Bullant Banter Round 4 2016

Presidents Message

As the season rolls on, it becomes more and more apparent each and every week the true value of volunteers and the remarkable work they do.

As we all know, each Bullant team rosters on rotating roles week to week throughout our family groups, roles such as boundary umpires, scoreboard, BBQ, canteen and the list goes on and these roles should be taken and conducted with a smile on each and everyone’s face.

We all understand the absolute importance of being involved directly with our child’s daily activities and this is yet another wonderful opportunity to give back to the club albeit for an hour or 2 once only every 4 odd weeks. We have the opportunity to lead by example, show our children that no matter where they are, we are there too, and the ongoing value of giving back to something that gives us all pleasure each and every week and that is to be involved in the Bullant community that makes us all better for the experience.

With our wonderful committee we again conducted our regular monthly meeting which was the best part of 3 hours as we discussed topics relevant to the club, with agenda items including apparel for our children, canteen ideas, sponsorship ideas and of course the up and coming Bullants Dinner Dance which I can’t encourage enough of you to jump on and organise tables ASAP as it is going to be an absolute beauty yet again, and yes it is being organized by volunteers.

So when you walk past a family member at the game who is “rostered” onto a duty for the week, don’t look at it as if it is their role, but rather stop and ask, do you need a hand with anything? Ask this of our wonderful volunteer team managers who do it week in and week out and heavily rely on your help to get the job done and have us all contribute to what makes this club such a strong and positive environment to be involved in.

Go Bullants, give them your best and enjoy your footy!

Whitlam Malkoun
Preston Bullants JFC

A message from hockingstuart - Celebrate the way we play

Joe Ledda

The values projected by Preston Bullants Juniors are most visible on the field, but their foundation happens behind the scenes. Hocking Stuart Preston operates the same way. Our ‘back office’ values drive our ‘front of house’ performance.

Application of effort and the willingness to participate, to engage with the team spirit – these are the principles that earn, and deserve, praise in footy. At junior level, these are clearly the most important elements of the game.

Joe Ledda

Under 9's WHITE Match Report

Tackers White were all revved up to make their Mum's proud last Sunday morning and they started in great style against Macleod.

The team showed a lot of improvement after a bit of a tough day last week and began full of run, leading for their teammates and tackling fiercely.

The first quarter was neck and neck. We had some great opportunities to score and nailed a couple of them too. Our backline were terrific, manning up and running the ball out to our midfielders.

The second quarter was all Bullants with plenty of run and gusto. There were so many terrific efforts that resulted in three goals for the Bullants a great team effort. Our team mates who filled in for the opposition also played well with plenty of Bullant spirit! We've got a few guys just starting out in Aussie Rules and each week brings firsts for our guys. Last week it was Omar's first tackle and free kick and this week was Ethan's turn to lay a tackle and win the ball....took a pretty good mark while in the other team's colours to! Well done you guys.

In the third term our concentration was a bit shaky, Macleod got on top and our backline were under the pump. They stood up well though and led by Sonny sent the ball out of the backline time and again! Macleod went on to play some great footy. But we didn't give up and kicked on in the last term which was pretty even, but in the end that third term meant Macleod had the better of us for the match.

The whole team were much improved and we were led really well by our captain for the day Eden and each week brings great improvement.

See you all at training on Friday!

Under 9's RED Match Report

Round 4 saw our tackers have a later, more civilized, Mother’s Day start at Preston City Oval, challenging the Bundoora Bulls.

Pre-match instruction directed the players to be first to the ball, want it more, man up, focus on fast disposals, backs to kick wide and long and keep your feet. We had a slow start last week and Coach Scott made sure our players were revved and ready to go from the first bounce. And did they go……..

Captains for the day Zac and Jack lead our players out onto a wet ground, lined up and wished their mums a Happy Mother’s Day. It wasn’t long before Darcy took a diving mark and kicked truly to open our account. Followed quickly by a pass from Sam to Callum who kicked his first, then a behind and a terrific roving goal. Our success up forward was driven by our midfield, great examples of strong tackling and willingness to fight for the ball. The quarter was rounded out lovely passage of play with slick passes from Ziggy to Callum then Andre who kicked and goaled. Jake in defence took a chest mark right on the siren in what was otherwise a quiet period for our backs.

Coach Scott was full of praise for the team who did everything he asked of them. The teams challenge was now, "Could they do it for a sustained 3 quarters?

The second term was another dominant display of team work. Our forward line of Cameron, Jack, Zac, Sam and Andre had plenty of the ball and converted with goals to Zac and Jack (2). The latter giving everything on one kick forward including his boot. Again our hunger for the ball and strong tackling lead us forward. Highlight of the quarter was Catlin showing the opposition who was boss with strong tackles in the midfield.

Bundoora lifted in the third quarter and were unlucky not to be rewarded with a goal. Our defense were hungry for some action, determined to stop any score and showed the same desperation for the ball. On the flip side the Bullants scored freely Andre (2), Darcy and Callum all slotting through majors. Darcy’s goal was the result of a technical infringement (kick off the ground) and showed that Bundoora, despite their efforts, could not take a trick. Highlights included; tenacious tackles from Ned, Tom, Patrick and great passages of connected play taking the ball from defense, through the mid and into attack.

Three quarter lollies = last term onslaught. The Bulls had been chasing our fresh legs all game and our forwards were relentless. 10 shots on goal saw 4 majors for the term (Callum 3, Cameron 1). Highlights; Backing each other up, communication, unselfish play, manning up on the kick out and Felix’s strong marks.

A great team effort from all of our players. It is worth mentioning that the Bundoora Bulls were an undermanned side with no bench to start. Several head clashes with their own players reduced their numbers further as the game progressed. In the second half some this writer was proud to see concentration on the ball and determination to let our football skills shine.

Hands were shaken, umpires and teams given 3 cheers and the mums joined the middle of the circle for our 4th rendition of the Mighty Bullants Club song.

The pouring rain held off for the duration of the match,

Well played Team!!

Goal Kickers:

Callum 5, Andrea 3, Darcy 2, Jack 2, Zac 1, Cameron 2

James Bubbers

Thanks to James Bubbers for another great match report.
Thanks to everyone who helped out on the day with all of the various jobs.

And a very special thank you to our little team of champions! You all made massive contributions to a great game. You played for your Mums. You represented your club with pride and most importantly, you played as a team! I couldn't be prouder of every one of you! Go Bullants! Scott & Rob

Under 10's Match Report
Doncaster Preston Bullants
2.12.24 2.2.14

May 8th Doncaster v Preston Bullants: On a miserable wet Mothers Day morning our team was dealt a major blow with late withdrawal of Rylan due to illness leaving us one less versatile tall against a very big & heavy Doncaster side. Despite this setback our Boys + 1 Girl started full of energy but in slippery conditions our ball movement kept hitting a road-block at Half Fwd while our Defence, Marianne with her 2nd and 3rd efforts held up strongly to force a Goalless 1st Qtr.

In 2nd Qtr Ayden reads flight of ball better than 3 Doncaster Defenders to mark & convert from the Goal Square but then Doncaster respond with long torpedo Goal from 30m to edge ahead at half time, Grady took a very strong one handed mark in very wet conditions. Strong efforts from Ike after stopping the ball with his face, ignoring the pain to play on strongly

3rd Qtr: was another hard slog with several inspiring pressure acts but just on 3/4 time siren Doncaster edge away literally by centimetres as Lucas' lunge to touch the ball cruelly a fraction behind their Goal-line.

Final Qtr we continue to show our excellent defence skills, Jude, Marianne, Patrick, valiantly denying Doncaster any more Goals, then last 10 mins direct Footy through the guts sees Thomas pluck a mighty pack mark in Goal Square to reduce margin to just 10 pts. With all the momentum we continued to pump ball forward but sadly time runs out. 

Goal Kickers: Ayden -1, Thomas C -1

Under 11's Match Report

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Parkside Preston Bullants
2.5.17 1.3.9
Goal Kickers Josh
Best Players Josh, Lachie, Oscar H, Liam, Harry, Makio, Nathan, Adrian 

We ventured to Pitcher Park for a game against a team that has had our measure over the last few years. Nevertheless, we were quietly confident that we could turn the tables.

However, the first quarter showed us that it was not going to be easy to win this game. Indeed, Parkside seemed to jump us early and were clearly the better team for long periods of the first half. Luckily we held up defensively and the damage wasn’t too great. A special mention must go to Lachie whose defensive actions were brilliant throughout the first two quarters of the game. Liam, Phoenix, Josh and Oscar H also started to get some of the ball and their tackling pressure was also a feature of the match.

Although we started to even things up over the ground we were finding it very difficult to score. This trend continued in the second half despite a number of near misses. Josh, Jack and Adrian were lively in the forward line and Seb R and Tyler were also getting involved. It was also really pleasing to see Makaio, Noah, Brody and Harry having an influence around the ground and Anthony getting better with every game. Nathan was showing his normal determination as well and some of his multiple efforts were inspiring the team.

Unfortunately the game became very congested during this period with the umpire unable to find a free kick. Finally though Josh broke free and slotted a really skilful and well deserved goal. We were only a couple of points down at three quarter time!

Unfortunately, just after the resumption, Parkside ran the ball forward and kicked an amazing goal from the boundary line. What ensued was more frustrating football with lots of congestion and not much flow. We also lost our structure so that even when we did win the ball, we had little to kick to as a result. Ultimately we went down by 8 points but the effort for the four quarters was fantastic and gives us good hope for next week.

Under 12's Match Report

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under12 mothersday

Hawthorn Citizens Preston Bullants
8.17.65 6.4.40
Goal Kickers Xavier -2, Samuel -1, Luca -1, Jack M -1, Kristian -1

The Under 12s had a 3:00pm game on Sunday. It was a late start for our mums to watch their boys, however we had a great crowd supporting the Bullants.

We went into this game knowing it was going to be a really tough contest. Hawthorn was coming into this match undefeated. We went into this match knowing that no team had scored more than 8 points against Hawthorn this season.

Knowing how strong Hawthorn has started the season, we asked our boys to commit to playing a strong tackling game with quick movement of the ball through the corridor of what is a small oval in comparison to PCO.

The first quarter started and we knew immediately that it was going to be a tough contest. Hawthorn’s ruck stood at least one foot taller than our boys, however the Bullants stuck to the game plan and committed to putting in a strong performance. Henry played in full back and turned on his A-game from start to finish. Hawthorn was bombarding our back line with fast, intensive play but to the boy’s credit, our whole backline held up strong and prevented a lot of scoring opportunities. Our mid field worked very hard to get the ball out of Hawthorn’s possession to drive it up to our forward line. It was very tough. Toby did not stop working in the wing; he seemed to be everywhere trying to take possession of the footy at every opportunity. The Bullants kept Hawthorn to 2.6, and we were scoreless.

The second quarter saw Toby express the need to play in a different position given that he had worked so hard in the first quarter. So we put Luca in the wing position and moved Toby to the forward pocket. It’s great to hear the boys communicate with our coaches about how they are feeling and what may work best for the team. The boy’s are maturing and thinking about how they can support each other to put in a solid game of football as a team. This position change saw immediate results with the ball feeding through the left wing down to Samuel, who scored Preston’s first goal within the first minute and a half. This quarter saw strong performances right across the oval. Pretty much everyone got their hands on the ball and really went toe to toe with Hawthorn. Xavier scored two very important goals in this quarter. And Preston actually outscored Hawthorn.

The third quarter turned into a more one sided game for Hawthorn, with Hawthorn returning from half time really dominating play and consistently pushing the ball into their forward line. Once again our backline worked hard – Alex did a fantastic job pushing the ball out and Phoenix put in some impressive defensive work. Oliver, Maxim, Felix and Max L-T also went in 100%. It was pleasing to see that despite Hawthorn showing us why they are so far undefeated, our boys were undeterred in their mission to keep trying, to keep competing, to never give up. Hawthorn kicked 2.5 to our 0.

The final quarter had the Bullants kicking to the favourable scoring end. We asked the boys to dig deep and to take the game to Hawthorn once again. We knew the boys had to step it up and they did not disappoint. This was the most pleasing quarter of the game. Luca, Kristian and Jack M scored goals and the whole team really got behind each other to put on a great display for the mums. Jordan was a constant strong presence in the forward line with great ball movement and great use of his body to help win ball possessions in critical moments of the game.

The fourth quarter also saw more rotations than any other. The intensity and commitment shown by our boys warranted the constant rotation of boys to give the team much needed fresh legs. The boys gave it their all until the final siren. Even though Hawthorn outscored us again this quarter, the coaching team all felt our boys put in a marvelous effort and we were very proud of them all.

We can applaud every member of the team for their performances today as every single player lifted their game to compete against the top team. Special mention to Yianni, Lachlan H, Ty, Jet and Steven as they ran hard all day and influenced some very important plays throughout the day.

What we took away from the game is that the drills and strategies we have been working on at training are coming into play on game day. We saw a cohesive, hard-working group of boys who came into the game to play great football. We played against a team who has set the bar high for this division – we left the ground feeling that if we continue to see the boys improve and play strong team footy each and every game, we can achieve great things this season.

Well done to all – it was a great team effort.

Go Bullants!

Coaches Matt, Julian and Craig

Under 13's Match Report
Preston Bullants Opposition
6.2.38 2.6.18

The Bullants have held off the Richmond JFC and maintained top billing with an engrossing 20-point win in Sunday’s top-of-the-table clash at PCO.

In a combative and defensive slog that will leave both teams bruised, the Bullants went 4-0 for the first time since Tackers in 2012, winning 6.2 (38) to 2.6 (18) in front of a record crowd of Mum’s and Dad’s on this wet Mother’s day clash.

The Bullants led from the opening 4-minute mark of the first quarter to the final siren and fended off multiple runs from the brave Tigers, who weren’t able to narrow gap that existed for most of the day.

Perhaps most pleasing for coach Dom Vaiano was the defensive manner in which his usually attacking team won, kicking its lowest score for the season but holding the Tigers to just two goals.

"It was pretty keenly fought and it was a good sign we can get the job done multiple ways, regardless of what the opposition throw at us," Vaiano said.

"When it is hot in the contest you don't necessarily get really attractive spectacles and high-scoring games.”

"But from a coaching perspective they're great wins, because when you can match it in the contest with a side that really values that, then you know you're going to be a chance in most games."

With a combined 8 goals, it was the lowest scoring game of the season, but that was not an indication of the contest's quality, with both teams pushed to the limit in their first top-of-the-table clash against each other since they entered the competition back in 2012.

Key forwards continued to play a clutch role in the Bullants perfect start, sharing the goals, including the sealer halfway through the fourth quarter.

The midfielders wound back the clock with plenty possessions and the defenders played a critical role, holding the Tigers stars to just 2 goals, and winning the rebounds.

The Bullants won despite back up ruckman Peter K suffering a huge cut across his right eye which required 10 stitches, while their other ruckman Billy R played through with a foot problem.

Played at a frenetic pace, both teams looked up for an attacking shootout, but the Tigers started to lose their cool with the ball and their scoring quickly dried up.

The Tigers lost no friends with their endeavour, winning many contested possessions, clearances and inside 50s.


Bullants ruckman Peter K will most likely miss 3-4 weeks with 10 stitches to the forehead, but coach Dom Vaiano would not give any more detail on Sunday afternoon. “He went off early in the second quarter after a ruck contest and was quickly taken to hospital.” Vaiano said. Rodda bravely played on through a foot injury and produced some brilliant efforts under duress and is likely to play next week.


The Bullants now enter unchartered territory with the grading games all but completed and next week’s opponent in the hands of the YJFL.


Preston Bullants: 6 individuals

Richmond Tigers: 2 individuals


Preston Bullants: an even contribution across the board


Preston Bullants: Peter K (head), Rodda (foot)

Richmond Tigers: NA

Reports: Nil

Under 14's Match Report
Preston Bullants Camberwell
0.0.01 2.17.29
Goal Kickers  

The Bullants have made the best of a tough grading period in Brown division. After getting thumped in the first two Rounds they put up a great contest in the Third game. Against Camberwell they improved again. In fact through this period their improvement has been excellent. On any measure their improvement has been terrific. Yes, they have lost all four games. But the margin has gone from 197 points in Round 1 to 28 points last Sunday. From a differential of 52 scoring shots in Game one to 18. That is a clear sign of constructive team development and purpose.

At the heart of the improvement is the backline’s workload. Bullants have always had a good backline but this could well be our best. Following the first quarter when Camberwell kicked 2.3, they did not score another goal for the game. That is impressive work. Or put another way, this is the first time this year that Camberwell have been held goal-less for three quarters! Both Camberwell’s goals came late in the quarter, after the Bullants showed signs of tiring. That was the last time they tired in the match!

Led by our ever reliable captain, Darc, the backline repelled attack after attack. Darc played as good a game as I have seen him play and I reckon he will get even better as the season goes on. With great support from Maivia and Max who just refuse to quit. Suhail, in only his fifth game of Aussie Rules stuck to the game plan and didn’t let his player get an inch, like all good defenders. Jesse and Daniel Q played great roles as the sling man out of defence.

During the First quarter, the Bullants, through sheer pressure around the ball, moved the game past centre and into our forward area. We had a chance or two but couldn’t complete the runs we set up. Here is where the development needs to take place. As good as our backline is, we must build up the structures and capability of the forward-line.

Another area of development is with our midfield clearance strategies and running game. We certainly have the players. Alex, in another great display across the ground, and Jesse, Anthony, Ben M, aided by Jack King (whose improvement in the last two weeks has been a stand-out) and River is more than enough skills. As this group develops its team sense of each other, and strategic positioning in centre clearances we will see a greater first use of the ball. That will allow the team to create a loose man going forward, which will provide relief and space to make better use of the forward area. We’re not there yet, but it will form.

Sunday’s game was a dour struggle and the Bullants did not quit. It was a team effort. Which is what Finn deserved playing his 50th for the club. The team delivered with strong tackling, they were hard at the ball, determined and unrelenting. What was most appealing? You could tell that the team wanted it. If they keep up their fantastic spirit, build skills, run harder and faster and learn to spread and the forward line takes shape then the year will open up for this most deserving Bullants unit.

Under 15's Match Report
Preston Bullants St Mary's 2
13.11.89 5.2.32

Round 4 of the final grading games saw us venture out to AK Lines Reserve in Watsonia to take on St Mary's 2. Still hurting from dropping last week's game against Boroondara the boys attitude was obvious from before the game with many of the boys early to the ground and ready to go for the warm up.

We welcomed back Stevie, EJ and Julian to the lineup and from the first bounce, the boys showed they meant business. With Jack Nicolo dominating in the ruck it gave our midfielders first use of the ball and we capitalised on every opportunity out of the middle.

In light drizzle, the ball was wet and slippery and we had to adjust our usual run and carry game for sure hands, bodies behind the ball and long kicks to the forward line. Many of the boys struggled with the greasy conditions and there were many fumbles as the ball spent the majority of the time on the ground. Julian Pizzo showed wonderful ball control and sure hands all day and was able to deliver one of his best games in the last two years. Stevie was dominant at Centre Half Back and repelled many attacks and Matty Maiolo provided great dash out of the backline. Jackson Vangelista did a great job stepping in at the last minute to the unfamiliar territory of full back. Xavier Chamoun at full forward snared two early first quarter goals and with Jackson Sbrizza moving smoothly around the forward line they were great forward line targets for our midfielders. In the second quarter, Kenny had a run in the forward line and proved to be a ball magnet. Hopefully, with a few more games the ball will sail through the big sticks!

William Geary, Josh Di Natale, Jackson Tierney, Elijah Gonas and Rory Howard all provided great midfield pressure on the opposition. Whilst in control of the game on the scoreboard we were under pressure from St Mary's for much of the game and we certainly had to battle hard for possessions and scoring opportunities.

In the end, we came out comfortable winners and it was a great team effort in trying circumstances. Another outstanding game from Jack Nicolo who has really taken a huge step in playing four solid quarters of football this year. Stevie Hadj was dominant at Centre Half Back before moving to Centre Half Forward where he snared a couple of bullocking goals to ease the scoreboard pressure.

Next week we hope the boys take the same attitude into the pre-match warm up and are prepared for the next challenge that awaits.

Go Bullants!

Colts 1 Match Report

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Preston Bullants Parade St Damians
22.22.154 2.1.13
Goal Kickers Conor Howard -4, Callum Chilcott -3, Liam Sutton -2, Max Vaiano -2, Adrian De Sando -2, Matt Webb, Jack Hayes, Julian De Napoli, Anthony Moleta, Tyson Lowe, Lucas Epifano
Best Players Adrian De Sando, Max Vaiano, Ant Moleta, Liam Sutton, Connor Howard, Liam McErlain

Milestone: Matt Webb (100 Games)

In wet conditions we headed out to play Parade St Damian's in what was to be Matty Webb's 100th game for the mighty Bullants!

From the outset we really did dominate kicking 4.8 in the opening quarter. Jack Hayes kicked a ripper & the midfield of Sutton, Vaiano, Mcerlain was being provided silver service by Tom Hallebone. We had 20 inside 50's in the opening quarter and to be honest didn't get great reward for effort.

Anthony Moleta was clearly the best player on the ground in the first half with his speed / skill a feature whilst Lucas Epifano was providing lots of run and carry & Lachy Black commanding his troops wonderfully well down back.

We kicked 8 majors in the 3rd quarter with Chilcott slotting a couple whilst Adrian De Sando couldn't be touched & set up plenty of goals.

With the game well & truly over at 3/4 time our goal was to finish off the game - play the minutes and also look to be selfless in what we do. I'm pleased to say overall the boys team care was very high and we were able to kick another 6 majors to run away convincing 141 point winners.

Well done to everyone and thanks to all the parents who came down in huge numbers.

A happy Mother's Day to all the Bullants mum's.

Key Statistics

Tackles 49 51
Inside 50 tackles 11 2
Inside 50s 70 5
Clearances 42 13

Go Bullants!

Colts 2 Match Report

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Preston Bullants Banyule
11.10.76 2.0.12
Best Players Liam Webster-McAllister, Christian Renna, Sean O’Connell, Karl Rentos, Oscar Chaplin, Jack Perin

It was a wet Sunday afternoon at Preston City Oval, but the boys were wrapped to be back at home after two consecutive away fixtures. We came up against a hungry Banyule outfit who were yet to win a game for the year.

Jack Perin was made captain for the day and lead from the front in the wet conditions, hitting the contest hard and winning 50/50 balls all day. This set the tone for the rest of the side who were very strong in winning the contested footy, which proved vital in the wet.

We started the game strong in the first quarter by kicking the first three goals and putting our opposition on the back foot early. We knew that this early lead would be handy in what would be a low scoring game. Christian Renna was again influential, making the most of his opportunities up forward.

The second term was a tighter battle, with Banyule showing they had some fight. Our backline was once again fantastic under pressure lead by Lucas Fragale, Oscar Chaplin and Ryan Bonett. Not only did our backs stop goals, but they set up attacking options for us going forward through John Karahountis and Sean O’Connell. Largely thanks to our backs we had a five goal lead at half time.

We changed some things at half time to ensure we continued to dominate proceedings in the wet. Some bigger bodies went on-ball and the mids got some rest up forward. Jonathan Azzopardi provided the highlight of the day with a brilliant solo effort and goal from the boundary. Christian Fakhri, Johnston Mai and Dan Zou all provided great service for us when playing through the midfield.

At three quarter time the boys were asked to play out the game and finish off strong. We did just that increasing our lead to over ten goals by the final siren.

This was a real character building win for our side, showing that we can be a powerhouse team in this competition when we come to play with the right attitude.

Well done to Nano Henry, Dan Beck and Louis Gigiambattista who all contributed in their first games for the year.

As always, thank you to all the parents and volunteers who help out during the week and on game day.

Happy Mother’s Day to all our beautiful mothers who we couldn’t live without!

Go Bullants!

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