Bullant Banter Round 11 2017

Presidents Message

Anyone ready for a revamp of H.P Zwar Reserve?

Well then, read on! Recently I, along with club treasurer Mark Giuliano, attended the Darebin Council’s budget night where all members and groups within our wonderful vibrant community got an opportunity to present to council. The groups spoke about what they seek from a financial perspective and why they seek it with a short 5-minute presentation followed by a Q and A. The Mayor herself, fellow councillors from all wards, as well as the directors were present. In short, I put up a presentation regarding the state of Zwar Park, in particular the amenities, and how immediate work was required to compliment the club's long term view of having a home base to be proud of, and one that we can add years and years of memories to, by building a community hub not too dissimilar to what we see at Ruthven Oval, Albert St. I requested a number in the vicinity of $1.4M at this early stage.

I am very proud to announce on behalf of the committee, that we have been afforded a grant of $40,000 to go towards immediate and crucial works to both the North (Home) and South (away) Pavilions at Zwar, which in conjunction with the relevant departments will see some major improvements over the coming weeks. Watch this space as we will keep you all updated as to the improvements taking place.

I would also like to announce that as a result of the presentation, council have allocated a further $50,000 (!!) in the 2018-19 budget which will go towards the planning, permits, and drafting of our new proposed club rooms to be built at Zwar Park soon after, with the objective of the new rooms being a centrepiece within the Darebin Community for all members to have access to. Finally, a place that we can call home and be proud of when family, friends and oppositions clubs come to play against the Mighty Preston Bullants! You little ripper!

As the year rolls on, the committee is continually looking at ways to improve what we do and how it can benefit all players and families. Our treasurer Mr. Mark Giuliano is always on the lookout for grants that we as a club can apply for that ties in with what the grant itself of course, is being offered for.

Well, I am very pleased to announce that Mark has been successful in not one, but two grants applied for! Firstly, we have been granted $2000 from the Preston Connected Community group which have been very thankful and appreciative of our commitment to assisting all our players and coaches in further education around important social issues that surround us daily and as a result of the club’s commitment to funding the SALT program ourselves, the Preston Connected Community have allocated $2000 to go towards the cost of the program which is upwards of $4000. Fantastic!

Mark then went on to apply for a grant through VicHealth for being a truly “active club” in creating and implementing our very first girl’s footy teams! A grant of $2839 from VicHealth has been received by the club which will be diverted straight into more opportunities to grow more girl’s teams and add a heap of equipment to assist with the growth within that segment of the club’s development as we strive to ensure we are an all “inclusive club”.

Exciting times ahead as we develop further towards being a club for all people no matter what your ability, gender, religion or otherwise is, and with a home to be proud of, this can only be a solid step in the direction of being the club of choice for many generations to come.

Go the Mighty Preston Bullants!!

Whitlam Malkoun
Preston Bullants JFC

hockingstuart Play of the Day - H.P. Zwar Reserve Revamp!

Joe Ledda

Congratulations to the Preston Bullants JFC Committee and Community! Darebin Council's commitment to undertake immediate improvements to Zwar, and also to develop long term plans to replace Zwar's clubrooms with modern, inviting facilities, will no doubt further solidify Preston Bullants as the "Club of Choice" for local kids to begin their junior football careers!.

Joe Ledda

Under 9's WHITE Match Report

What a beautiful sunny morning we woke to after a week off.

This round we headed off to Sullivan Reserve to play against Parkside. Lead by Edwin, we were a little bit slow to wake up. I'm pretty sure all the kids were still very much in holiday mode!

We were off to a very slow start, struggling to keep up with Parkside and failing to take advantage of the strong wind. Parkside had their kicking boots on, kicking a number of goals and behinds in the first half to our small score.

A good pep talk and some oranges and snakes to wake us up and our 3rd quarter saw us come back to our normal competitive selves. Some great teamwork saw awesome tackling, vision when kicking and some great marks. Noah was a stand out in the middle. There was some great goals,  including a sneaky goal from Kade that initially looked certain to be a point!

In the end it was a game we can all learn from. We fought hard. We need to stay focused and train hard.

See you all at training this week!


Under 9's RED Match Report

Round 11 St Marys v Preston Bullants at Greensborough Park

We are now in mid-July and anyone who thought we would be in for anything other than freezing conditions was kidding themselves. The boys were met with a few challenges before the game had even started. The ever reliable Stoj had pulled out an hour before the game due to illness. He joined Leon and Jacko on the sidelines as unavailable. Our other challenge was that we were going to play a full sized ground for the first time. The boys played it like seasoned professionals and I was struggling to keep up with the play. What would I know anyway? The ball movement was slick and when Archie kicked our first goal I knew this was going to be some sort of day. By quarter time we had played all over St Marys and I decided in the cold conditions to keep the boys moving at all times. This meant having them jog on the spot at every break to keep their muscles warm. The theory seemed to gain momentum.

We slowed up a little in the second quarter, but dominated the midfield through Lucas, Roman and Christian but we could not put it on the scoreboard. Darcy was having a game to remember, marking everything coming his way and using his lethal left foot to hit targets all over the ground. Big Budddy Franklin would be proud. Aiden was having his best game for the year and Sean was on a strict diet of drop punts only! The smile on Sean’s face at half time was enough to keep me coaching for the next 10 years. Well, at least well into next July. At half time the inexplicable happened. Sam and Alberto both had to go home because of sudden illness. This meant we were down 5 soldiers in total, something we were not accustomed to. I kept the boys on the jog throughout the long break and prayed to the footy gods for some support.

The remaining Bullants ran out after half time and totally destroyed a demoralised St Marys outfit. We hit the scoreboard 5 times for 2 majors, both to Daniel. The work rate had lifted across the ground. Ruben and Sid were amazing using the acres of space to burn their opponents off. Alex continued his great form at centre half back with some fantastic marks. Barnaby’s long kicking was a feature of the term and Lachy was superb across half forward, gathering loose balls at will and pressuring opponents from kick ins. This was the ultimate premiership quarter. Men down, freezing conditions, huge ground. But we found a way. Not the easy way, the right way. The Bullants way. Again at the break our boys were on the jog and when St Marys looked across to see what our secret weapon was it was too late. Phar Lap had bolted!

The last quarter saw Darcy and Dylan get even more leather. Eddy was spent but kept putting his big frame on the line. Louie was still running hard and when Christian slotted a goal the boys knew they had done it. Two great games in a row to steady the mid-season collapse. Darcy ran out as the winner for the opposition medal with Sean a close second. The best game of team football so far. Parents, coaches and supporters were all proud to watch the spirit of our boys. Fantastic effort in trying conditions and with boys dropping like flies. This team has a bright future. Hope they stay together and we are watching them for years to come.

See you all at training on Friday.

George Cotsonis

Under 10's Match Report

Round 11 saw the mighty U10s return from the break to take on Kew Comets at their home ground Victoria Park. Of course we were away (again) and as usual, the ground had a definite slope favouring the northern end. Being the “sloping ground away specialists”, the Bullants were unfazed. Warm-ups were slick and everyone looked switched on. Not having played Kew this year, we were not sure what to expect….taking to the ground we were amazed to see that half their side were absolute giants!

Captains for the day were Izzy and Jerry who, while losing the toss, were happy to report that Kew had elected to kick “downhill” in the first…leaving us with the downhill run in the last, so were quite happy with the result.

The first few minutes of play were worrying. Kew got off to a quick start and using their height to advantage, seemed to take uncontested marks at will. Within a few minutes Kew had 3-4 scoring shots and we were lucky that the result was only 1.2:8 as a result. Then the Bullants got going. Tommy G relished his run in the ruck and with fantastic leaps often beating his bigger opponent in the air. At ground level, we started winning “the hard Ball” and our pace was telling. Before long we showed Kew a clean pair of heels and started hitting targets. Tom hit our “Power forward” Tamer with a bullet-like pass that saw Mr T mark truly and split the middle! Responding quickly, Kew’s attacks were repelled with hard hitting tackles from Woody, Joe and Xavier and last line marking from Hamish. The brakes now put on, Kew looked a little rattled. Errant kicks mopped up by strong Bullant marking, Xavier and Issy leading the way. Before long Tamer got another look at the goals, this time deep in the right pocket. The Bullant supporters were treated to “Play of the Day” as Tamer, in a slow motion ballet, sidestepped around his opponent, improved both angle and distance, to bag his second! Celebrations almost as good as his move!

At Quarter time, Kew 2.2.14 Bullants 2.0.12

In the huddle there were plenty of positives. Almost everyone had laid a tackle or gone in for a hard ball. Our marking and kicking fantastic. We needed to keep our focus, pay close attention to our opponent and keep the intensity up. A determined Bullants side hit the field for the second term.

Despite going uphill, Kew came out hard and switched play to the open side where players had been let loose. From half forward, a Kew player had a clear run and a goal looked certain….from 50 meters away, Hamish saw what was happening and with a fantastic sprint and desperate smother saved a certain goal. Inspired, Bullants again rose to the challenge. 2nd, 3rd and 4th efforts were apparent all over the ground. Every Bullant played with desperation to get the ball out and into our hands. Once away, the Bullants looked the better side. Coast to coast plays seeing chains of Bullant possessions. Tom to Callum to the powerful presence of Tamer…unlucky not to get his 3rd goal with a touch on the last line. From the kick-in, a great intercept mark for Tom saw him line up and kick truly. Marks and accurate passing saw Issy and Pablo involved in another great passage of play, keeping it at our half forward line the ball was launched into our open 50m arc where Kes showed his fantastic pace to collect the ball and goal. Harry and Thomas V were relentless in their tackles through the midfield as was the half back line of Cameron, Joe and Woody. After numerous attempts, Kew finally broke through for another goal late in the term.

Half time: All tied up at 4.2.26

Given the skill and formidable size of our opponents, the first half had been enormous for the Bullants. Having the courage to tackle someone twice your size isn’t easy…..every Bullant had taken on the challenge and often came out on top. Despite the closeness of the contest and physical nature of the game, the team was remarkably upbeat and eager. Players crowded around the team board, eager to see where they were playing next and keen to get back into the fray. With instructions to get the ball to ground and keep running, the boys sprinted back to their positions full of confidence and self-belief.

The third quarter can only be described as a hard slog. Like a David V Goliath boxing match, the Bullants and Comets slugged it out for the next 12 minutes. Heads over the ball and bodies on the line, it was a hard hitting affair with no Bullant taking a backward step. The Kew trainers were kept busy during the bruising encounter as their players went down….Not so the Bullants, epitomised by Azza who, crunched in a tackle from his bigger opponent and visibly shaken and hurt, waved off Paul who had responded quickly to the impact, only to throw himself back into the pack to win the ball for his team.

A lucky break saw Kew get within range late in the term. Immense pressure from the defenders forcing the shot wide for a solitary behind as the siren sounded.

3 quarter time: Kew 4.3.27 Bullants 4.2.26

Still upbeat and positive, the Bullants took the all-important snakes on board and got ready for the final “downhill” run home. The midfielders were urged to keep running, all were praised for their courage and attack on the ball and instructed to keep it up. Man up and defend! We had the downhill run but now into a very stiff breeze!

Both sides were again out hard but it was Kew who used the wind and their height to advantage. Kicking long and with the wind, they played the right hand side of the ground relentlessly. Their dominance overhead returned and was telling. The Bullants could not out mark Kew and in many instances could not even reach high enough to effect a spoil. The result was numerous scoring opportunities to Kew and even if inaccurate, we failed to gain distance in kicking back out into the wind. Our intensity did not let up and the tackling was courageous but we were soundly beaten in the air. Marcus was everywhere at ground level, Harry and Thomas V working hard as defensive wings, Tommy G saving more goals than that got past him as usual. Woody and Joe solid defenders as always. It was certainly not all Kew’s way in the last. At ground level, we were still dominant and once clear, our pace superior. In a final late charge, Callum burst free to hit Kes with a ripping pass, Kes wheeled and used his speed to slot his second goal for the match. Unfortunately, too late to claw anything more back.

Final Scores. Kew 7.6.48 Bullants 5.2.32

As we shook hands the Kew coach had lots of praise for our team. Strong marking, accurate kicking and great running play had given his team one of their best contests for the season….a season that has only seen them beaten once before!

Heads high Bullants. We are proud of you as always and no matter the result, this will remain a great and memorable game. For the way you battled it out, with courage, desire and pride….and for that time when Tamer danced around his opponent!!!

As I look through the fantastic photos that Ismail takes for us each week, the enormity of what our kids took on in this game is clear, as is the courage and desire they showed throughout the match.

Go Bullants!

Under 11's Match Report
Doncaster Preston Bullants
 4.4.28  8.11.59

The Under 11 Bullants played Doncaster at Schramms Reserve in fresh but pleasant conditions. The boys were excited about the opportunity this game provided, a win would put the boys 1 game out of the 4 and with a finals chance. After an inspiring talk last weekend by our very own Bullants supporter, Lisa Weightman, the boys arrived at Doncaster’s ground with belief in their ability. Lisa Weightman, three time Olympic Marathon runner, spoke to the Under 11 and 12 Bullants about the importance of training like you want to play, listening to your coaches, believing in your ability, not giving up when it gets hard and having fun!

The message from Pat to the Under 11 Bullants before the game was clear – keep the ball moving and share the ball, man-up when the opposition has the ball and create opportunities. The team took the field feeling confident that they could execute to the team rules and work hard early to gain a lead and maintain it. Kalan and Eden lead the team on the field as co-captains. Doncaster were a considerably taller team but the Bullants knew that if they used their speed and kept the ball moving, they would leave the Cats in their wake. This strategy was of importance with the Bullants kicking against the wind in the first quarter.

The first quarter was a tough battle with a high work rate from both teams. Rylan, Will, Jaxsyn and Anthony worked hard around the ground to move the ball forward and our defence held firm to stop the ball from entering Doncaster’s forward fifty – a tremendous effort by Patrick and Keelan. Pat threw down the challenge at the quarter time huddle for our players to invest in fast ball movement and tight defence and they did not disappoint in the second quarter. TJ (Thomas C) produced a hard running high possession quarter, kicking 2 of his 3 match goals and providing opportunities for his team mates, with many deep entries inside forward 50 and gaining territory with his run and carry. This game plan set the scene for the strong lead at half time and for the remainder of the game. The boys investment in the team was at an all-time high.

Lucas was a striking presence at centre half forward, leading forward to the ball, contesting in the air and sharing the ball into the goal square. Will’s work rate, effective possessions and goal assists were exceptional. He roved all day with no rotations and ran strong all over the ground. He read the ball off the ruckwork and crumbed effectively on every occasion. Anthony’s marking under pressure was extraordinary, one of the smallest on the field and his ability to position his body and take a mark is fantastic to watch. Rylan’s work rate in the ruck was brilliant; he played in the ruck for 3 quarters against several ruckmen who were considerably taller and larger in size and he held position. He continued to work around the ground to gain possession and shepherd his team mates. Kalan, what a little ripper in the forward pocket! Kalan presented himself and took possession of the ball on several occasions moving the ball forward. Today, Kalan led by example. Doncaster’s number 10 was carving us up in the mid-field in the second half. We looked to Grady to shut him down and win possession and that is what he did! Chasing and tackling and then converting strong into attack to gain possession and assist his team mates by shepherding. The belief Ayden’s coaches have had in his ability to be as explosive in the backline as the forward line started to show today. He held his opponent well when the ball was in defence and when he had possession he used his rocket pace to move the ball forward. He was courageous in his tackling and overhead marking and demonstrated versatility. Perry’s commitment to not let the large Doncaster forwards move the ball into their forward 50 was tireless; taking on the largest boys on the field in bear tackles to shut them down and turn the ball over. Well done Perry!

The game was never convincingly ours until the final siren. The Cats kept trying to claw back, however the Under 11 Bullants commitment to each other to play as a team was what won us the game. A tremendously exciting game to be a part of today, exemplifying an outstanding team effort and team unity. Look out Balwyn….here we come!

Under 12's Match Report
Nixon Finance Banner 1120x150
Preston Bullants Fitzroy
12.7.79 3.5.23
Goal Kickers Mahmoud 3, Dion 2, Josh 2, Coen, Harry, Seb R, Ben, Brody

Congratulations to Ben and Lauchlan on celebrating their 50 game milestone

With second place on the ladder up for grabs, the Under 12 Bullants put on a dominant display at PCO, defeating Fitzroy by 56 points. The boys showed no signs of any school holiday rust, leading at every change and providing club stalwarts Lauchy and Ben memorable 50 game milestones. For those not familiar with the Under 12’s, Lauchy is like Corey Enright across half back. Wins his own ball, classy and reads the play beautifully. Ben is a reliable and tough key defender, he plays for keeps and does it with a smile. Occasionally, opposition players are slow to get up after a Ben Gibson tackle.

Coen put his stamp on the game from the start, snagging the first goal and dominating across half forward. Shortly after, Josh delivered a Dusty “don’t argue”, giving him enough space to kick the Bullants second. Dion, Phoenix and Nathan applied great forward pressure, and down back Lucas and JJ were strong and tough over the ball and ran straight lines out of defence. Brody’s gutsy smother at Full Back stopped a certain goal just before the siren and was the highlight of the quarter.

The second quarter saw more sustained forward half pressure by the Bullants. Mo snapped truly using his trademark strength and goal sense, with Dion and Harry also registering majors to capitalise on the Bullants' dominance around the contest. Credit where it’s due, the Fitzroy defence held up admirably, and did a great job limiting the Bullants to 3 goals for the term when at times, it looked like the Bullants were going to blow the game apart.

The wind picked up early in the third quarter, and the Bullants found themselves kicking against a stiff breeze. Both teams managed 2 goals in what was the most evenly contested quarter of the game, and gave Fitzroy some belief they could mount a comeback. The highlight was Ben’s goal and celebration. I think he’s still smiling now….

Now kicking with the wind, the 4th Quarter was all Bullants – adding another 5 goals 3 behinds and keeping Fitzroy scoreless. Mo was clunking everything at CHF, kicking 2 himself and drawing multiple defenders every time he went near the ball. Space opened up inside 50 and the Bullants took advantage with gutsy running and selfless play. Josh and Dion both goaled to make it 2 each for the day, and the great man Brody iced the game with a beautiful set shot from a tight angle.

The Fitzroy coach nominated Seb R as his best on ground, fitting acknowledgement for a great 4 quarter performance. Seb was everywhere, with great link play through the centre of the ground always picking the right option, and bringing his teammates into the play. Great stuff Sebo!

Big congrats to Ben and Lauchy!

Under 12's GIRLS Match Report
 Heidelberg Preston Bullants
 0.6.6  0.4.4

We knew all week this game was probably going to decide the fate of our season and there was great anticipation in the air. With Emma in Europe on holidays with her twin sister, Phil again jumped into the coach’s box to give me a hand. Heidelberg sat below us on the ladder by one position as we were trying to consolidate our spot in the top four. The last time we met the game was decided by a couple of points in our favour, after we stormed home in front of our home crowd. I had a feeling today was also going to be a tight affair. With Victoria soaking up the Mediterranean rays in Greece it was left to Marianne to play the sweeping half back role in the first quarter. The wind was strong across the ground and our girls were jumped early, with Heidelberg controlling the first quarter but not hurting us on the scoreboard, as they stormed to 0.5 to our 0.0. Charlotte and Freya were tireless, as was Caitlin in the middle, but we all needed to lift if we wanted to play finals footy.

The second quarter saw us jump into gear. Erin was finding space and Libby and Lilly were breaking the lines. Freya, who has taken her game to a new level in recent weeks, continued her hard work in the middle of the ground. Charlotte continued to jump and crash into her opponent bringing Amelia, Zara and Zoe into the contest. Our girls were fantastic holding Heidelberg scoreless while peppering the scoreboard with three points. The tackling and determination of our group all year has been a feature of the team and makes them very easy to coach. We slowly fought our way back into the game and by half time the margin was 0.5 to our 0.3. We were in the contest and we knew we had to hit the scoreboard after half time.

In the rooms at half time I saw a group of girls that believed in one another and respected one another. They were focused and listened closely as Phil and I explained the changes we needed to deploy. Seeing them run out onto the ground I was confident we had the team to get the job done. The third quarter saw Erin and Olivia go into the ruck to free up Charlotte at centre half forward. Charlotte was like Demolition Dermie (Dermott Brereton) of the late 80s – ferocious at the contest and at the player. Erin now was becoming an issue for the opposition, absolutely dominating her position. She had numerous runs down the wing and the quarter belonged to her. I cannot remember another quarter where we were so in control but without capitalising on the scoreboard.

For the second quarter in a row we held Heidelberg scoreless but only managed 1 point of our own. We deserved to be a few goals up, but that is football. At the last break Heidelberg 0.5 led Preston 0.4: the tightest contest of the year.

Heidelberg had four players on the bench and we had only 15 players. This became a telling factor in the last quarter with Heidelberg controlling possession. Our girls were fighting at every contest but the ball was played predominantly in the Heidelberg forward line and it was inevitable they would score at some stage. Despite the efforts of Sienna, Sian, Lilly and Ayva, Heidelberg scored a behind with 5 minutes to go. Ella again had the kick-in duties and was cool in kicking out and picking out team mates. Somehow the girls conjured another wave of energy and willed the ball into our forward line within the last minute. Unfortunately the ball just did not want to go through the main sticks and at the end of the contest the scores were stuck on Heidelberg 0.6 to Preston 0.4. But it was one of the greatest team efforts I have been involved with at any level of football. Bad luck girls, but we have another chance against Park Orchards this week. Bring it on. A special congratulations to Erin who was awarded best afield by the opposition for the second time this season. Thanks again to Bec, Leanne, Michelle, Jamie and of course Phil.

See you all at training on Friday.

George Cotsonis

Under 13's Match Report

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Kew Comets 1 Preston Bullants
10.7.67 4.6.30
Goal Kickers Marcus, Steven, Lachlan H and Nicholas

Congratulations to Max Lawson Tavan on celebrating his well deserved 50 games milestone.

The Under 13’s embarked on what was expected to be a tough match against Kew Comets, a side that has had a very strong season so far and they certainly started the game in that fashion. Even though we did not manage to score in the first quarter, our midfield was working well and they continued to do so for the whole game. Our midfield was so strong that I cannot recall Steven and the rest of the midfield losing one contest all day from the centre bounce.

Our boys played a strong game with them all working extremely well together. Both the back line and forward line fulfilled their roles and put in a fantastic effort throughout all four quarters. We delivered the ball with great speed, intent and accuracy all while continuing to apply constant pressure on the opposition.

With the continued pressure applied to Kew all game, we also saw the opposition begin to panic as the game went on - we were not making things easy for them and I could really see our Bullants believe in themselves and each other again.  These are two very important traits every successful side needs.

Even though the final score showed that our boys lost today, it was one of those games when the actual score really didn’t matter - the boys played as a unified team with a strong work ethic and intent for the ball, and that is a win every day of the week in my opinion. It was a really good game and a joy to watch.

With three rounds left in the season I look forward to seeing how they back this week's performance up in round 12 against the Kew Rovers.

Go Bullants!  Coach Matt

Under 14's Match Report
 Hawthorn Citizens D Preston Bullants
 25.22.172  1.3.9
Best players  Nick, Ethan L, Eamon, Alexander, Terrance, Punter, Zach D, Allister

Before the game we celebrated Nicks 100th game - it is a great achievement to play 100 games at under 14s stage - Well Done Nick, even though we didn’t get the win - your personal game was outstanding.

Well this week we faced our biggest challenge for the year – We came up against a rampaging Hawthorn - Hawthorn have been undefeated for the year with an average winning margin in excess of 20 goals.

Before we the game we gave the team examples of when upsets had occurred like –

  • Western bulldogs V Essendon 2000 Rd. 21
  • Buster Douglas V Mike Tyson
  • Aust V America - 1983 Americans Cup
  • GWS V Swans 2014 Rd 1
  • Cassius Clay v Sonny Liston

Explaining to them anything is possible if you have the belief, the desire and the attitude.

The first ¼ seemed to go to plan - the work by the back 6 was outstanding - Nick, Terrance, Ross, Punter, Allister and Charlie and with the support of Ethan L playing a sweeping role across the back and our midfielders working hard to get back and provide some added support, we were are able to restrict the opposition to 4 Goals, while they had the advantage of a 6 goal breeze. We even had a couple of opportunities to score a couple of goals against the wind but it was not meant to be.

For the second ¼ the opposition started to kick a few goals and with this we started to get into old habits of kicking the ball down the line, rushing our decision making – which in turn meant we turned over the ball, stopped using our voices – which allowed the opposition to take full control of the game. This same pattern followed into the 3rd ¼.

In the last ¼ we decided to give our backline a break and made the call to move the forwards into the backline - this was a process to show the forwards how hard the backline and midfielders work to get the ball forward and why we need to improve our defensive pressure when we get the ball into our forward line - I am hoping the lesson was learnt and will be looking forward to a greater defensive pressure effort from our forwards in our next game.

One our biggest issues we have as a team is when an opposition team kick a few quick goals we seem to drop our heads and go back to playing a brand of football of just kicking down the line or just kicking anywhere without thinking about our decision - Guys no matter what the score board reads, no matter where we are in a game - we must stick to what our game plan is – you must have belief in yourselves and your team mates – As Hawthorn's coach said to me after the game “we were really surprised by what you delivered to us in the 1st ¼ - the way you moved the ball was unbelievable” the same thing was said to me after the St Marys game as well – so you can see other coaches are noticing the improvement, what we need to do now is to do it for a consistent 4 quarters and stick to it, no matter what the score is and no matter what point of the game we are at.

Louis Diab

Under 15's Match Report
 Preston Bullants Glen Iris
 3.7.25  6.7.43
Goal Kickers  

No report this week.

Youth GIRLS Match Report
Preston Bullants Parkside
3.6.24 7.17.59

Last Sunday’s effort against Parkside was arguably the girls' best result of the season. Whilst the final score showed that the girls had suffered a five goal defeat, it didn’t show the circumstances that had conspired to make the team have to fight for every possession and every score.

Injury and illness allowed only thirteen girls to take the field for the Bullants, whilst Parkside had a complement of eighteen players. This afforded them the luxury of five players being rested at any one time during the match.

On a windy Sunday morning, and on the expanses of the Preston City Oval, the girls played with their customary tenacity, ever improving skills and a real feel for the conditions, to be in front at quarter time and less than two goals down at half time. The third quarter was a tight affair with Parkside outscoring the Bullants by a single goal.

The last quarter saw Parkside attain some ascendency, as their fresher players were able to run for more sustained periods and take advantage of what was a fairly strong win. This second game against Parkside showed a two goal improvement on the first meeting, and with a full team the result would have even been closer.

Again thank you to all the parents who offered their services on Sunday and completed roles that allowed the girls to play.

Colts 1 Match Report
 Parkside R Preston Bullants 1
 7.14.56  5.3.33

With plenty riding on today's game we venture to Parkside and try to atone for the loss to them earlier in the year. It wasn't to be. To be honest, the opposition played with more cohesiveness as a team and worked harder for the four quarters. As a collective group we had a bad day. Plenty of missed tackles and a failure to attack the ball on a number of occasions was the most disappointing aspect of the day. Notables were Tyson Lowe, Julian De Napoli (skipper with 100% coin toss win rate) and Rory Howard, who continues to impress and played his best game so far this year.

Colts 2 Match Report
 Preston Bullants  

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