Bullant Banter Round 1 2016

Under 9's WHITE Match Report

Stay tuned for an Under 9's WHITE Match report in Round 2.

Under 9's RED Match Report

Round 1 – V St Mary’s @ Greensborough Park

Greensborough Park does not hold fond memories for those tackers who played the 2015 season. Today though the oval was bathed in sunshine and the team were excited and upbeat about their chances.

The first quarter confirmed our optimism with our training and coaching immediately paying off. The team looked confident by foot and by hand, with side steps and play on, resulting in fast ball movement. While our defense was ferocious the highlight of the quarter was a kick from Callum to Ava who marked and slotted through our first goal of the season.

The second quarter was dominated by our midfield full of run, with strong tackling and great passing. Our goal for the term came from a great pass from Marcus to Callum who ran in bounced and kicked truly.

Our Captain for the day Tamer had a day out celebrating his 9th birthday the day before. He took strong marks, tackles and most importantly tenacious 2nd, 3rd and 4th efforts helped retain to the Bullants possession.

Coach Scott was full of praise for the young team at half time; Oranges were consumed and players asked to work hard, communicate and encourage each other. The tackers were challenged to be the loudest team in the competition.

Highlights of the third term included Jake, Cameron, Ava and Ziggy playing well for the opposition. More run from our midfield lead by Marcus and Patrick. Our goal for the term came from a glorious passage of play stringing together 3 passes; Patrick to Callum (mark) to Jack (mark) to Sam (mark, kick goal!!).

The three quarter time, lolly break, address, focused on keeping to our structures, spreading within our zones and working hard to run out the match. Results were immediate with the tackers listening and playing like a training drill. The midfield continued to deliver and 3 more goals were scored via Zac (2) and Andre.

St Mary’s awarded Marcus as the most enthusiastic player award for his continual efforts in the midfield. A lovely gesture nominated and presented by the St Mary’s captain. Throughout the game the following players showed the Bullants spirit and helped St Mary’s by turning their jumpers inside out and playing a quarter for an undermanned opposition; Tom, Sam, Daniel, Andrea, Xavier, Darcy, Zac, Catlin, Cameron, Ava, Ziggy, Jake, Jack Callum, Thomas, Ned.

Special mention to Archie the water boy for his dedicated service! No special mention for Archie the hound who made a pitch invasion mid-way through the first, landing his owner in more controversy.

The cold, torrential rain and an old fashioned hiding from last season were a distant memory as the sun shone on the backs of our jubilant tackers as they ran from the game. A rousing rendition of our club song was sung and parents and players went home proud of our combined efforts. What a difference 12 months makes!!!

Footy is back! Well done Tackers!!

James Bubbers & Scott Maddison

Under 10's Match Report
Preston Bullants Bulls
8.5.53 2.3.15

Round 1
Sunday 17th April
Preston City Oval
Preston Bullants v's Bundoora Bulls
Game time 10am.

The ground looks magnificent, bathed in sunshine with a light southerly breeze.
Coach Ray revs the team up in the rooms, the kids make a lot of noise.
The Bullants run out through cheering fans.

Captains Will and Pat at the toss, Bullants kicking to the Southern end. 4 on the bench

1st Quarter.

Ryland wins the first ruck duel of the season. The first minutes are a tight tussle.

The Bullants move the ball forward and #4 Ayden takes a chest mark 15 metres out. Ayden goes back kicks a goal.

The Bullants get some great linking run forward from the centre bounce, the ball is held up in our forward line and Jackson snaps a goal from the stoppage.

The Bulls get a point, as the Bullants defend and harry their opponents.

From the kick out the Bullants stream the length of the ground, kicking marking and handballing fluently. #23, Samuel snaps a goal from broken play 20 metres out.

¼ Time. Coach Ray takes the forward line aside for instructions. The Coaches encourage the team to hold their positions around the ground and man up whenever the other team is attacking.

2nd Quarter.

The Bulls come out firing, the ball remains in the Bullants defensive area for minutes, some excellent tackles are made, but the Bulls push forward and kick for goal. Spoiled by Marianne and the Bulls are on the board with a point.

From the kick out the Bulls are able to hold in their attacking zone, and they score a fine goal.

From the Centre bounce great clearance work from #3 Will Hanlon, and the ball comes forward for the Bullants again. Will marks 40 metres from goal, passes to Samuel who marks 20 metres out on an angle. Samuel goes back and executes a beautiful kick and Goal.

Bullants move forward again and Dean grubbers a mongrel punt for a minor score.

The Bulls can’t get the ball clear of their defensive area, and Ryland kicks a point from a flying kick on the run.

½ Time. The coaching team hold the under tens on the ground for a minute, then off to the rooms.

3rd Quarter.

The Bulls are determined in the contest, but Jackson beats off 3 tackles and bangs the ball down the line to Grady, who controls the ball and pumps it into the forward line. The Bulls defend fiercely, but #4 Ayden snaps a goal.

This quarter is a real tussle, and the Bulls keep the ball in their forward line and kick two points.

¾ Time. Assistant Coach Craig pulls the team together, and Coach Ray drives home is message. Run hard. Man up, and concentrate on the game.

4th Quarter.

Bullants get clearance from the centre again. Jackson takes a big mark 25 metres out. No mucking about, Jackson goes back and bangs it through for a Goal.

The Bulls are valiant and show good skills, but the Bullants keep the ball in their attacking zone and score a Point. The Bulls can’t clear the defensive area and Aiden kicks another Goal.

From the bounce the ball is muscled forward, Asher chases the ball down and snaps for a Goal.

Final Siren.

Congratulations Bullants. Final score.

Big thanks to Ray, Craig, Dom and all the parents helping out on the day. Match reporter Simon Greaves Coaches message: Big thanks to all that helped out various roles on Sunday greatly appreciated. And to all the players again well done to all the whole team we came together and we played a very very good game of footy. We stuck our 3 rule game plan and we executed it very nicely everyone payed attention and listened very well to craig,dom and myself instructions at the start of the game until the end of game.

Thanks again and to Simon for our match report

And go BULLANTS’ From Ray

Under 11's Match Report

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Preston Bullants Warrandyte
3. 1. 19 6. 4. 40
Goal Kickers Josh - 1, Phoenix - 1, Seb - 1
Best Players Makaio, Josh, Harry, Oscar, Lachy, Phoenix

Preston Bullants v Warrandyte

In perfect conditions for football the Bullants U11 team made the trip to the beautiful Warrandyte ground for our first official game of the season.

From the first minute of the game it was clear that the boys were prepared to play the running, handball style of play that we had developed in the pre-season. Warrandyte were kicking down the hill and with a slight breeze so the back 6 were tested time and time again. Harry was extremely reliable and repelled countless opposition attacks and Lachy provided some excellent run as well. We managed to hold Warrandyte to just one goal in the first term and scored a brilliant goal of our own. Through good running football we managed to get the ball in our forward line only to see the opposition win possession. However, some excellent defensive pressure from Oscar K allowed us to regain the ball and deliver it to Seb R who finished off with a goal.

The second quarter saw us control the ball in our forward half for the majority of the quarter. Brody and Noah were providing us with good targets and the ball kept getting pumped in there by the midfield through the likes of Josh, Oscar H, Makaio and Liam. Unfortunately we were unable to convert our domination of possession into scoreboard pressure and we went into the long break 2 points down.

The start of the second half saw Warrandyte gain the ascendancy. Despite some excellent defensive efforts by the backline, as well as some good work by Phoenix in the midfield, the opposition were able to keep the ball in their forward line for lengthy periods of time and score a couple of goals. At three quarter time Warrandyte held a 2 and a half goal advantage and the momentum of the game had definitely swung in their favour.

Even though we were kicking down the hill in the last quarter, Warrandyte held firm and their superior marking power around the ground meant that we were unable to win enough possession to cause them problems. Despite this though, it was pleasing that the boys persevered with the running game and were prepared to share the ball around. There were some terrific individual efforts from:

Ben G who was 1 out against 2 opposition players running into goal and Ben was good enough to stop both of them and win a Free kick for his tackle;

Jesse in the 3rd ¼ who was in the back pocket who firstly intercepted an opposition handball that would have resulted in a goal. He then followed up by diving for the ball and won the free kick for in the back;

In the 2nd ¼ we ran the ball from the halfback line where Remy took a mark, handballed to Harry who kicked up the line to Liam who handballed to Josh then again handballed on to Oscar who delivered the ball into to forward Line for Noah to mark and have a shot on goal. The run and carry was great as well as the way the boys are learning to link up.

What we learned from the game is that our running style is effective but that perhaps we haven’t got the balance right in regards of which positions the boys are in. We will make some minor adjustments this week in regards to where the boys start on the ground and look forward to the next challenge against Banyule.

Thanks to the coaching staff, the parent helpers and especially the boys for a great effort. Special congratulations to Makaio for a great game and for winning the encouragement award from the opposition.

Under 12's Match Report

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Preston Bullants Doncaster
03. 05. 23 03. 04. 22
Goal Kickers Ty D'Ath - 2, Yianni Papaioannou - 1

This year’s Under 12s team were runners-up in Blue division last year. We have gone up to Green division for grading games. Sadly two boys from last year’s team have not returned this year. Lachlan Hoo and Kristian Critelli have filled these two spots. Welcome Lachlan and Kristian – we couldn’t have recruited two better players to slot into our team. We hope you are both enjoying being members of the Preston Bullants Under 12 team.

Our boys were keen to start the season today and our round 1 match was against Doncaster JFC – the club we played in the Preliminary Final to reach last year’s grand final. Preston always play tough games against Doncaster, so it was fitting that we began the season playing them to benchmark how our pre-season training has prepared our boys.

The first quarter saw our boys play really well by getting the ball into our forward line. Every time Doncaster tried to drive the ball down to their forward line, Preston’s backline was fantastic in getting the ball back and moving the ball back down to our scoring end. Yianni Papaioannou scored our first goal for the YJFL season. Our boys kept Doncaster scoreless in the first quarter, which was a great achievement.

The second quarter saw a change in momentum from Doncaster. They came out a lot stronger, which we expected. They managed to score 2 goals against us and kept the ball out of our forward line for pretty much the whole quarter.

To quote Coach Craig as we gathered the boys in at half time, we needed to “pump the boys tyres up a bit”! Coaches Julian, Craig and I revved the boys up at half time, acknowledging the hard quarter they had just experienced, however we reinforced the message of moving the ball quickly down the ground, to use as much of the ground as possible, and to focus on the game.

The boys responded by putting in a very strong 3rd quarter. Ty D’Ath played centre half forward and he had a ripper quarter, adding two goals to our score. Scoring a goal very early in the quarter improved our spirits dramatically and the boys all really got involved and worked together. Doncaster couldn’t get into the game that quarter.

We vocalised our passion for the game at ? time, and our boys entered the final quarter as a united team to put in another solid quarter to combat Doncaster having the favourable scoring end.

Doncaster worked hard, scoring 1 goal, 4 points. Our defence worked very hard, keeping the pressure on them. Well done to all who played in the back line, you made Doncaster work really hard to create scoring opportunities.

Preston won by 1 point. It was great to get a win under our belt for the first game of the season. A good cross-section of players put in a huge game. Hard to individually name strong performers - what we saw today was the strength of many individual players coming together, working as a team, moving the ball forward quickly, to play a strong, skilful game of footy.

Well done to all.
Coaches Matt, Craig and Julian

Helpers: Many thanks to all who help field our team each week.

Under 13's Match Report
Preston Bullants Warrandyte
15. 6. 96 0. 0. 00

Thanks to our team manager and all parents for assisting with game day duties.

Round 1 is always a special day. Hope and dreams can be won and lost in that first round with all teams desperate for a round 1 win. For this team it’s round 1 after a flag the previous season and an automatic elevation to the next division, a division that the boys have played before with mixed results.

A win could mean you’re on track for a great year and a loss could be devastating for team confidence. Have we trained hard enough, are we good enough for the higher division? Fortunately for the team we had an easy win but it’s not a true indication of where the team is at. Warrandyte fell victim to the grading curse and were elevated to a higher division, which was clearly not right. Their issues were also compounded by the fact that they only had 16 fit players on the day. I wish them well for the remaining part of the year.

It’s has always been a privilege to play at Preston City Oval (PCO) and this club is very fortunate to have the best ground in the YJFL. The surface was green and true, the sun was shining, Brad was on the BBQ, the mums were chatting away pretending they are interested in the game, the car park was full and the club officials were running around making sure that everything was in order for a great day.

Ooh the match report…..so that’s what this section is for. I will reserve that for next week.

Thanks again,
Dom Vaiano U13’s Coach.

Under 14's Match Report
Preston Bullants Hawthorn Citizens K
1. 2. 8 30. 25. 205

Forget the scoreboard.

We took a hit and we will learn and build from that.

I was more interested in our team. The Bullants U14s is a side with a bunch of young men who have played together for a number of years now, as well as some brand new team-mates that we welcome into the side this year. It will take time to knit the team together, to identify the best strengths and to see how the Bullants can build as the year goes on. That’s what I was watching on Sunday. I watched it as the team got ready before the game and then I watched it as the game unfolded.

I like what I saw.

  1. Is the fitness there yet? No, we need to build our fitness.
  2. Are the ball skills there yet? WE can always improve.
  3. Is our running game there yet? This is our big challenge!

What we do have is a core of our stronger players. And we have players who have developed noticeably. Ben Dursun’s game was a case in point. He has got bigger over summer but also, more confident getting his hands on the ball. And it showed. Jack King didn’t tire regardless of what the scoreboard said. Watch him improve this year. Jakeb Gray as well.

Our new players are going to give the team something else. A great first game from Rhett (look after the hammy mate, we need your running style). Ben Morgan built in confidence as the game went on. I really like River’s game. A bit more speed and I can see him providing some determined outside runs for the team. Welcome Suhail. This was his first game of competitive footy. Check his kicking style.

By halfway through the first quarter the lads in Red and White must have been feeling overawed. But when Ange addressed the team at the first quarter break they didn’t shirk from the job at hand. His last instruction, after extolling effort and running and spreading, presenting first to the ball was this: Keep your heads up.

And the Bullants did just that. They fought harder, the intensity lifted, you could tell, across the ground, that they were trying their best. Alex, or Jessie or James or Darc, and Perry and Leo and others besides. They tried their best.

So, forget the scoreboard and focus on what you can do to make the team better. Tackle, run, sheppard, get in and under, handpass, kick, run and keep on backing one another because that’s the Bullants way!

Under 15's Match Report
Preston Bullants Fitzroy 2
12. 09. 81 09. 04. 58

1.00pm Sunday was the culmination of a long preseason: a preseason that was challenging due to a lack of consistent numbers and up until the last couple of weeks, clouded by a realisation that we may struggle to form a team. At all times however, a core of between ten and fifteen boys fronted up to training, with a resiliency that belied the tenuous existence of the team.

And so when the whistle blew on Sunday, the ball was bounced and Jack went up for the first ruck contest against his Fitzroy opponent, and achieved the first possession for a Bullant’s player, the boys became winners, even without the result on the scoreboard being declared. Jack was the first of twenty four Bullant’s players to get his hands on the ball during the day. Like every one of his teammates, he played an important role in the teams’ endeavours to be competitive and give a good account of itself.

As the game progressed (after the boys kicked the first goal of the match), a belief in themselves and each other became obvious, and aspects of a run and carry game plan that had been practised during the preseason become evident in many exciting passages of play. The boys were able to hold onto a sizeable lead throughout the game. Going into the last quarter it had grown to six goals. Fitzroy showed that they were a worthy and gallant opponent in the last quarter and gave the boys a lesson in focus and concentration by kicking three goals. In the end however, the boys were able to enjoy a well earned four goal win.

Every boy can take credit for the win, but I would like to acknowledge Jack and Stevie for their magnificent efforts on the day, Kenny who whilst playing his first ever game of football showed an incredible level of fearlessness and Xavier for his skilful marking and who along with Jackson S, provided a mobile marking option every time the boys went forward.

Colts 1 Match Report

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Preston Bullants Surrey Park
10. 07. 67 10. 06. 66
Best Players Liam McErlain, Liam Sutton, Max Vaiano, Adrian De Sando, Daniel Hachem

Our first game of season 2016 saw us travel out to Surrey Park to face the Panthers in perfect conditions. The boys had been training since early December and were looking forward to pulling on the Bullants jumper for the first time. First gamers for the club included Adrian De Sando, Christian Giudice, Alex Bonadio, Daniel Hachem whilst Liam Sutton was given the honour of Captaining the club for season 2016.

We started very well kicking 3 goals to 1 in the first quarter, with centre clearances and forward 50’s all in our favour. Sutton, McErlain, Vaiano were really important in the opening stanza’s of play and were ably supported by ruckman Jack Hayes and Tom Hallebone.

After giving the boys some praise at ¼ time I was disappointed that we took our foot of the gas in the second, lost discipline both at the umpires / opponents leading to Surrey Park getting a real run on. Our execution of basic skills had dropped off and we headed in to the main break down by a couple of goals.

Surrey Park booted the first 2 of the 3rd to go up by 4 goals, to our boys credit, they showed tremendous character to come back in to the game kicking the next 3 majors to be down by only a couple of points.

The last quarter was a seesawing affair with both sides going goal for goal. Adrian De Sando was instrumental in the last quarter along with Daniel Hachem – both had lifted after quiet first quarters and Hachem drilled a goal 50m out to put us in the lead for the first time since early in the 2nd quarter with only 3 minutes to spare. Unfortunately we failed to hang on to the game when we had control of the ball and allowed Surrey Park to kick a major after being awarded a free kick.

This was a really tough loss for the boys, they tried very hard. From a coaching perspective it shows that we have a lot of growth left in us in terms of understanding requirements at certain stages of games. I’m sure this loss although very disappointing will make us stronger in season 2016.

Thank you to all the parents who came to support their children play football and also to the parents that assisted with designated match day roles. A big thank you to Maree Hallebone & Debbie Black who have been a huge help to me.

This week we face Templestowe at PCO and are hoping to get win #1.

Go Bullants!

Colts 2 Match Report

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Preston Bullants Ashburton
15. 11. 101 09. 08. 62
Best Players Karl Rentos, Josh Torcasio, Lucas Fragale, Adrian Vella, Johnston Mai, Rob Catalano 

The boys were pumped to finally get the season underway after a long pre season. We were stoked to be playing at PCO on a beautiful day and knew we could use the good conditions to our advantage.

Our captain for the day was Josh Bruzzese. This duty will rotate on a week to week basis in Colts 2. Josh was rewarded for his hard work throughout pre season and for being a great vocal leader. Josh was great early and set the winning tone for the day.

We came in at quarter time with a 10 point lead, however we knew we could improve in areas. Specifically, we wanted to use the middle of the ground more as we believed our ability to run was a huge advantage. Rob Catalano was excellent in the ruck all day, giving us first use of the footy at most stoppages.

We continued to improve in the second quarter and opened up a handy five goal lead by half time. Karl Rentos responded to the quarter time message well, delivering multiple runs through the middle of the ground and providing the forwards with great delivery. Lucas Fragale presented well all day at CHF.

Unfortunately, we faded away in the third quarter and let Ashburton back in the game. We began to get complacent and gave away some easy goals. By three quarter time we only lead by 15 points.

To the boys credit, they responded well. When the game was there to be won, we stood up to the challenge which was extremely impressive. Our hard work in pre season definitely paid off as our fitness and decision making in the last quarter was far better than that of Ashburton. With that being said, we will continue to work on some areas to ensure we don’t let teams back into games.

Well done to all the boys for a hard fought win. Let’s make sure we keep coming down to training. Let’s continue to get better together and we will have a great year.

Thanks to the parents who volunteered on the weekend. Please continue to support your children and the footy club. Thanks also to Maree Hallebone, Stephanie Carroll and Daniel Vella for all your hard work.

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