Bullant Banter Round 12 2017

Presidents Message

Under 11 & 12 teams inspired by Australian Olympian, Lisa Weightman!

What does one do when you have a spare weekend during the school holidays and the team wants to have a kick? You arrange for a scratch match between the U12s and U11’s, that's what!

A fantastic idea brought together by both coaches in Patty and Phil, along with their team of assistants. Better yet, all were invited to get involved and a BBQ was enjoyed by all after the event. What a fantastic idea that goes to show what a little bit of chat can do as it grows momentum and before you know it, takes shape.

To add to this wonderful team comradery, it is with thanks to our very own U11’s assistant coach in Jodi Weightman who arranged for none other than her sister in 3 time Olympian, Bronze Commonwealth games medallist and multi-award winning long distance runner, Lisa Weightman!

Lisa Weightman

Lisa gave up her own time to attend and discuss her journey, sacrifice, training and sheer joy at her accomplishments over her very exciting sporting career, as Lisa went on to represent Australia at multiple Olympic games including Beijing and London, the Commonwealth Games in Delhi, and at numerous world championships around the globe! Now, THAT’S seriously cool!! What a role model to be able to look up to and ask questions of. Lisa went on to take questions, pose for photos and was very kind and generous with both her time and effort in coming down to support this wonderful team building event.

Please follow this link below and check out some of Lisa’s wonderful achievements, which will really sets the agenda of just how much hard work goes into becoming a 3-time Olympian and long distance star on the world stage.


On behalf of the club, I want to extend a big thank you to Lisa for giving up her time to share her journey with us, it is appreciated.

Go the Mighty Preston Bullants!!

Whitlam Malkoun
Preston Bullants JFC

hockingstuart Play of the Day - Barnaby Thomas, Tackers Red

Some of our fondest junior sporting moments we recall as an adult are the times when you scored your first goal, landed your first tackle, sang the club song for the first time, and won your first game. Congratulations Barnaby Thomas on kicking a goal that, no doubt, he replayed in his dreams over and over again last Sunday night!

To quote the Tackers Red Match Report - "Just as the siren sounded, Barnaby had the ball deep in the forward pocket on his preferred side. He wasn’t going to give it up to the umpire. All eyes were on him, it was the moment he had dreamt about his whole life. He lined up and kicked through the footy, the smile was on his face as it left his left boot and it sailed through goal height for a major. He was still beaming about the goal deep into the last quarter." Well done Barnaby!

Joe Ledda

Under 9's WHITE Match Report

A nice and cold early morning lead our tackers whites to Clifton Hill to play Fitzroy.

First game back after a week off and the school holidays coming to an end, our players were still in holiday mode.

It was a hard game. Tough.....fast.....hard. our team did our best and put in a solid effort. There were plenty of positives to come from the game. Some nice goals, tough tackles and great efforts, though Fitzroy were there to play and were well rested.

We had a hard training night Wednesday so looking forward to an almighty effort this coming Sunday from the Whites.

2 to go.....lets go Bullants!

Under 9's RED Match Report

Well we were away again, this week against Ivanhoe.

After a slow start to training on Friday night where a couple of sprints got the boys focussed and warm, the boys finished the session strongly and we knew we were ready for the task ahead.Selection would be important as we were looking to find balance by ensuring that each player has now had significant time in various positions on the ground to improve both their defensive and offensive skill set. We knew that Ivanhoe were a well-balanced side and we would need to play at our best to be ahead at the end.

It was terrific getting into the old rooms below the grandstand on a cold winter morning. We emphasised these team rules:

  • Enjoy your football
  • Back each other up
  • Stick on your player
  • Handball and long kicks with wind
  • No U–turns

Importantly with the gale that was blowing, we were emphasising that our backline play along the boundary line against the wind, and our forwards and midfield take the ball and go long when we had the wind. Sean as captain following his great performance last week led the team out.

First Quarter - We were against the wind in the first quarter and it was important that our backline consisting of Sean, Aiden, Archie, Christian, Roman and Sidney dug deep to counter the wind-assisted Ivanhoe pressure. The ball was coming into our backline at a frantic pace, but the backline held up well taking strong marks and bringing the ball to ground. Ivanhoe were able to kick a couple of goals early with a set shot and from a long kick, which luckily bounced through from our vacant goal square.

The midfield of Lucas, Darcy, Dylan, Lachlan and Daniel fought hard in the midfield and on a number of occasions were able to kick long into the forward line against a strong gale. The forwards of Alberto, Barnaby, Josh, Louie and Sam consistently brought the ball down and added a lot of forward defensive pressure. Josh was able to goal and we felt we had done well in the first quarter.

Second Quarter – The instruction going out was to kick long, let the wind be our friend in the second quarter and we outplayed Ivanhoe. The ball was consistently in our forward line and we repelled Ivanhoe’s reach for the forward line as our mids Darcy, Daniel, and Dylan worked tirelessly on the ground and Lachy taking a couple of some telling marks to send the ball forward again.Alex was being tough in the clinches working the ball out.We had Louie being one out in the goal square and he was able to goal early. Barnaby was on fire running from flank to flank and hitting that left boot constantly; with Josh working hard under packs and Alberto creating havoc for the opposition.

Just as the siren sounded, Barnaby had the ball deep in the forward pocket on his preferred side. He wasn’t going to give it up to the umpire. All eyes were on him, it was the moment he had dreamt about his whole life. He lined up and kicked through the footy, the smile was on his face as it left his left boot and it sailed through goal height for a major. He was still beaming about the goal deep into the last quarter.

The boys were straight into the rooms, the backline asking for a rotation into the forward line for the third quarter as they were cold. George and I decided no rotations and assured the backline that the ball would be coming to them in the third quarter as Ivanhoe had the wind. We asked the backline to play along the boundary to mitigate Ivanhoe’s scoring opportunities.

Third Quarter – Ivanhoe started with a flurry, the ball was consistently brought into our backline and if our backline were bored in the second quarter, they did not know what hit them in the third. They worked hard to keep the footy out. Our team instruction was to play along the boundary line and we did this well with Sid combining with Aiden from the kick-ins and working the ball up to the wing through Archie, Christian and Sean.

Lucus was strong in the midfield providing strong leads and marks and Alberto in the forward line was on fire marking everything coming his way. It was a new Alberto that we had been waiting for, marking strongly and confidently. Sam was constantly under packs and the umpire was busy balling up as the intensity had certainly lifted.

By the third quarter Ivanhoe were able to kick 2 majors and it was all tied up.The instruction at three quarter time was to go long, use the ball and find your forwards.

Fourth Quarter – we were off, team effort all round, the wind was our friend as the boys continued with long kicking. Alberto again marked strongly for a goal, Louie goaling and Josh working hard again. Barnaby was dancing across half forward, with a grin from ear to ear.The backline and midfield worked hard to keep Ivanhoe scoreless, with Christian and Archie moving the ball well, Roman taking some telling marks and Sean showing his leadership.

Great work all round.

David Debono

Under 10's Match Report

After a courageous loss to top side Kew Comets last week, the U10 Football department was looking forward to our last home game at PCO and hoping for a confidence boosting win against Richmond. Having beaten them soundly when the 2 teams last met, the Bullants were urged not to take the game lightly and to come out with intent from the start. 2 weeks away from our crack at a flag during lightning Premiership, the Bullants were asked to show they were ready by bringing a desire for the footy and to display all they had learned over the season. Captains for the day were Marcus and Cameron who lost the toss with Richmond electing to make us kick with the wind in the first.

From the opening bounce, it looked like the early (08:30) start had the Bullants still asleep. Richmond were out hard and looked sharp leaving the Bullants second to the ball, unwilling to hit the contest and generally flat footed. Ned, Joe, Callum and Hamish played valiantly while they waited for their team mates to wake up! For Richmond, #40 (who we remembered from last game as their best player) was seemingly everywhere, racking up uncontested possessions at will and seemingly untouchable as he weaved around the sleeping Bullants. Mid-quarter as he streaked down the wing, it looked like he was going to do some damage…until Joe, with a perfect, hard hitting, waist high tackle, chased and took him down! Inspirational stuff Joe! In what was going to be a physical affair, the tackle count started to go up…largely because we were second to the ball but also as our desire started to lift. Having wasted the wind advantage, the quarter time scores could have been much worse.

Bullants 0:1:1 to Richmond 1:0:6

At the break, the Bullants were asked if they wanted the ball…did they want to be here. Did they want to sing the song at their last home game? A lethargic “yes” was the reply…..

The second quarter was much like the first only this time Richmond were kicking with a stiffening breeze to the southern end. With the Bullants second to the ball, hanging back from the contest and lacking attack, Richmond had plenty of opportunities….on a smaller ground we would have paid dearly. On the vast expanse of PCO, they still managed another 2 goals 2 behinds. A late charge and promising chain of possessions saw Pablo drive us out of the back pocket, hitting Steve with a great pass who turned and found Kes on an open wing…in his element, Kes used his speed to run and drive us forward. At last there seemed some desperation from the Bullants and after a brief battle deep in our forward line, the mercurial Andre snapped truly!

Half Time. Richmond 3:2:20 Bullants 1:2:8

As oranges and drinks were consumed, the Bullants were asked again if they wanted a home win. Were they going to show us that they wanted it more? Who was going to stop #40 breaking the game apart? Then the coach dusted off an old favourite. “Whose ground is it?” “OURS!” “Whose ball is it?” “OURS!” “Then go out and get it!”

In the third, things started to ramp up. The Bullants were awake. Rotating players had settled into familiar positions. We had the wind and the desire and we began to respond to the physicality of the game….. Off the ball, tension had been building. I’ll stand by our players playing fair and not resorting to anything cheap…physically or verbally….though I’m not so naïve to say they are always angels, I’m confident that we go out to play footy fairly and in good spirit. Contests had been tough. Players on both sides had been paid close attention….. The Bullants stood up for themselves and for that I am pleased. The challenge is and always will be, to keep focus on the ball and we did. In the back half, Xavier, Joe, Pablo, Jake, Ziggy and Thomas V repelled everything and were ferocious in their attack on the footy. Kes and Harry used their speed on both wings, ably supporting Woody, Hamish, Marcus and Callum driving out of the middle. Our renewed focus saw plenty of opportunities all be it under constant pressure. Bullants peppered the goals with the wind, scoring a total of 5 behinds for the quarter, with each attack, we fought to lock it in. Finally a trademark long kick from Hamish on the run bounced through for a goal. Having held Richmond scoreless for the quarter the deficit was now down to a solitary behind.

3QTR Time. Richmond 3:2:20 Bullants 2:7:19

The scrappy hard-fought affair continued in the last. Now seemingly back on track, the Bullants went in hard at the contest and responded to the physicality of the Richmond players. Tackles and bumps got harder and some frustrations were apparent but pleasingly, the Bullants focus remained on the ball. The back six of Tommy G, Pablo, Cameron, Andre and Steven were miserly in their defence and restricted Richmond to 3 behinds with what was probably a 3 goal wind. Hamish continued to work hard all over the ground and delivered the goods with another long range goal into the wind. On the wings, the dash and attack on the ball by Thomas V and Harry was inspirational. A great run by Venuto hit Sam who (fresh of the plane from Bali) showed he still had plenty of pace, sprinting through half forward and hitting the power forward Tamer. Marking strongly, Mr T made no mistake and sealed the win.

Richmond 3:5:23 Bullants 4:7:31

Back in the rooms the boys were praised for maintaining their focus on the footy. For some, being paid close attention to by their opponents (on and off the ball) will continue throughout their football careers. How they respond to that will be a learning experience for many years to come. The best response will always be in getting the footy and doing the talking via the scoreboard.

Tired and bruised, the team sang Happy Birthday to Marcus followed by the mighty Bullant song. Tough opponents Surrey Park at their home ground next week followed by 3 big games in our Lightening Premiership draw the week after. Slow starts are not an option Bullants!

Proud as always of this ripping team.


Under 11's Match Report
Balwyn Preston Bullants
4.5.29 6.5.41

The Balwyn Tigers welcomed the Bullants Under 11's to their home ground on Sunday. It was a make or break game. Balwyn needed to win to secure their position in the four and the Bullants needed to win to get into the four and keep their finals hopes alive.

The Under 11 Bullants were excited about the opportunity they had created for themselves. Their belief in the coaching team to get them to this position was profound. The team were dealing with the significance of the challenge with excitement and not a hint of anxiety. They knew that if they played to the plan they would put themselves in the best position for success. The plan was simple, keep the ball moving, man up when in defence, play to our motto of 'harder, stronger for longer' and enjoy the opportunity. And indeed, that is what they did, allowing them to continue to control their own destiny.

Anthony was exceptional for four quarters; he played in front, contested on the ground and in the air and consistently executed at a high work rate for four quarters. Well done Anthony! Patrick continued his dependable performance holding the defence strong. His work effort and attack on the football were brilliant. Jaxsyn co-captained the team on Sunday with his brother Rylan. Jaxsyn made the coaching team proud through his commitment to leading by example. He increased his work effort to a significant level, committed to the team rules, marked strongly in his hands and attacked the football. Grady approached the game with fierceness, laying several tackles in the first few minutes of the game. Watching Grady's chase and tackle is stirring and his commitment to supporting his team mates first is meritorious. Will continued his high work rate and effective possessions rotating between the mid-field and forward line. Thank you to Josh and Liam for playing with us on Sunday. This helped us give some of our running players a rest and relieve some pressure with injuries and soreness.

Whilst we have mentioned the players by name who had a significant impact on the game, it would be remiss of us not to mention the commendable journey the Bullants Under 11's have been on over the last 8 rounds. We have beaten two of the top four sides, lost by two points to the side on top and drew with the side sitting second. While we have been celebrating this team's success it is important to recognise that on this journey, each and every member of the playing group has been developing....CONSIDERABLY, their skills, their knowledge of the game and their emotional intelligence. What this team has achieved in such a short amount of time is extraordinary.

This result now puts the Under 11 Bullants in fourth position on percentage. They have two significant challenges ahead to secure their position on the ladder, and we are confident that they will commit to the team rules and give it their best shot!

Carn' the Bullants!

Under 12's Match Report
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Preston Bullants St Mary's
11.15.81 1.2.8
Goal Kickers Jack 3, Mahmoud 3, Josh 2, Jacob, Liam, Rufus

It was another milestone game in the under 12’s, this time with Jack raising the bat for his 50th. Great work Jacko!

Coach Phil was away enjoying a well-earned break and it was left to Fab and John to keep the streak alive. The boys from Preston were switched on from the opening bounce, Makaio soared in the ruck and directed the ball solidly to Liam for the first clearance and it set the tone early. Despite kicking into the wind, the Bullants kept the game tight with their trademark pressure, yet despite creating far more scoring shots, only 4 points separated the teams at quarter time. Jack fittingly booted the first goal of the game, while Rufus, Anthony and Brody were outstanding in defence.

The Bullants put the game away with a match winning second quarter, kicking 5 goals with the wind and keeping St Mary’s scoreless. Fab’s instruction to use the ball on 45 degree angles was put to great effect, with the Bullants hitting up loose men and moving the ball cleanly inside 50. Josh kicked 2 trademark gut-running goals, and Jack added 2 more of his own to make sure it was a game to remember. Mo opened his account for the day with a magnificent snap from 30 metres, with Rufus continuing his great form at half back to stifle St Mary’s attacks.

The third quarter was mainly played between the arcs. St Mary’s needed to hit the scoreboard with the wind, however the Bullants midfield maintained the pressure. Liam, Remy, Phoenix and Josh outworked the opposition, getting to every contest and spreading hard to create options. Later in the quarter, Jacob showed his smarts playing in front to mark 20 out, and booted the only goal of the third term. JJ’s goal probably putting the game out of St Mary’s reach for good.

Fab and John threw the whiteboard out the window in the last quarter, with lots of positional changes and setting some new challenges for the boys. The Bullants piled on another 4 majors, 2 more from Mo (who creates goals out of nothing), a clever goal from Liam who capitalised on a misdirected kick out from St Mary’s, and just before the final siren, Rufus marked, played on, brushed off a tackle and booted the last goal of the game.

Special mention must be made of all the Bullants who spent time in defence, Rufus, Brody, Anthony, Callum, Lucas, and Oscar were fantastic all day and provided toughness and rebound in tricky conditions.

Finally - well done Jacko on 50 fantastic games for the mighty Bullants!

Under 12's GIRLS Match Report
Park Orchards Preston Bullants
9.4.58 1.0.6

After last week’s massive four quarter grind I was worried our girls may be feeling the pinch of a long season. Park Orchards are a formidable team and with only 14 players this was going to be a tough day at the office. With Emma still away I asked Jamie Cooper to give me a hand in the coaches’ box. We had put together a game plan to deal with the strong wind that was pushing towards the scoreboard side of the ground. Bottle it up into the wind and attack with the wind. We held Park Orchards to one goal early in the quarter, but they managed to kick two late goals to go into the first break 3.2.20 to 0.0.0. I thought we had played pretty well in parts but again our disposal let us down at crucial times. Usual suspects Freya, Caitlin and Erin all tried their hearts out during the first term.

We had the benefit of the wind in the second quarter but again we found the conditions difficult. Our disposal was again our biggest issue. The girls’ endeavour and aggression at the contest can never be questioned. Our tackling again made it hard for Park Orchards to move the ball with any fluency of their own, but they did enough to hit the scoreboard with two majors for the term. Charlotte and Marianne were solid all quarter but I could feel the energy level of our girls drop in intensity just before the half time break. I had already decided to throw caution to the wind and move players around in the second half. Lilly and Ella were doing a great job in defence but we needed a lift across the board if we were going to be competitive in the second half.

The rooms were a welcome relief at half time. I made some changes with Jamie with the objective to hit the scoreboard at all costs. We shelved our original game plan of numbers behind the ball and instead set up an attacking structure. With Olivia in the ruck and Charlotte again moving to centre half forward we felt we had the team to at least push Park Orchards during the second half. The plan worked in part with Freya scoring a goal for us. Her hard running and attack on the footy is truly inspirational. Unfortunately we let Park Orchards through for three goals of their own during the third quarter. Zoe and Amelia ran hard all term from their position on the wings and Sienna continued to tackle alongside Libby. Libby has really become another running option for us in past weeks and with a big pre-season and kicking focus will become a crucial attacking weapon for us next year.

At the final break I asked our girls to give one last effort and they certainly did that. We knew percentage was going to play a part in the finals and we could shape the top four without necessarily playing off in them. Park Orchards had needed to kick 60 or more and keep us to zero to claim top spot on the ladder. We knew this and our girls scrapped and fought in the last quarter, with Freya and Captain Caitlin leading the way and Zara giving Olivia a much needed rest in the ruck. In the end Park Orchards ran out winners 9.4.58 to 1.0.6 but failing to get the percentage boost they wanted. Our girls again did us proud and we did not surrender our sportsmanship at any stage of the match. Thanks again to Bec, Leanne, Michelle and Jamie.

See you all at training on Friday.

George Cotsonis

Under 13's Match Report

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Preston Bullants Kew Rovers
1.12.18 5.5.35
Goal Kickers Luca Camilleri

Our game against Kew Rovers this week was highly anticipated by the Bullants crew as we saw two equally skilled sides coming up against one another for the first time in both their YJFL football journeys.

The first quarter was a highly contested fifteen minutes with both sides fighting tooth and nail for the ball. Our forward line was holding their line well and the backline was communicating well.

The second quarter started off the same as the first, however we could see that Kew was slowly showing more control and dominance over the ball and unfortunately this continued into the third quarter where we we let them run all over us and their lead went out to 4 goals.

With the last quarter upon us we had a tough 15 minutes ahead. We were asking for a five or more goal quarter from the boys, a tough ask on any day. To their credit, the boys came out firing and Kew were taken aback and struggled to move the ball out of our forward line. Unfortunately it just wasn't our day - even though we had more than enough attempts at goals, the footy gods weren’t on our side as we all watched nine points go through in the last.

Stand out performances from Thomas Staios, Jack B, Jordan N and Lachlan H for their continued efforts and attack on the ball.

Round thirteen brings us up against Ivanhoe, which I’m hoping our boys will come out strong and put up a strong fight.

Go Bullants, Coach Matt

Under 14's Match Report
Preston Bullants Surrey Park B
5.4.34 16.9.105
Best players  

No report this week.

Under 15's Match Report
Beverley Hills N Preston Bullants
6.4.40 7.10.52
Goal Kickers Rhett 2, Jackson 2, Brodie, Sam, Ben

Thanks to all parent helpers/volunteers

Match Report by Silvia Alberti and Rick Kane

This game could be read as the tipping point in a season where this Bullants team has shown signs of brilliance and at times have been defeated by its own lack of confidence. The final score does not really tell the story. Beverley Hills had one brilliant quarter when they kick 5.4 in the Third, with the wind. They kicked one goal across the other three quarters.

The game was played at Beverley Hills’ home ground. Zerbes Reserve sits high up on the escarpment with a fierce wind advantage to the southern end and is also aided by the natural sloping of the ground from the northern end. A Monterey Cypress windbreak at the northern end is the counter to the southern end advantage.

This spectator observed the Bullants in a good, solid pre-game warm up and workout. Their kicking was clean, tackling/bumping exercise spirited. You could sense the team at work. The Bullants kicked against the wind in the First. That didn’t stop the Bullants winning the first clearance, charging the ball into its forward half. Sam centred to Rhett and we’re on the board, a goal in the first minute. A good start, against the weather odds.

The next thing all and sundry had to acclimatise to was the lead umpire’s booming baritone and almost mellifluous lyrical tone (pity we weren’t playing at an amphitheatre). This added a touch of theatre to what shaped as a game of high drama. Both teams playing to prove their mettle heading to the season’s pointy end. A win would be more than 4 points. It would be a psychological positioning in that crowded jostling for a chance at the premiership.

And the Bullants were taking the game on. When Brodie scrapped a piercing kick through the needle of a pack to Jackson 25m out, you could sense the Bullants (team and families) believed we could win this. Jackson kicked true. The game was on!

Our backline was excellent. Ben was holding down the defensive line. Jesse created plays and Jack B saved a certain goal. Daniels’s dash set up a great attack and we won the First, beating the Hills and the weather.

Into the second and it looked like Beverley Hills would get their mojo going. Thanks to Chilly and Rhett their forward incursions were upset. Then, in the blink of another impressive forward thrust Brodie ran in and goaled. Daniel, having a terrific game, spun a couple of opponents inside out and squared to Rhett. Bullants’ ball movement and teamwork was noticeably better than the Lions. A great lead by Jackson saw him add to our goal tally. Then Rhett, off a clever handpass, ran in to kick our fifth and the Bullants had the game by the scruff. There were no passengers. Our tackling was hard, clean and fair. Our confidence matched our skills.

Then the Lions lifted! At three quarter time the score was 6.7 to 6.4. They had whittled our 29 point lead down to 3 points. They used the ground conditions and it paid off. Our backline, led by Max did its best and a lesser back 6 might have even succumbed. We didn’t.

We had some attacking passages with one really impressive play: Daniel’s strong mark and on to Finn who withstood a tackle and got it to Sam, who booted a goal (against the wind). We nearly scored again with Perry and Jack B at their best but the siren halted our charge.

The Fourth was scrappy, both teams pretty tired. The Bullants showed their determination, they wanted the win and dug in. Ben emerged from a congested play and it felt that the team’s spirit was willing him on. He kicked that desperately needed goal. It was enough.

It was more than enough. The Bullants proved their mettle, resolute to the final siren, not giving in, not bowing down. Bear this in mind: even with the Lions’ big third quarter the Bullants won three quarters, restricted the Lions to 0.0 in two quarters, had 7 more scoring shots and scored against the wind in both the First and Third. And they did this as a team.

Youth GIRLS Match Report
Park Orchards Preston Bullants
18.12.120 0.1.1

This was the first time for the year that I was given the reigns to the Preston Bullants Youth Girls team as Mark Tierney was unavailable to coach. The last four weeks have seen the girls improve on every level and also register two wins. This, however, was always going to be a difficult task and to make things a little harder we were without Ruby, who was struck down with illness. Last time we played Park Orchards they beat us comprehensively and we did not trouble the scoreboard. The first quarter saw Park Orchards jump us and hit the lead 6.4.40 to 0.0.0. Both Georgias and both Mias were winning enough contested possessions but our disposal across the ground was letting us down.

I made some changes in the second quarter, namely moving Georgia P to the back line as sweeping quarterback and Amelia into the ruck. The move worked quite well with Georgia repelling many Park Orchards attacks. Amelia, too, was competing around the ground and Georgia B was instrumental in centre bounce clearances. The Bullants fighting spirit was typified by Mia Beki whose tackling and pressure was as good as we have seen from any player all year. She was tireless and fearless at the football, often winning her own ball and following up to the next contest. Angelique was also sensational, saving goals and winning contests at ground level. Her field kicking has improved dramatically in the last 4 weeks. Despite our best efforts Park Orchards still managed to kick another 4 goals for the term.

As was the case in the previous game, the rooms were a welcome relief at half time. The wind was really making conditions unpleasant for both teams but this did not dampen the attitude of the Bullants. Our aim was to score and after oranges and a rev up we were going into battle for the second half. We controlled the play for the first 10 minutes of the quarter and neither team had scored. A lapse in concentration saw us surrender 3 goals late in the term. Mia Beki was simply superb, playing her best game for the year. After being targeted by the opposition she concentrated on winning the football at all costs and she was rewarded with several free kicks for her tackling and pressure. Mia Haas also lifted and was having an influence at stoppages. Georgia B moved into the ruck to try and get some forward momentum but at the last break it was Park Orchards 13.9.87 to Preston 0.0.0.

At the three quarter time huddle I reminded the girls about a game a few weeks ago at Surrey Park. We were down a similar margin but fought back to win the last quarter. This was the turning point of our year and proved that we belonged in the competition as a genuine football side. I asked for the same effort that we showed that day. One of the hardest things as a coach of a junior side is to get them to refocus and reset after the game is finished on the scoreboard. This team does not know how to curl up and die. Even though Park Orchards continued to kick goals in the last quarter our girls scored a behind and kept the ball in our forward zone as much as the opposition, albeit without scoring any majors. This fighting spirit is why Mark and I believe in the girls and their quest to become the best they can be. Keep your heads up girls, you did us and the jumper proud.

See you all at training on Friday.

George Cotsonis

Colts 1 Match Report
Whitehorse Colts Preston Bullants 1
9.6.60 8.5.53

Round 12 saw the Bullants head to Whitehorse Colts' ground in a fight for top spot. Unfortunately the boys took too long to find their mojo and allowed the opposition to kick 6 unanswered goals during the third quarter. A spirited response came but, alas, all too late, with the boys falling short by 7 points. Solid games from our skipper, Julian De Napoli and the ever consistent Tyson Lowe, with special mention to Matt Maiolo, Rory Howard, EJ and Thomas Boddy.

It makes the next game against Ashburton a crucial one.


Colts 2 Match Report
Preston Bullants 2 Bulleen Templestowe 2
3.5.23 16.9.105

Back playing after 3 weeks off and it was welcomed with a height of excitement. The last time we met this side we lost by 100 points so we knew we were going to be up against it. The one thing that we have been able to pride ourselves on is never giving up regardless of the score. The message prior to the start of the game was to enjoy yourselves and to look after the two U/14s that helped us out. Zac and Billy were certainly not out of place playing in the U/17s and managed to get a dozen disposals between them. Our captain James Scattollin managed to take out two of his own players with his hardness at the ball. It was Nic Fraser who was hit in the nose and was off the ground for 2 quarters, 2nd was more serious with Mufasa taken to hospital with his nose on his cheek. Scatto is a wonderful leader of this team and gave up the captaincy for this game to Josh De Napoli to celebrate his 100th game. Once again a loss but I can guarantee we enjoyed the day regardless.

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