Bullant Banter Round 12 2016

Presidents Message

Unfortunately Wag is too busy with junior footy trade rumours and 2017 salary capping for Tackers players to submit a report this week. Stay tuned for the President's report next week!!

Whitlam Malkoun
Preston Bullants JFC

Under 9's WHITE Match Report

Tackers White had a terrific training session on Friday night, with the highlight being the team photo. It was great to see everyone together and team spirit building as the year goes on. Another week another game at the spiritual home of the Bullants - PCO. This week we came up against Fitzroy who gave us a bit of trouble earlier in the year. Our hopes were high on a blustery morning. The team started well with Kes getting us on the board. After that however it was a tough day for the Whites with Fitzroy’s run and gun game pretty impressive and they had scored two by the end of the quarter.

Our guys came out with renewed energy in the 2nd term but the Lions were a bit good I’m afraid. But to the Bullant’s credit they never gave in and its games like these where we discover the measure of the team’s spirit, And we have plenty of it down at the Whites. Isaac was super in the middle and I’m sure a few Lions are still feeling his tackles tonight. Eddie and Joe did great work sticking with their players in the middle and tackling hard and Eden kept trying. The backline held up well under a fair bit of pressure and Steven Fifis tried particularly hard and repelled a number of Fitroy’s attacks.

The player of the day though went to Jerry. This kid has been working on his skills having played only a little bit of footy and on Sunday he took four marks , one of which he backed I to oncoming players and took the grab. It was the mark of the year for our team and it had the opposition coaches applauding. He had as many kicks and a few tackles to boot playing in the backline. So even though the game didn’t go to plan there’s plenty to be happy about at Tackers White. Well done guys, can’t wait for Friday

Under 9's RED Match Report

Round 12 saw Tackers Red take on Fitzroy D at their home ground on a clear but frosty morning.

When the two teams met last time it was a tight hard fought affair with both teams putting on their best games. Our Bullants were warned at training and pre game that they would be up for another tough one. We had to run, run and run, be first to the ball, hit our targets and stick our tackles.

Captains for the day, Thomas G and Daniel elected to kick into the sun and we took to a bigger ground than normal against bigger opponents.

It was apparent from the outset that Fitzroy had a similar game plan to ours, quick ball movement & lots of run. Also apparent was the fact that their skills had continued to improve as they hit targets at will. While it wasn't all one way traffic, Fitzroy piled the pressure on our backline kicking 1.4.10 in the first quarter. Desperate smothers from Thomas G & strong defensive marks from Ziggy minimised the damage. There were limited opportunities for the forward line but Tom looked dangerous with a quick run from the right pocket only to score a behind.

At quarter time the Bullants were asked to lift, run harder, kick longer & get to the ball first. Fitzroy had loose players in the goal square.... Unacceptable. Tighten up Bullants!

Second quarter showed some hope. Our smalls showed great desire, Jack H taking on his bigger opponents with great tackles and courageous smothers. Marcus & Callum continued to try and get some run out of the middle giving the forwards more opportunity. Cameron showed spirit with a couple of good marks & accurate passes & Tom put on a great shepherd for Ned. We matched Fitzroy for scoring shots but could only register another 3 behinds to their 1goal 2 behinds for the quarter. Half time saw Fitzroy 2.5.17 to Bullants 0.4.4.

Half time saw discussion around the umpire not paying marks for good attempts... Solution? "Get on with it and hold your marks then! You will need to next year so start now!" We needed to kick wider from defence, we needed to lead harder we needed to mark. At our best, we weren't out of it but today it felt like we were a long way back.

Maybe we dropped our heads a bit in the third, maybe Fitzroy ramped it up.... Either way, Fitzroy piled on another 3 goals with one Bullant standing up above all others. Thomas G at full back was everywhere. Anything remotely near him was marked and driven forward. At the last line he took on 2 & 3 opponents & prevailed. Certain goals were smothered or touched through with desperate lunges. It was a captains game and his best of a very good season. Marcus, surrounded by tall’s and taking high tackles, battled valiantly as did Caitlin & Daniel who were thrown into the middle but we were cooked.

The last break saw me struggling with the rotations & positions. To do something different, to ensure everyone had a fair run... It was Tom who came to me, giving up his coveted position in the forward line saying "put me back in the middle Dad, they need some help."

The game was gone. Tom, Callum & Marcus combined for a couple of bursts forward. Thomas G continued to stand tall at the last line... He probably saved 8-10 goals for the game single handedly. Zac & Cameron battled on with great 2nd & 3rd efforts. Big "Willo" chased hard at his bigger opponents.... The siren sounded & heads were dropped.

We are a good team, a great team when we are at our best.... But footy is hard work and against quality opposition, everyone needs to work hard & to the plan. Our song is great to hear at the end of the game but it has to be earned. By all, not just a few.

Maybe we have had some easy wins and got complacent? Maybe the coach should have done something different earlier?

Fitzroy D are the best side we've played all year and were the best side today. If you're down on yourselves as a result Bullants, let's work on next week’s game & get busy!

Great game Thomas G!

Go Bullants!


Under 10's Match Report
Preston Bullants Park Orchards R
4.7.31 5.7.37
Goal Lucas 3, Jude 1
Best players Lucas, Will, Rylan, Ayden & Jude

Another close one that our U10's let slip through our grasp literally by a few secs. After a disciplined 1st half where we defended stoutly into the breeze then attacked relentlessly with it, fierce fwd tackling pressure created numerous chances that helped build a comfortable 15-point lead at 1/2 time. After conceding a goal in opening minute of 3rd term, we managed to slow down the game down forcing repeat stoppages in Def 50 but a late goal in Red-time gave Park Orchards a 1-point lead at 3/4 time. Final Qtr kicking with a strong wind Lucas kicks his 3rd to regain the lead, then Jude desperately saves a goal at the other end reaching high to knock the ball into the post. It's late in the game as we cling to a 6-point lead when suddenly a Park Orchards player in the clear swoops onto a loose ball, runs in to level the scores, 1 min later exact same thing, 10 secs later.... siren cruelly sounds!

Under 11's Match Report
Hawthorn Citizens DP Preston Bullants
4.1.25 5.1.31
Goal Kickers Tyler 2, Josh 1, Liam 1 & Ben 1
Best Players Nathan, Coen, Makaio, Alister, Liam, Ben, Jesse

The Bullants were off to Hawthorn this week to take on the Hawthorn Citizens and the boys were fired up for a big game after coming off a great win the week before, The boys got a big boost before the game when Oscar H turned up with gear in hand ready to play with the boys again as he was back from Adelaide for the weekend.

The sun was shining and the ground was in great condition. Our version of “The Package” Ben was made captain for the Day and revved the boys up and duly won the toss and kicked to the left of screen.

The opening ¼ began and before we had time to blink the Citizens kicked the ball forward and had kicked goal after 30 seconds of play, after this goal the boys decided they had a game on their hands and from the next bounce we got our running game going Liam & Remy taking control in the middle and our Nick Matinui of the U’11s Makaio getting his hand to the ball first so the boys could attack. The ball for the rest of the ¼ stayed in our forward line and we were rewarded with Tyler ALA Dustin Martin like kicking a great goal on the run to even up the scores. From the next bounce the Bullants attacked again and the ball come free at the top of the square where our little Eddie Betts like terrior Josh pounced and snapped a brilliant goal over his shoulder to have the Bullants leading by 7 points at ¼ time. Coach Phil was full of praise for the boys and asked them to keep the tempo up as our running game was on today

The second 1/4 was a very tight contest Coen, Dion & Jesse where mustering the troops in the backline with Jesse diving on all the loose balls and not letting anything through, Callum never stopped running and picking there loose players up in defence. Ben again was being the General at Full back and Harry was trying to contain there bigger players across the half back line. The Citizens had a very good ¼ and they played the game mostly in their forward line as it seemed every time we would clear the ball the Citizens had someone there to mop up and send the ball back into their forward line. As much as we tried the Citizens had the best of the ¼ and kept us scoreless while they kicked 2 goals to lead at half time by 5 points.

The boys had a good rest at half Time and after the coaches had a word to them and reminded them to be in front and attack from the defensive side of the ground the boys come out in the 3rd ¼ and really played some good attacking footy. Declan, Noah & Makaio continued to dominate the ruck duels with Josh mopping up everything and Oscar H giving us Great drive into the forward line from Centre clearances. The highlight of the ¼ was when the Citizens attacked into their forward line Jesse put his body on the line to spoil the kick and Coen who was playing like Patrick Dangerfield picked the ball up across half back kicked to Nathan on the wing who gave a pinpoint handball to Remy who found Oscar H in the centre and with his left foot delivered the ball to Liam who kicked truly from 30m out to have the Bullants in front yet again. This would be our only score for the ¼ as we attacked on quite a few occasions but the Citizens also held firm and stopped our attacks. The siren sounded for ¾ time and we were in front by 1 point heading to the last as we also kept the Citizens scoreless in this ¼.

Phil, John & Fab urged the boys on for one more last effort in the last ¼ as they had played sensational all game, and in what would be the telling move of the game the coaches decided to through our skipper for the day from full back and place “The Package” Ben to centre half forward and put Harry to full back. This was a master stroke as within the first minute of the 1/4 “The Package” took on about 3 Citizen players in a marking contest and brought the ball to the ground and with this Ben followed the ball up picked it up and from about 45m out kicked the ball and it just rolled and rolled and went through for a goal…….. It was Ben’s first goal for the bullants and the boys went crazy and jumped all over him. The ball was bounced from this goal and Remy got his hands on the ball from the bounce and kicked it towards Ben again who took a great mark and kicked long to find Tyler all alone, Tyler marked and from about 30m out slotted the goal to have the Bullants up by 13 points after 3 minutes of play. The boys where pumped but where brought straight back to earth as the Citizens cleared the ball from this bounce and kicked a very good running goal to reduce the margin to 7 points with 10 minutes still to play. To the boys credit the rest of the ¼ was a tough affair with both teams trying to attack and defend and in the play of the day our own little “Boomer Harvey” Nathan laid what only can be described (and this said by the opposition coach) as the tackle of the year and a tackle that won us the game. The Citizens best (and biggest player) had the ball running through the centre of the ground and was all alone and was about to kick a telling goal for them to bring the margin back to a point, but he didn’t count on “Boomer” running from the wing and laying the perfect tackle which resulted in Nathan being awarded a free kick and clearing the ball from the danger zone. The citizens had one last attack but a great spoil from Harry in the goal square resulted in a point for them and reducing the margin to 6 points. Harry kicked the ball in from this point and as soon this happened the siren sounded and the Bullants had won by 6 points

An absolutely outstanding effort by the boys and they can be very proud of their efforts and the way they played the game. The boys shook the opposition’s hand after the game and the opposition coach awarded Coen with the medal for best player for the opposition and it was very well deserved. The boys went back into the rooms and with the “The Package” Ben, “Boomer Harvey” Nathan & “Rory Sloane” Oscar H in the middle sang the song very loud which by all reports could be heard back at PCO….

Thank you to all the parents for your help and support as if we did not have this it would be impossible to run the team so again a BIG THANK YOU. I would also like to mention Jack & Brody who where our water boys for the game Thank you boys, it was very much appreciated

Under 12's Match Report

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Surrey Park W

Preston Bullants



Goal Kickers

2 J.Zonta , 1 M.Doupe , 1 F.Morgan Styant-Browne , 1 N.Perizzolo

Congratulations to Jack Beker on celebrating his 50 game milestone.

Round 12 saw us coming up against Surrey Park who are sitting on top of the ladder. Last time we played them both teams got off to a slow start, however on this occasion both sides got off to a quick start. It was pleasing to see the boys finally apply both pressure and intensity in the first quarter which resulted in some fantastic tackles from Kristian and Lachlan M. Our forward line was holding position well and creating targets for our midfield to hit, while the backline lead by Alex was working extremely hard to keep Surrey Park out of their forward line. The Bullants worked very hard to get their first goal - Nicholas was able convert with a nice relaxed elevated set shot. Steven had come to play today as he was moving around the midfield like a freight train and he had a brilliant tackle on the opposition which resulted in the ball turning over and saw the ball being fed to Felix who then kicked a fabulous goal.

As a whole the whole team was working well, everyone played their part. Communication was happening across the board. It was a really pleasing start to the game.

We entered the second quarter with renewed confidence and a desire to pick up where we left off - Surrey Park had the same intention as they immediately came out playing at a higher level. It was not long before Surrey Park scored and the Bullants backline was under a lot of pressure. To our boys’ credit, the score could have blown out more however our half back line of Toby, Jet and Xavier held their lines and kept communicating with each other. Marcus had a great quarter in centre and Ty had come back well rested and produced some great ball reading and running. Finding a goal in this quarter proved quite difficult, however a brilliant tackle from Jack R and his continued pressure help build the foundation of a later goal, which saw Lachlan H pass to Kristian and then onto James who kicked his much deserved first goal for the game.

Half time we saw and heard some great chatter from the boys, there was some open and honest communication on how they were feeling and what needed to change. I just love it when we see and hear the boys taking ownership of the game.

The third quarter was proving to be a tough quarter for both sides, neither was willing to give an inch and we had a tug of war on the paddock. Jet was stopping the ball in full back really well for us, while Lachlan M was strong in the centre half back position. Nick was told to run the whole quarter in ruck and as expected he never stopped and he chased that ball everywhere - he is a great example of an athlete who consistently gives it his all for the team. Jordan once again worked extremely hard in the backline and continually stopped the ball with our other back men, while Lachlan H, Serge and Marcus made position and gave the backline a target. Toby was like a caged animal who had finally been let loose - he ran around the wing as if he owned it, and he did. This ultimately saw him deliver the ball down to James in full forward to score his second goal for the day.

Entering the last quarter with a gap of only 4 points in favour of Surrey Park, we were fired up and prepared for a fierce final encounter. It was to no-one’s surprise that Nick and Steven both thrived in ruck with continued success while our midfield of Jack B, Alex, Jack M and Felix once again moved the ball well by putting their bodies on the line against a strong Surrey Park midfield. It was a tough encounter with Surrey Park kicking the first goal of the quarter and to the boys’ credit they didn’t drop their heads - they kept going, fighting for the ball. Even with the heaviest of collisions this season between Jack B and Alex, thankfully both boys were alright. While Jack B was shaken he was quickly up and running, we quickly rotated Alex off with Marcus for an assessment. With this quick change Marcus moved the ball down quickly into the forward line where Max D was able to crumb the ball and kick a goal. With Alex all clear and back on the ground the midfield began their push onto the ball to try and get the next goal. Unfortunately for us though, as much as everyone tried and they gave it their all, Surrey Parks’ defence was working too well and we just couldn’t get the elusive goal that was needed to come home with the win.

It was pleasing to see the Bullants give four full quarters of football this week and applied both pressure and intensity to their game. I’m looking forward to seeing what the boys bring to the game next week against Canterbury, a strong physical side, but beatable. Let’s keep our communication up boys and work together and most importantly, go out and have fun playing this great game.

It’s always a great day when you see a team in synch with each other, helping each other out and working hard. Believe in yourselves Bullants - believe in your collective abilities to play great football.

Go Bullants
Coaches Matt, Craig and Julian

Under 13's Match Report
Surrey Park B Preston Bullants
6.5.41 2.3.15
Goals 1 Panta, Ryan
Best Players Zach, Panta, Eamon, Evan, Zac, Mr B, Peter and Allister
Injuries Nil

The Bullants 3 game winning run come to an abrupt end after the Surrey Park Sharks won a hard-fought contest at Surrey Park on Sunday by 26 points.

The home side set up the victory with a brilliant second quarter, and apart from a Bullants spirited last term, the Sharks always looked in control and eventually took the honours 6.5 (41) to 2.3 (15).

Surreys prolific midfielders set the tone, while their forwards were prepared to work hard up the ground and create opportunities.

In contrast the Bullants looked out of sorts all day. Their lack of run and willingness to win the hard contest was certainly out of character for a side that prides itself on being first to the ball.

Talking Points

Bullants coach Dom Vaiano was quick to praise the Sharks, and acknowledged his team was beaten by the better team on the day.

"We got beaten around the contest, they got their hands on the ball first," Vaiano said.

"They transitioned really well and we gave away too many sloppy free kicks.

"They converted them and put us on the back foot early.

"We didn't play our best, but that wasn't the reason we lost, the Sharks played well."

Medical Room

Apart from a bit of injured pride, there were no injuries. Assistant Coach George said, “The medical staff need to be praised for their brilliant work in getting quite a number of boys up for this match. Considering the amount of sore bodies we had last week, I am amazed we had a full list to choose from.”

Next Up

The Bullants meet Heidelberg Y at PCO is what is likely to be the game of the round. A win to either side will all but guarantee them a spot in the top 4.

Under 14's Match Report
Preston Bullants Warrandyte
9.8.62 2.8.20

Bullant Banter Match Report Under 14s, vs Warrandyte Sunday 17th July 2016

In very windy conditions the boys took on a Warrandyte side that had the better of us last time around. This was a must win clash to keep our finals hopes alive in 2016.

Kicking against the wind in the first the boys found the way to home on 3 occasions with the first coming from a lovely shot from the Cramers St pocket off the boot of Ben Morgan. Some courageous defensive work from the likes of Mavia, Max, Jessie and Darcy in particular who applied what could only be described as a magic punch at the ball in the mid field.

Charbel was extremely solid and in command throughout the first term.

The wind played havoc with Luc’s goal umpire flags when he had to waive the first of 4 behinds scored by Warrandyte . Couldn’t seem to get the flags to co-operate. Warrandyte wasted their chances as we applied significant pressure to help put their kicks wide of the mark. Leo got on the end of some fantastic teamwork to score another major, so did Jessie to give the team the start we could only dream of.

Ange singled out Charbel at quarter time and described his efforts as “The Perfect Quarter”

The second term provided a dominant display from Alex in the ruck, winning most centre tap outs and marking everything that came his way. He was supported by the awesome work of Darcy whose presence back in team after surfing and cycling commitments in Indonesia last week really straightened up the entire mid field.

Jessie kicked a silky smooth goal at the city end and Darcy went back to kick a strong 30 metre goal. We managed to score 2 goals with the wind and had many more opportunities to go further ahead. Special mention to Perry who took some really nice marks up forward in the second term.

After the long break the wind was even stronger and the conditions a few degrees cooler.

Daniel Quattrone had a Matthew Lloyd moment testing the strong wind, throwing up 7 clumps of grass to be sure and put forward a searching attempt on goal. Chilly took the mark of the day as a monster 45 metre kick headed toward Warrandyte’s goal. Super strong hands from Chilly. The team really played for each other today in possibly the best team effort of the season, with everyone committed to the contest.

Antho snapped a beauty late in the 3rd quarter to the delight of the crowd and the team to stem the time from a spirited Warrandyte in the quarter. They kicked 2 goals to prove they were not done with yet. Alex came off second best in a tough contest in the 3rd term and had to leave the field to collect himself and try to reset for the last term.

The final term and Darcy took the early ruck duties with some lovely tap outs and follow up. A long kick to the forward line allowed Alex to take a strong grab and long goal. Alex was back and he was truly on fire in the final term. Ben Dursun laid the bump of the day followed up by a scrambling strong knock on, the 1 percenters that don’t go unnoticed by the coaching staff and spectators alike. Jessie kicked true again and displayed a super balanced effort all day with his true class.

Probably the personal highlight for the writer was hearing the constant roar from Chilcott whenever the opposition looked threatening. The deafening shouts sent shudders down the Warrandyte player’s spines and helped produce countless turnovers to our favour. His roars put many smiles on the parent’s and fans faces as we could see he meant business today.

A spirited team song after a brief team meeting in the rooms was music to everyone’s ears as the Bullants posted a great win by 42 points over the top side with the final score.

Under 15's Match Report
Fitzroy 2 Preston Bullants
4.4.28 9.16.70

For those of us who don’t barrack for Collingwood and are over the age of forty, Sunday’s return to Victoria Park was approached with trepidation and perhaps even loathing. Memories of supporting your team in the late 1970’s amongst a hostile crowd of opposition supporters, fearing for your life for simply uttering “Go Carlton” in an almost apologetic voice, were quickly dissipated when upon arriving at the ground, not a Collingwood jumper could be sighted. The sight of red Bullant’s and our opponents Fitzroy jumpers, reminded us all that it was now a safer era to be at Victoria Park for we non Collingwood supporters. Of course, our Under 15 boys were completely unaware of the grounds chequered history, and saw it as an opportunity to play on what is now a beautiful oval that had some links to Collingwood’s history.

And so to the game, which saw us up against an opponent who had given us a real contest in the first game of the season. Like our first encounter, the game was one of two halves with our boys dominating the first half with great defensive skills and the ability to transition the ball into attack with ever improving poise and calculated decision making. A feature of our play, was the team’s ability to find a teammate in a better position which led to many scoring opportunities. Unfortunately, the boys again wasted many scoring opportunities with wayward kicking. Despite this, the team went into half time with a very comfortable lead.

In what is becoming a bit of a pattern, our opponents matched us in the third quarter but did not gain the rewards on the scoreboard and our boys still had a handy eight goal lead at three quarter time. The last quarter saw Fitzroy start to dominate possession of the ball, and our boys started to look tired. Thankfully the backline held firm and players such as Matty, EJ, Daniel and Brodie battled manfully to try and repel the increasing number of Fitzroy attacks. In the end, the boys enjoyed a six goal win which allows them to maintain their position at the top of the ladder. Apart from the boys mentioned above, Jackson S and Louis proved dangerous on the forward line whilst Jack and Noah gave plenty of drive across the centre line.

Colts 1 Match Report

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Whitehorse Colts M Preston Bullants
7.6.48 6.9.45
Best Players Hallebone, Zonta, Sutton, Howard, Baynes, Vaiano

After a narrow loss to Beverley Hills we travelled out to take on ladder leaders Whitehorse.

Our first half was quite disappointing, physically we were being intimidated & losing critical 1 v 1 battles whilst also failing to defend when we didn't have possession.

All this saw us trail by 4 goals.

After a few home truths within the group, we came out and absolutely dominated against Whitehorse in the 3rd with all the KPI's in our favour - Baynes & Moleta were brilliant up forward - Moleta kicked 2 great goals after moving to full forward.

We dominated the last quarter and hit the front through a Baynes mark and goal, however, Whitehorse kicked a late major to steal the game. We had the ball deep in the F50 but the siren sounded much to the disappointment of the boys.

Super proud of our second half, as a group we need to play 4 quarters especially against the better teams.

Tom Hallebone was superb in the Ruck & Liam Sutton was a warrior once again. Nick Zonta is in absolute red hot form down back & his leadership has been outstanding.

Congratulations to Conor Howard and Lachy Black who played game 100 for the mighty Bullants.

We will look to regroup this weekend against GDU as we aim for a top 2 finish.

Go Bullants!

Colts 2 Match Report

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Preston Bullants 2 Parade St Damians 2
8.2.50 2.12.24
Best Players Anthony Mancuso, Jack Sammartino, James Scattolin, Ryan Bonett, Lucas Fragale, Josh Torcasio

What a day for football! Sunny conditions at PCO in the middle of July, who would have thought? It was great to be back at home for the second last time this season. Our boys were vocal pre game about protecting our home ground advantage. We were still undefeated at PCO this season and wanted to keep it that way.

Today marked 100 games for Liam Webster-McAllister. What a brilliant effort. Congratulations Liam!

As usual, there was a substantial breeze going towards one end and we were keen to kick with it first. Fortunately, Josh Bruzzese was able to win the toss and give us first crack at kicking with the wind. Today we would be without first choice ruckman Rob Catalano who has been superb all season. Nano Henry would step into his role and do a great job.

We were sluggish early, allowing St. Damians to get on top. Thankfully our back six stayed strong and didn’t allow a score in the first quarter. Eventually our midfielders came to the party, providing full forward Lucas Fragale with several opportunities late in the quarter. Anthony Mancuso ended the quarter with a fantastic goal from outside 50 as the siren sounded. We held a three goal lead at quarter time but we weren’t sure it would be enough.

Now against the breeze we knew we would have to work hard to maintain our lead. Our mids did a great job of helping out the backs to make scoring difficult for St. Damians. We were fortunate that our opponent’s accuracy was poor as they had the better of us in the second term. St. Damians inaccuracy in front of goal cost them and we held a nine point lead going into the main break.

We didn’t play our best football in the first half and I put it to the boys that our second half needed to be our best of the year.

The boys responded with a fantastic third term. We piled on goal after goal to build a handy lead going into the last quarter. Josh Bruzzese and Jack Sammartino both kicked goals worthy of goal of the day. Christian Guidice had a brilliant third quarter in his first game back for the club. Nano Henry and Jack Perin did a great job in the ruck. Our mids were dominant for majority of the day.

St. Damians were unable to fight back in the last quarter, inaccuracy in front of goal again dinting their hopes of a comeback.

Another great team win by the boys. We seem to be gelling at the right time of year and are now only two points out of the finals. Keep working!

Go Bullants!

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