Bullant Banter Round 13 2016

Presidents Message

With just two home and away rounds left, the committee felt it a great time to release the end of year survey results to our valued members. Let me start with a big thank-you to all who took time to complete the survey. Your feedback is invaluable. The Bullants committee take your views very seriously as it helps us plan future aspirations and changes to benefit our large and growing Preston Bullants JFC community.

Here are a few highlights: over 90% of respondents agreed that they are satisfied with the club as a whole. A similar percentage confirming that they would recommend the Preston Bullants JFC as their club of choice to family and friends. Huge!

The survey indicates people are pretty happy with being Bullants members. Our hard working and generous coaches and assistant coaches who put in hours each and every week were acknowledged with 80% agreeing that they are doing a very good job. We expect that result to be stronger again with this year’s end of year survey. Over 90% of survey respondents complimented our wonderful team managers (who tirelessly help and assist our children get ready and on the ground each and every week).

There is, however, always room for improvement. The survey identified the need to address our facilities at Zwar Park. I can now confirm that we applied for and received a grant of almost $9000 to establish permanent coaches’ boxes at Zwar Park. The official announcement will occur next week. The Federal Member for Batman Mr David Feeney MP will make the presentation.

We are also working with council to have a fence built around the perimeter of the ground at Zwar to make it feel more like a playing arena as opposed to a public reserve. The public amenities at Zwar are poor at best. The council understands our concerns. It will take time to work out the best way forward with assistance from council but we are not going to let that go. The survey concerns regarding Zwar amenities matched the committee’s concerns and as you can see we are getting on with the job for our club.

As the only truly central Preston youth sporting club we take pride that PCO is our second home and will be for many years to come. PCO is a premier sporting ground and has many advantages for the Bullants. Not the least that it is the envy of other YJFL clubs. PCO is a bond for all our members, local businesses, sponsors and our relationship with our co-tenants.

The survey results ties in very nicely with the clubs priority to broaden its scope and have at least one girl’s football team playing under the Bullants banner in 2017! We brought Auskick into the Bullants this year. Next year we will grow the Preston Auskick community and welcome more families as local football club members. We will potentially have two more tackers’ teams as well as two U10s teams! And as I said, we aim to field an U12s girls’ team next year. Who says we have to stop there?

Our expansion plans include building relationships with the local Muslim community, as well as our very vibrant local Asian community. The Bullants firmly believe in community and will strive to be an all-inclusive club for the wide array of communities that make up Preston. That is how we grow from strength to strength, year in, year out.

We have achieved a great deal this season and we are looking forward to delivering more positives over the coming months and seasons as we forge ahead with further plans in line with that of the club’s strategic plan. I encourage all our members to attend the annual AGM (at a date to be confirmed shortly) to get a better understanding of how the club is positioned and how the committee is operating. All feedback is most welcome at any time. The more involved the better we will become.

Finally, a reminder about club communication.

If you have a concern that you want to bring to the attention of a committee member, club secretary or president, it should be relayed via email or a phone call. Committee members contact details can be located on the club website prestonbullantsjfc.com.au.

Regarding communication to bodies such as opposition teams and the YJFL: The correct procedure (and only procedure) is to communicate whatever issue, compliment or grievance you may have, with the team manager, club secretary (Suki Styant-Browne) or club President. Communication with the YJFL and opposition teams must go through these designated official channels. We welcome your views and queries. By passing on your views or queries in this manner the club appointed official will then be in a position to follow up accordingly with the relevant external party.

I cannot emphasise the importance of following this policy and process enough.

With finals drawing near things are getting pretty exciting. Barrack your hearts out. But please take a deep breath and above all else, let the players enjoy playing. The sheer fact that they are out on the park (playing the world’s greatest game) is a testament to their own achievements. Irrespective of results it is all about the kids’ enjoying themselves; that way we all win.

Go the Mighty Preston Bullants!!

Whitlam Malkoun
Preston Bullants JFC

A message from hockingstuart - It's a team game, played by team mates

Joe Ledda

A team game, played by individuals, means each player can focus either on themselves or on the team as a whole. The former situation can cause problems, or create a situation where someone sees winning only as being based on their own performance. The team approach requires a selflessness that enables everyone to enjoy the game based on a shared experience – ensuring positives can always be found regardless of the scoreboard result. At Preston Bullants Juniors we try to put team first. At Hocking Stuart Preston we aim for the same.

Joe Ledda

Under 9's WHITE Match Report

No match report this week.

Under 9's RED Match Report

Round 13 Bullants v Banyule W

Thanks to all of the parents & helpers who brave the cold, early starts to make our games happen. We have a great bunch of parents who contribute to a fine team of footballers & all-round great kids.

A week can be a long time in footy. After a disappointing showing at Fitzroy we took some time out at training & had a chat in the rooms. We talked about why we play footy. What it means to be part of a team...what it means to be a Bullant. We talked about honesty, pride, team mates and giving 100% at everything we do. On and off the field. We spoke about hard work achieving great things.... And our little team of champions soaked it up.

On a very chilly but clear morning we took to PCO to seek redemption for rounds 3 & 5 played at Banyules home ground and everything that comes with it.

Captains for the day were Callum & Thomas M. The toss went Banyule's way and we kicked into the sun with a strong cross wind.

It was apparent from the opening bounce that the Bullants were back! 15 seconds in and a slick center clearance, and quick clean possessions, saw Darcy Rush open our account with a goal!

With the dream team midfield of O'Neill, Maddison, Carelli, Cam Meehan & Mr T (Tamer) in the ruck, the footy was driven forward constantly. Blustery conditions and strong pressure from Banyule made scoring difficult with numerous opportunities resulting in behinds. Darcy added a behind to his goal, Ava a behind & Ned's 2 shots drifting away with the wind for minors.

Quarter time & there was still room for improvement but our intensity was back & the kids were hungry for more.

A hard fought opening to the 2nd qtr, with the ball tightly held in our forward line, often inches from goal, saw hard work prevail with a lovely snap through traffic from Zach for a goal. The midfield continued to excite with blistering runs from Tom, Marcus & Callum, each working with & shepherding the other. Tom managed a run from zone line to zone line with the ever reliable Marcus providing support the whole way, while on the opposite side Callum beat the field to kick a long bouncing goal from the middle! Forwards continued to fight for every opportunity with more minors to Ava & Ned. Most pleasing was the attack on the footy & desire to lock it in our attacking zone. While the back line didn't see a lot of the footy, what they did, they repelled at every opportunity. Thomas G continued his solid form ably supported by Ziggy, Jake, Xavier, Jack & Caitlin. Everyone one was accountable for a player & Banyule was made to earn every touch they got.

At half time our Bullants were urged to keep up the pressure, the talk, the desire. The wind was blowing our kicks off line & instructions were to keep the play on the northern (Cramer St) side.

The 3rd started with a quick break forward from Tom who delivered to Ava, marking truly & passing to Andre who's goals are second only to his celebrations! Injured ankle forgotten momentarily. Banyule threw everything into the 3rd and our back line stood tall. Thomas G holding several last line marks, Jack, Xavier & Caitlin hitting Banyule with crunching tackles. Ever reliable Jake working hard across half back providing good leads & strong marks. One of the plays of the day was Ziggy having the foresight to give a quick handball to Thomas who sprinted away into space, switching play & driving us forward. Cameron on the receiving end, took off with a great “Rugby style” run up the wing.

The final term and the game was ours but the Bullants didn't slow down. Archie got himself in the perfect position in front of goals and slotted his first for the year! In true Bullant spirit it was great to see everyone get around him to celebrate! Callum continued to ignite the middle & burst out of the pack delivering the ball to Zach who slotted his second goal for the game. Tom continued his blistering runs but pushed the limits on a couple of occasions with umpire Max pulling him up for going too far. Maybe the coach screaming "bounce it Tom!" Gave him away?

Banyule too kept the pressure on & finally troubled our nonexistent scorers with a behind.... But the Bullants were back & the tackle pack of Willo, Marcus, Xavier & Caitlin ensured that the behind was all they got.

The great song was sung loud & proud back in the rooms, not for the nonexistent win but for the way they played.

I learn something about these kids every week & I hope they learn something about themselves too.

Proud as always.

Go Bullants!


Under 10's Match Report
Bundoora Preston Bullants
10.17.77 1.0.6
Goal Kickers Patty

Sorry to report for the 1st time this year that the honest, disciplined U10's team we've proudly commended all year didn't front up to Bundoora last weekend.

Already missing Samuel and Ash, we had 3 late omissions Sunday morning (Rylan, Marianne & Raff). This pre-game disruption meant our players were not prepared for the blizzard-like conditions and thus the endeavour we've become accustomed to seeing was absent until half time.

The 2nd half commenced with all players wearing their Hoodies under their jumpers! We put in a much better effort and played it out to the final siren, where we took 3 contested marks from a centre clearance to produce our only goal in the last minute of the match; Grady outmarks 3 Bundoora Defenders at Half Fwd, he kicks to a pack where Keelan puts up his long arms to take another big one-grab mark, then his kicks falls to 15m out from Goal where Patty, reading the flight perfectly, takes a well-judged chest mark surrounded by a pack of Bundoora Backmen. Patty then kicks his 1st Goal of the season which was a great result that lifted the teams spirit! Great work Patty!!

Under 11's Match Report

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Preston Bullants Richmond
2.6.18 2.5.17
Goal Kickers Ben 1 and Phoenix 1
Best Players Josh, Harry, Makaio, Liam, Phoenix, Adrian, Remy

The Bullants were back at PCO this week to take on Richmond and the boys were fired up for a big game after coming off 2 wins in a row and playing against a team that just beat us the first time around.

The sun was shining and the ground was in great condition, But Boy O Boy the wind was icy cold blowing a gale straight towards the city and it was about 6 degrees when we started. Our “Eddie Betts” of the U’11s Josh was paying his 50th game today and was made Captain and the boys were fired up to make it a big day for Josh, Richmond won the toss and kicked to the right of screen which was very much wind assisted.

The opening ¼ began and the boys from the outset looked switched on and ready to play and kicking against the strong breeze we ventured into our forward line first a great mark by our “Tom Hawkins marking machine” Oscar K got us going but we were very unlucky not to score, Richmond defended very well and cleared the ball from our forward line and started to attack. Richmond got their running game going and were rewarded by kicking 2 goals late in the ¼ but our boys did a mighty job of defending, at ¼ time Coach Phil was full of praise for the boys and asked them to keep the tempo up as our running game was on today but Richmond were ahead 14-0 at this break.

The second 1/4 and it was the mighty Bullants turn to kick with the wind, Phil, John, Fab & George encouraged the boys to kick long with the breeze and to always play in front but this ¼ was a very tight contest Phoenix, Josh & Liam where getting in and under the packs and diving on all the loose balls and not letting anything through, Harry, Lachie & Callum never stopped running and picking there loose players up in defence with Harry taking some very impressive pack marks to stop Richmond from attacking, Alister & Remy were causing havoc on the wings and picking up plenty of possession. “The Package” Ben who started this ¼ on the bench was placed on to the ground and put in at full forward and was being a big presence, Our own version of “Jarryd Blair” Michael was also in the forward pocket and was creating plenty of chances for us. Richmond kicked a point against the win for this ¼ but other than that the ball spent most of the time in our forward line, as much as we tried we just couldn’t get the ball through the big sticks only registering 2 points with only one minute left in the 1/4, then we had one last attack in us for the half the ball was in the forward pocket and our “Jack Viney” Jesse attacked the ball and got a free kick in the pocket, Jesse went back and with a pin point pass found “The Package” Ben at the top of the square. As Ben marked the siren sounded and he made no mistake and sent the boys into half time on a high with the Bullants trailing 8-15.

The boys had a good rest at half Time and after the coaches had a word to them and reminded them that this would be “The Premiership ¼” and we needed to be on our game and defend like never before with Richmond kicking with the breeze…. Well OMG did the boys stand up and deliver even though we did not score for the ¼ this in the coaches opinions was the boys best ¼ for the year…. We restricted Richmond to only 2 pts for this ¼ and it would be unfair to single anyone out but the whole team stood up to be counted and the way they backed each other up, ran the ball, looked for team mates was nothing more than sensational and at the ¾ time break we were behind 8-17.

Phil, John, Fab & George encouraged the boys on for one more last effort in the last ¼ as they had played sensational all game and had the assistance of the wind with the instructions to kick long at every chance that we had. Our own “Daniel Rich” Adrian was being very affective off the half forward flank and with his booming left foot kicks were to prove invaluable for the Bullants. We started the last ¼ very well and the boys realised that Richmond had dropped a couple of boys back to play loose in our forward line and that they needed to careful when attacking, but this only spurred them on but we were failing to convert on the scoreboard. By half way through the last ¼ we had managed only 3 points with 2 of these hitting the post but the margin was back to 6 points and the Bullants were on the attack… Richmond cleared the ball out of our forward line and had ran it very well to their half forward line and with this they kicked long to a 1 on 3 contest with Harry being the 1 out, Harry took a great contested mark in the back half to relieve the pressure and clear the ball to our wing…. with this Harry found Remy who found our version of “Daniel Wells” Jack on the wing who delivered a great pass to Makaio at centre half forward, Makaio took a great grab and delivered the ball into our forward line, where our own version of “Tom Rockliff” Phoenix pounced on the ball and from 20 metres out snapped truly to bring the Bullants level with Richmond with only 3 minutes left on the clock. From the centre bounce the Bullants attacked Richmond now had the majority of their players in our forward line and they took some telling marks to repel our attack…. What Richmond didn’t count on was our “Daniel Rich” Adrian taking a great mark on the grandstand side of the ground and going back sinking his left foot into the ball and clearing about 8 Richmond players where Josh swooped on the ball dodged 2 players and snapped what proved to be the match winning point. Before Richmond had time to kick the ball in the siren sounded and the MIGHTY BULLANTS had won by 1 point…. What a game and what a win the boys for 59 minutes and 50 seconds of the game were behind but for 10 seconds we were in front it was the 10 seconds that counted, the boys never lost the belief and were rewarded for all their hard work and determination.

The boys shook the opposition’s hand after the game and the opposition coach awarded Josh with the medal for best player for the opposition and it was very well deserved. The boys went back into the rooms and with Josh in the middle sang the song very very loud and all you boys can be very proud of your efforts in this game we had 24 contributors which equals 1 big team effort.

We would also like to say a big thank you to George who coaches the Preston Auskick senior kids and George has been coming to training during the week and helping us out as well as being our defensive coach on Sunday so thanks again George we love having you around. Also again a huge thank you to all the parents for all your help with everything we do really appreciate it.

Under 12's Match Report

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Canterbury B Preston Bullants
8.9.57 3.7.25
Goal Kickers 1 L.Camilleri , 1 J.Martorana , 1 T.D'Ath

Congratulations to Kristian Critelli on celebrating his 50 game milestone.

This was our second time playing against the fast-paced Canterbury and our boys were in great spirits arriving to the ground. They were focussed on the task at hand and ready to play. As with most games, the quarter started strong with both Nicholas and Steven winning the ruck work, however Canterbury ultimately gained control of the ball and were able to move it quickly into their forward line. We saw a fantastic tackle from Marcus early in the quarter and some great pressure applied by Samuel, Maxim and Jack M who kicked our first goal. Even though Canterbury were able to kick 3 goals to our 1.3 it was still a great quarter by our boys as we were picking up loose opposition players and communicating well with one another and most importantly, working as a team.

Our second and third quarters were a different story unfortunately as our communication dropped off and small cracks started to appear in our approach to the game. Having said that though, it is important to point out that our boys were all still trying. However with the communication dropping off after the first quarter we saw more of our players work on their own rather than in groups and supporting one another. We saw Canterbury slowly extend their lead out by five goals. This certainly does not mean there were no highlights in both quarters as Jet worked tirelessly in full back with our other defenders Felix (who never gives up), Phoenix and Kristian who gave a great lesson on how to bump an opposition player. Other highlights included Kristian, Xavier and Phoenix working together, then Felix and Phoenix, and also Jack R hand-balling off to Oliver who then tried kicking for goal. Special mention should also go to Steven, Serge and Toby for their constant pressure on the ball and opposition - without their hard work the score could have been a lot worse at three quarter time.

Going in to the fourth quarter we made six changes to help strengthen the set up as two things were very evident at the close of the third quarter. One, Canterbury were not enjoying the pressure we were starting to apply and two, their pace was starting to drop off. However, we cannot rely on things to fall into our lap, we have to work hard for the rewards and Canterbury were not going to hand it over to us. It was a much better quarter from our boys, a real even game with both sides running with intensity and applying great pressure. The back line worked harder lead by Alex and Felix, while Xavier was getting his body over the ball. Max D and Phoenix once again showed a strong work ethic and constantly pushed the ball out the the back line as well. Our mid field consisting of Steven, Jordan, Luca, Toby and Jack M worked hard alongside Nick who was set the task of being a loose man for the whole quarter and he never stopped running. Unfortunately the strong finish we had hoped for and have become known for did not appear this time as Canterbury proved too strong for the group.

With all games, lessons can be learnt and the most important lesson from this game is that communication is vital to a successful team, as shown by Canterbury. Overall the boys did quite well, however we just couldn’t stand out against the fast-paced, consistent performers of Canterbury.

With two games left in the season, we would like the boys to work together, share each other’s game strategies, trust each other in their respective positions, and show confidence and leadership on the field. They know what needs to be done, it’s up to them to make the magic happen because when the game starts, the coaches and parents are mere spectators.

We love watching our boys - win, lose or draw. Our greatest joy comes when we see the Under 12s come together and apply all the skills and knowledge they have acquired during the season to deliver a beautiful game of footy. It’s so rewarding and makes all the hard work worthwhile. Our parents, volunteers and coaches are all so privileged to play our part in raising and developing great footballers on and off the field.

Go Bullants
Coaches Matt, Craig and Julian

Under 13's Match Report
Preston Bullants Heidelberg
1.2.8 4.5.29
Goals 1 Ethan
Best Players Ethan, Alexander, Patrick, Billy M, Billy Rodda, Eamon, Zach D
Injuries Nil

The Bullants have lost 2 games in a row for the first time this season after a great start by Heidelberg.

Terence played his 50th game for the Bullants and is having another consistent year but the blustery wind reduced the game to a scrap from the outset; both sides found it tough to hit a target and marking the ball was all but impossible.

In a game that was virtually played at one end of the ground for the duration of the game, Heidelberg simply won the contested ball and made the most of their limited opportunities.

Talking Points

"Today was another accurate assessment (of where we are at). We are OK when we are in it, but when they stepped on the pedal we weren’t able to keep going with them and they were just too good on the day," Vaiano said.

"Our boys need to find another way to win … it was a really great solid effort, but solid doesn’t win games.”

"I’m really proud of these boys; I thought they battled hard all day and whilst the decisions didn’t always go our way to the day, they kept their heads up.”

Medical Room

No injuries.

Next Up

The Bullants meet Beverley Hills at Zerbes Reserve in another tough game that will most likely determine where they end up on the ladder after the home and away rounds.

Under 14's Match Report
Brunswick Preston Bullants
3.8.26 5.9.39
Goal Kickers Rhett 2, Ben M 1, Jackson 1, James 1

The moral of this game is treat every opponent with respect. Last time these two sides met back in May at Zwar the Bullants sent the Dragons packing, having reduced the fiery beast to a pile of ashes. Consciously or subconsciously the Bullants headed off to the Dragons lair thinking they’d do it again. Football is funny that way. Each game is another test and the Dragons were ready to test their mettle against the Bullants.

The game was played at Gillon Oval. In its day it was one of the great old VFA grounds. Like PCO it has a wealth of history. For the boys I hope they see a connection to something bigger than the Rd 13 match when they play on such an exalted ground.

If you paused this game after the first five minutes you could have assumed the Bullants were on another rampage. Our key players were getting their hands on the ball (too easily) and inroads were made. When Ben M chased down a Dragon with a great tackle and then kicked true you would not have been mocked saying out loud that the scene was set.

Then, almost imperceptibly, the Dragons started to take control. We put it down to the wind. The ball stayed in their front half. Ben D was working overtime. Chubs took some strong marks. Maivia and Suhail were indispensable. Brunswick played well, we needed to move the ball quicker.

The Dragons continued to assert in the Second. Our forward line wasn’t composed. The game was being played hard, but fair. Then Chilli went down with an ankle injury (he didn’t return). That was a blow. One less big body would put more pressure on the spine.

Alex, Darc and Ben D held firm at every clearance and contest. The game was see-sawing. Ben M, Jakeb (great tackle) and Perry started to get into the game. You could feel the momentum shifting the Bullants way. Then a series of out-of-bounds on the full by the Bullants dashed the wind in the sails. To compound things, the Dragons stole a goal on the siren.

The battle continued into the Third. Finn and Chubs going hard at the contest kept the ball deep in our attacking zone and Rhett snapped a beauty across his body. We got ahead then the Dragons pushed. Scores were level. Then the Dragons inched ahead. They scored 2.5 for the quarter. And might have taken an important lead into the Last. When Darc spotted Jackson about 25m out we had a chance. Jackson sent the leather straight over the Goal umpire’s head. Then Alex got it to Rhett who turned his opponents inside out and added another goal to the board.

The Bullants finished strongly, not letting the Dragons score at all. The wind, creating havoc all day, continued its fun. A 1.4 return could have been more but we’ll settle for the win. The quarter did emphasise the importance of teamwork. The consistency of our best players is well noticed (including Max and Daniel). Other players like Jackson and Jakeb were more heavily involved. Jack K, who gets better with every game made the tackle of the day. This effort lifts teams, especially as they tire. Then James found his way into congested play, took a handpass from Jet and kicked the sealer.

This was a hard fought win. Just what the Bullants needed. What a fitting way to play and win to celebrate our dynamo, Jesse, playing his 100th game; running hard, committing and winning the ball until the final siren.

Please note: Players wore a black armband to pay respect for the passing Luc’s brother.

Under 15's Match Report
Preston Bullants Camberwell 2
13.9.87 3.8.26

The Under 15 team’s last match for the season at PCO, was a fitting contest against an opponent who was strengthened by a handful of players from their “first team”. The game, especially in the first half, was a very tight contest against two committed teams. Each contest was hard fought with both the Bullants and Camberwell playing thoughtful and creative football in the testing conditions. All boys were contributing to a team effort that saw them go into half time with a three goal lead. Again the lead belied the difference between the two teams, as Camberwell had missed a number of scoring opportunities.

At half time, Damian reminded the boys that the third quarter was going to be the most important in the game, as Camberwell were going to be assisted by a strong tail wind. Right from the outset, the team to a man, showed they were not going to let Camberwell get any run at the goals. The standard of the contest rose, as the boys took the game away from Camberwell with effective handball and more precise kicking to team mates in advantageous positions. The second half saw the boys peppering the goals with selfless play and concluded with them have a very comfortable win against a good opponent.

Congratulations to Jack on playing his 50th game. Again he played his heart out and brought other boys into the game with his intelligent play. Mention must be made also of Matty Maolio who played arguably the best game by an Under 15 Bullant this year and was justly rewarded with Camberwell’s best opposition player award. Every boy contributed to the win, which has been indicative of the season so far, and is the main reason the team sits atop the ladder with two games to go in the home and away season.

Colts 1 Match Report

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Preston Bullants GDU
8.13.61 4.4.28
Goal Kickers Aidan B 4, Anthony M 2 Jack H 1, Adrian D 1
Best Players Max, Julian, Aidan, Tom, Jack, Anthony, Alex, Nick (for a half!)

Great to see Nick Zonta play his 100th game for the Bullants. He was on fire on the ball in the first half, repeatedly winning clearances and driving the footy forward. A sore hamstring saw him sit out the second half. The hamstring was tested again after the game when his teammates insisted on carrying him off the ground, great to see their fondness for Nick but not sure it helped the hammy!

The game was won in the first quarter and a half with really good work in the ruck from Tom and Jack giving us first use and the on-ballers pushing it forward to an electric ‘Cyril’ Moletta and Baino. When GDU did go forward the wings and defenders were very disciplined in holding the defensive structure and then looking to spread the ball quickly. All 21 players were fantastic in this first half of the game.

In the second half GDU were full of spirit and the game was split 50/50 on the scoreboard which I think reflected their effort. Particularly strong in the last quarter when challenged were Alex, Fos and Jackson down back.

This colts team really looks like you enjoy playing footy together. For most of you these are your last handful of games for the Bullants. Make sure you enjoy them. If you win the last two you will finish second, and then it can really get exciting.

Go Bullants!

Colts 2 Match Report

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Preston Bullants Richmond
7.7.49 7.17.59
Best Players  

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