Bullant Banter Semi Finals 2016

Presidents Message

Whitlam Wag Malkoun landscapeWeek one of finals complete that sees both our Colts 1 and Under 15 teams advance straight through to a Grand Final showdown with a week off! A massive congratulations to both teams, their coaching panel and families on all fronts. Enjoy the week off!

Our U14’s showed great resistance right through all 4 quarters of their elimination final falling short by only a couple of goals. Well done to Ang, Karen and the team on a fantastic year that had challenges from all angles of which each and every one of them was overcome and faced with true Bullant spirit. A very solid result based on sheer hard work and determination.

While the U13’s team had a huge result in knocking off Heidelberg Y in their elimination final by just 2 points! A team that the Bullants had lost to in round 6 by 22 points and then again in round 13 by 20 points!. In fact in the last match against them the Bullants scored just 1.3.9 to 4.5.29. So to come out in an elimination final and win 4.6.30 to 3.10.28 is a true testament to the hard work and solid training implemented by the coaching panel in Dom and George who brought the focus back to the most important aspect of junior football all week long….simply go out there and have fun.

So with 2 teams resting, and one team playing off for a shot at the Grand Final, we would again love to see as many supporters in their “Bullant Red: gear down at Doncaster’s ground in Schramms Reserve this Sunday being August 21 for a 10.15AM start. The more the merrier! Details on the ground here: map

A short report this week with plenty happening on the field. Looking forward to another great weekend of local junior YJFL action followed by a big Sunday next week for Grand Final day of which we will advise of all match times and grounds as soon as the details come to hand.

Good luck to Dom, George and the U13’s go the Might Preston Bullants!

Whitlam Malkoun
Preston Bullants JFC

Under 13's Match Report
Preston Bullants Heidelberg Y
4.6.30 3.10.28
Goals 2 Ethan, 1 Panta, Jamie.
Best Players Charlie, Nick, Mr B, Frank, Ben, Patrick
Injuries Rodda Leg (test)

The Bullants have progressed to a preliminary final against the Whitehorse Colts with a narrow victory over Heidelberg in arguably their best game of the season on a beautiful sunny Sunday morning at Templestowe reserve.

The Bullants fans let out a huge roar at the final siren as their team defeated Heidelberg, 4.6 (30) to 3.10 (28).

The Bullants lead by sixteen points at the final change to hold off a fast finishing opposition.

Although Heidelberg managed 2.2 to zero in the final quarter, the Bullants held firm in defence and sealed the game with 45 seconds left on the clock after Heidelberg gave away an undisciplined 25m penalty on centre wing to all by ice the game.

Talking Points

Bullants coach Dom Vaiano was thrilled with his side's composure when it was required.

"For the players and for our fans, it's a big day. It's very exciting," he said.

"Today we did enough to hold off a fast finishing Heidelberg who we have great respect for. It was a great reward for the players. We're miles ahead of where we started from at the beginning of the season, and we’re doing enough to win games.

“In terms of my message, it has not altered since we started this campaign. What we're trying to do is communicate that message to each other. They did it with a lot of maturity throughout the game."

“I thought we worked hard all day as a team, which is what we spoke about before the game.”

Medical Room

Rodda again came off in the second quarter with a badly bruised leg and sat out remainder of the game. “The club will not be taking any chances with the key ruckman,” said Assistant Coach George. Rodda is booked to have scans on the troublesome leg on Monday to try and identify and cause of the issue.

Next Up

The Bullants meet Whitehorse in the preliminary final on Sunday with the winner booking a place in the GF again Kew Comets.

Under 14's Match Report
Banyule Preston Bullants
12.10.82 10.10.70

Thank you to all parents who helped out all through the year.

This is the last Match Report of the U14s 2016 season. And what a year it has been. The year started with the team struggling to make 18 players and finished with a healthy list of 23 (or 26 if you count our U12s and U13s ring-ins!). The team started its training at Hardiman Reserve somewhere in Bundoora, then made its way to Cotchin Reserve somewhere deep in Reservoir before finally settling back in at its home ground, Zwar.

The season started with our team inappropriately graded as a Brown division team, suffering some soul jarring losses before being more appropriately graded in Blue division. Our lads went from a 0-5 start to 2016 before righting the ship and finishing the second half of the footy calendar with an 8-2 win/loss scorecard (including beating ladder leaders Warrandyte by 40 points).

A huge thank you and credit goes to Ange the coach, his trusty assistant Aiden, his ever reliable runners, Rob and Matt and the always organised Karen and her able assistant, Jo. There are other parent supporters of course (our team is brimming with parents that volunteer) but this was the core team.

And the credit goes to the players that make up the wonderful U14 team. They can stand tall with their efforts this year. From the new players, Rhett, Anthony, Ben M, Suhail and James, who all brought something essential to this team, to the players who have played together for years (and in some instances, six years).

Leo wasn’t available for the Semi Final but he was certainly part of the squad. Chilli, probably shouldn’t have played but he played his guts out. I’m sure I’m not alone in admiring (and being a little bit intimidated by) his ferocious primordial scream to throw the opposition. It became an element of our playing style. Matty M had a tough year but he persevered because he aint no quitter. At his best, which we saw plenty of, he’s a core player.

This year saw great improvement in a range of players. Finn first caught my eye against Beverley Hills in Rd 9 with his tackling and determination. And he kept on getting better. Jakeb secured his spot as a midfielder/wing with his run and commitment to be first to the contest. James M must have eaten concrete during his mid-year break. By the Brunswick game he was a lock-in as your forward pocket goal sneak (think Hawks Puopolo).

Jackson has shown signs of his ability but playing Warrandyte he stepped up. A Wing/forward flank who could open up the forward half with his run as good as the best. Suhail was a wildcard. He had never played competition Aussie Rules before. As the year went on he was a definitive part of the Bullant bullet-proof defence.

Our man in the forward line, Charbel, found his groove and when he got the chance he took it. He kicked goals, created opportunities and was goal assist on more than one occasion. Each week you could see Perry understand the game’s rhythms a little bit better until he started to control the beat. His ball skills grew and his confidence grew and he kept on getting better. And what about Jack K. He got taller and faster and harder and he did not stop. Played his best game just last week. He’s your classic wing. Finally, Teddy! Commitment and character. Roaming deep in the forward line, ready to take the mark or assist. One of the guys.

The Bullants first twelve is an imposing group. Jesse and Anthony played as if they were ten feet tall. They would fight until the dying of the light to get the ball, to get the Bullants running forward, to get that next score on the board. Max and Maivia, solid as quartz. They don’t know how not to defend. Both slick and clean with their ball skills and strong marks. I lost count how many times they stopped opponents in their tracks.

Leo and Chilli are as chalk and cheese when it comes to front half players. But they know how to read the play and given room will do damage. In Leo’s case, the tighter the room the better, the less time the better – he will score. In Chilli’s case, let him lead and he will deliver. Two new players, Ben M and Rhett became part of our spine. They both played equally well in the front and back half. Creative and conservative in equal measure. Two of last year’s rising stars are Ben D and Daniel. This year they solidified their positions. Ben D as the CHB and Daniel with his catch me if you can daring runs through the centre. Very different styles but both essential cogs to create a team that uses teamwork and structures to win.

Finally, Alex and Darc. Leaders. By example. In the last game of the Home and Away season Alex, crook as a dog, played one of the best games of the year. The next week Darc, struggling with a most painful back muscle injury did the same. They are great players and by their actions they show others what can be done. They are great people, and by their actions they showed their team-mates what you can be.

Congratulations to the U14s Bullants. Not so much for making the finals. That’s a good achievement for sure but what you have done is about something much more. So congratulations for working as a team. For your hard work. For your discipline. For rising to the challenge. For striving. These things are important in building your character and building community. So, congratulations, you did well. See you next year, wearing the red and white with the imposing Bullant on the front, ready to take on all comers in U15s!

Under 15's Match Report
Preston Bullants Parkside
10.14.74 7.2.44

See you at the Grand Final

Go Bullants!

Colts 1 Match Report

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Whitehorse Colts M Preston Bullants
7.4.46 14.11.95
Best Players  

See you at the Grand Final

Go Bullants!

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