the 100th time. Unfortunately the oys couldn't do what had been done previous and went down to Bulleen Templestowe by 35 points. A quicker and more competent team showed us that we have our work cut out for us if we want to make an impression in this division in 2017. The ever reliable Tyson Lowe continued his consistent year with another terrific performance, ably assisted by Thomas Boddy and Julian De Napoli in defence. Adrian Sasso acquitted himself well in his first game for Colts 1.

Cheers, Marty Fitzpatrick

Colts 2 Match Report
Parade / St Damians Preston Bullants
12.22.94 3.0.18

No report this week.

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