Bullant Banter Round 4 2018

Presidents Message

The committee have been working hard in the background on many projects with one simple view in mind, and that is to better the club with each decision we make as a group to move and advance the club forward. One that we have been working on for some time is the redevelopment of Zwar Park with items such as an electronic scoreboard, the revamping of both the home and away rooms along with larger items such as the installation of permanent coach’s boxes along with the total redevelopment of the club rooms creating somewhere for us to truly call home, and display our silverware’s along with the many other achievements this club has produced over the last 18 years or so to which we look forward to adding many more wonderful lifelong memories to enjoy.

The coach’s/players shelters are approx. 2 weeks off completion with relocation works completed last week. Without the support, help and sheer drive of Mr Alan Turner (A A Turner Pty Ltd Builders) this project would still very much be on the drawing board. Alan has very kindly volunteered his time, resources and contacts to make this project a reality, with the support of other Bullants families in particular the Zonta Group who have also donated their resources and materials to bring it together, makes for a very exciting start to Zwar Park as we move forward onto the next project.

On behalf of the entire club, we wish to express our gratitude and thank you for your generosity.

Big Happy Mother’s Day to all our Wonderful Mum’s and special people in our lives!

An extra special Sunday this week being Mother’s Day which gives us all an opportunity to say a big, massive thank-you to all our wonderful Mum’s and Carer’s that mean the world to us. On behalf of the club and all players, we would hope you all had an extra special day. Thank you for all you do.

Preston Bullants Auskick kicking some BIG goals!

WOW!! What a HUGE turnout for our Bullants Auskickers!! Our very own co-ordinator Jodi James has taken full charge to make this programme run remarkable smooth and full of activity for the youngest members of our Bullants community who seem to never tire! The entire programme has been full revamped that sees the kids touching a ball on average every 9 seconds, so a very active hands on session is being run through several groups spread right out over Zwar Park resembling a carnival like atmosphere!

I popped in to see the great work Jodi and her team were doing Saturday past and was absolutely flabbergasted to the way it was organised and run. Not shy about asking for volunteers on the morning to run the BBQ and get involved in other activities, Jodi is of the firm belief that she needs to recruit possible another 6 or so coaches! MASSIVE!! And very exciting indeed.

Nothing better than having your siblings come along and keep active in this wonderful environment, keeping mum’s and dad’s busy and the real highlight for me is having the forever loving grandparents along watching and also getting involved with their grand children’s activities. We put a call out to our “bigger” Bullants players form week to week to come and take on activities with a couple form our U15’s attending this week in Terence and Joshua. A wonderful morning, great to give back to the club from a player’s perspective and I would urge you to get a few players down for an hour when your team is called upon and I promise you will leave with nothing more than a big satisfying smile from ear to ear when you do, for these kids are nothing short of remarkable and highly entertaining!

So there you have a brief snap shot as to goings on within our wonderful club, with grading games over, I wish you all the best for the season ahead, simply be the best you can.

Go The Mighty Preston Bullants!!

Whitlam Malkoun
Preston Bullants JFC

Under 9's WHITE Match Report
Brunswick Bullants

Another perfect Autumn morning and the Bullants were up against Brunswick Dragons at Gillon Reserve. Pre-game warm up went well with a little bit of one on one to get the boys moving. The pre-game umpires address was suitably informative, with the direction that smothering wasn’t allowed met with justifiable disbelief. Well that’s one of the one percenters gone! In a massive development for our team Coach Dan and Russ were being listened to and completed their pre-game chat uninterrupted.  It was kind of distracting.

So the ball is bounced, and once again the Bullants got jumped and Brunswick got the first 2 or 3 on the board. The funny thing was, the guys were playing really well, maybe we were just a little sleepy! The backline was excellent, led by Asher who had the job on their gun, chasing, tackling and winning frees, and clearing the ball back into our midfield.

The second term was a bit more of the same, with some fantastic endeavour and effort from our guys. The midfield was really starting to gel. I love the way Cohen kicks a footy…he kept finding Percy, Jayden and Caden and we started getting into the forward line. Another stand out in the midfield this week was Jonah. It was his first run in the midfield and he had some very important touches. He always tried to move into space to, which is a great lesson for all the boys.

In the second half we really turned it around in no small part thanks to Benjamin P’s best on ground performance in the backline. What a goer Ben is! He kept finding the footy, running around players and pumping it long. Andrew also had some decisive clearing kicks to get us out of trouble.

Come the last term we continued our good form and started looking a bit more threatening in the forward line. Just when it looked like me might go goalless, Spence seized his opportunity. Gathering the ball cleanly he swung onto his right boot, kicked it over his left shoulder and it never looked like missing. A really good goal Spencer. Well done! One of the reasons we kept going forward was that Brunswick couldn’t get it past our backline, more specifically, they couldn’t get it past Gigi. He was reading the play really well and was marking everything that came his way. His kicking was pretty good to, so well done Gigi on your best game for the Bullants so far.

We had a couple more opportunities to kick goals in the last term. Zach B got an opportunity to score from in front and just missed, and Joe Wood was running into an open goal following a deep kick from Louis, but soccered instead of picking it up, which isn’t allowed in Tackers. Some valuable lessons there. If we all play as a team and move the ball well and quickly we can score. Second, we all need to improve our kicking so we can pass to teammates and kick goals, so practice with your mum and dad whenever you can, and we’ll also practice at training this week.

Well done again tackers. Looking at the team play last Sunday it’s clear that we’re improving, so we’ll see you at training on Friday for more fun, friends and footy!

Under 9's RED Match Report
St Marys T

A fine Sunday morning for footy as the Tackers Reds headed off to Greensborough Park for a 10am start against St Marys T.

A beautiful venue, with old fashioned rooms, and the surroundings of gum trees. The sun was sinning and there wasn’t an ounce of wind, a little wet, but perfect conditions for footy.

This week we would be without Oscar we would miss his hardness at the ball; but we welcomed back both Ned and Patrick.

Team Manager Dave was busy getting us organised and the boys and girls looked sharp in their pre-game drills and they looked pumped. Our spies told us that St Marys had a few gun players so we had to be on our game. Importantly we would need to stick on our players, be in front, and back each other up.

St Marys were short 4 players due to illness and we were happy to assist them and rotate our players through, which meant that most players got allot of game time.
Craig Spark was in the assistant duties this week – thanks Craig. (But Assistant coach Shane not far away at work sending a text for the results at siren time).

We got off to a cracker, the centres were right in it from the first bounce, pouncing on the ball and moving it forward. The game was played at a frantic pace with the game going back and forward across the 4 X 12 minute quarters.

A fantastic team effort. Everyone got involved.

Adam was lively up forward moving around creating heaps of opportunities and was rewarded with a couple of goals ( which he informed me was his plan as he had made a promise to his aunt and uncle). Alberto continued with last week’s medal form but in the centre this week, nullifying his opponents and taking mark of the year. Daniel again was working hard and lifted again after his coach wanted him to “go nuts and run-run-run” out of the centre at 3 quarter time.

Dylan “the Rolls Royce” (so smooth and clean) was again on fire creating opportunities as they came his way and he had the ball on a string Pendelbury like. Eddy Spark again following on from last week, a heart like Phar Lap with constant chasing and second efforts. Eduardo – the quiet achiever, again providing the linking and being first to the ball ahead of his opponents, which is not lost on the coaching staff. Ned, back in the side after illness, raring to go, comes off the interchange in the first quarter with immediate impact being under the packs, farming the ball out.

Ellery again in the thick of it. So versatile and once those eyes are locked onto the ball – watch out! Jack Thomas another Jack Riewoldt performance, everything sticks in those hands, class personified. Kirk again on fire, tremendous determination for the footy, chasing and tackling. Lachlan, whether it’s in the backline of forward line, standing tall, using his footy brain (he can make the coach go internally berserk at times) and a great goal to show for his efforts.

Leon again running hard, first to the ball, under packs and rewarded with a goal. He is an example to everyone. Leroy the Kane Lambert of the side, reliable and dependable and has a few tricks to come I reckon, and responds to being “Tiger Tough”. Liam again focused, determined and straight at it, causing the St Mary’s brains trust to reach for the Panadol.

Lucas, the smart and best dressed footballer (he has an amazing array of training shirts) running straight down the lines, mopping up anything that was loose.

Matilda again fought hard. She was at the front of packs hands out and using a really loud voice, making the coach really proud. Best game of the year for Michael with his confidence growing week on week. He chased everything down and was very clean disposing the ball. Patrick terrific having him back, making a number of leads and importantly finding his own space between the 50 and top of the square, rewarded with a goal – a Bontempelli performance. The ever reliable William - You ask him for 100% he gives you 200%, constantly at the ball whether in the air or on the ground, just growing in stature each week. And finally Ella, another solid 4 quarter effort for both the Bullants and her quarter with St Mary’s. Her attack on the footy inspirational, always in the play and was awarded the medal.

Really proud of our efforts and it was great to hear how the St Mary’s coach remarked about the way we played and the respect we had shown to their players and club. Well done everyone.

Again the song was sung loudly and proudly at the end of the game with the team setting up a circle and our captain Adam and medal winner Ella in the middle of the circle.

Thanks again to all who assisted on the day its much appreciated by all.  

Under 10's WHITE Match Report

Well, that was an eventful Saturday morning!! Besides my own personal struggles, of having a cat stuck in my car engine and having to get an Uber to the ground at 7.30am.. Only ONE player turned up for South Yarra, a young lady named Sabrina.

But it showed what a great bunch of kids we have at the Bullants... We got all available kids that were at the ground, including under 13's siblings and friends who had been on sleepovers, to join in and play a muck about game. Sabrina, to her credit, stuck around and got out there with all the boys. She was a bit tentative to start, but the boys were amazing, they gave her the ball at EVERY opportunity, they even gifted her with her very first goal, EVER, Wow was her mum and coach proud!!  

Hopefully we get a good game this week v Glen Iris.

Under 10's RED Match Report
Templestowe Bullants

It was a glorious morning at Templestowe- birds were singing, the sun was shining - our team was all ready and it seemed we were way ahead of our opponents who it appeared had not even turned up! We quickly realised we were standing on the wrong oval and had to move to the other side of the pavilion - Templestowe were present.

The first quarter was a reasonably even contest although Templestowe had the ball in their half for most of the quarter. Leon had a great pick up and a nice run, Jack also was reading the ball well and had a couple of lovely pick-ups and runs and managed to save a goal.

Templestowe then were able to penetrate their forward and goal although there was excellent pressure applied along the way - Shep and Archie laying some excellent tackles. It was clear this was going to be the toughest game of the season so far.

Second quarter started off much as we had left the first quarter - it was hard, competitive footy. In this quarter we saw very strong marking and hitting of targets by Templestowe  and their kicks on goal were super impressive. But did our boys give up? No they did not...Jack continued his excellent attack on the ball and marked and contested brilliantly; Noah S who is the newest player to football kept reading the play and applied defensive pressure, Shep kept running and tackling and applying pressure; Tom had a great quarter marking strongly and putting himself strongly into the contest; Archie was marking and smothering.  Half time showed that Templestowe had performed very strongly second quarter - we were struggling to get the ball out past the Templestowe forward 50.

I'm not sure what was in the snakes at half time Will (!!!) but our boys had a brilliant third quarter. The quarter started with a solid mark from Jack who kicked to Stoj for a beautiful mark. There were Bullants playing stepping up to stop the Templestowe attacking pressure. Roman, Stoj, Archie, Sonny, Jack , Shep, Zac, Edwin  and Tom all worked really hard and there was some fantastic marking and standing up in pack contests. Stoj went down and we thought NOOO ! Leon was already sitting out the game after a nasty bump - but Stoj got up and ran onto the field - he seemed more determined to have an impact and attacked the ball strongly. Great effort Stoj! I was so impressed by the third quarter - our boys kept trying and contesting and working together. At half time the midfield sat in a circle and were talking through what they could do - great leadership boys and Steve was a support to them.

Paul asks the boys to play as a team, to have fun, to work hard and not drop their heads...your message is getting through Paul. The last quarter was again toughly contested. It was hot and the boys were tiring but they kept hard at the ball. The highlight of the day was all the strong marking and positioning - our kicks didnt always hit a target but we kept defensive pressure up and worked as a team. Our second half was very impressive against a team that kept strongly contesting and pushing forward.

Bullants well done - we were all impressed by your effort and courage and determination.

Jack finished the day as he started and was rewarded with the medal from Templestowe - excellent effort Jack.

Under 11's Match Report
Bullants Camberwell Sharks
3.2.20 9.3.57

U11’s were favoured with a home game at Zwar and a beautiful autumn day to take on the Camberwell Sharks. As far as a grading game went, this held little importance with relegation to Brown division highly likely, irrespective of today’s result.

More importantly it was another chance for these boys to show what they were capable of and to build on the incremental improvements over the past few weeks.

Thomas Venuto and Darby Watson were nominated as Captains and asked to lead by example. Warm ups were more focused than in previous weeks and we held some hope that our start would be better as a result.

The theme for today was simple. Get to the contest and make it a contest. Everyone accountable for their man. Don’t let them have easy possessions.

From the opening bounce there were some signs that a few Bullants would stand tall. Thomas Venuto put his body on the line from the outset with fierce tackles, shepherding and attack on the footy. Taking my request to lead by example seriously, this attack was sustained for the entire match resulting in his best game to date. Isaac Browne took on all comers with great tackles on his larger opponents showing no fear. It looked like our backline was set up a bit better position wise, however we didn’t man up tight enough and the strong marking of Camberwell exposed us time and again as their forwards took uncontested marks at will. Before long, the Sharks had piled on 3 unanswered goals and it looked like it might be another long day for the Bullants. There were positives however. Hamish used his run out of defence. Our Midfield was matching it in most areas and once they got it out to the running machine that is Marcus Carelli, the little champ kept us in touch with a long goal on the run.

Quarter time Sharks 3:1:19 Bullants 1:0:6

Quarter time was the same message as previous weeks. Man up, make your opponent accountable, keep close contact goal side. We were getting exposed overhead & “out the back”. Go for the mark or the spoil.

The second term saw a flat footed Bullant side and Camberwell make us pay again with a quick goal. There were some great tackles laid by Ned and Joe showed his usual run and tackles from half back but again it was all Camberwell. 3 goals to 0 saw the Bullants well and truly on the back foot and facing a half time deficit of 32 points. 6:3:38 to 1:0:6.

The boys were called into the rooms. It was time to draw a line in the sand.

After a drink and oranges, the boys were asked to grab a jumper and get in tight. I asked if it was tough out there? Several boys complained of the physicality of the Sharks. All were reminded that there are 2 teams of U11’s out there. The Sharks weren’t necessarily better than us but we had to have some self-belief and start showing something. In a “Simon Reid Special”, a ball was held aloft. Who wanted it more? Who was prepared to put their body on the line and get it? Who would demand it? Tom and Dom were clearly angry at some of the attention they received…”Fine! Get angry if that’s what it takes! Use that anger to attack the ball and the ball carrier!” “Let’s all get angry then!” Ball aloft again, “Who’s ground is it?” A resounding “OURS!” “Who’s ball is it?” A deafening “OURS!” “Then go and get it!”

It was a different Bullant side that took to the field for the second half.

All around the ground the Bullants attacked the ball and their opponent with gusto. Venuto went up another gear and dominated his wing. Tommy G ran hard, tackled and was duly rewarded for his efforts with a goal. The Sharks didn’t let up but their attacks were repelled decisively. A fantastic play was Jake putting on a great shepherd for Tom, giving him time to pick up the ball and run it out of defence. Issy, Tom & Dom all went up a gear and “Got their angry on!” while Hamish drove forward from the middle and looked dangerous. A behind to Hamish was the only score for most of the quarter and the Bullants looked the better side. They certainly wanted it more. Unfortunately despite their hard work, Camberwell pulled two late goals from nowhere and we went into ¾ time 39 points down.
The game was gone but the scoreboard wasn’t telling all of the story. The last quarter was to be about the Bullants fighting spirit and the glimmer of self-belief apparent in the boys eyes. We had taken it to the Sharks and from the raised voices from their huddle, they didn’t like it. Lets keep it up and finish the game off with some pride.

The final quarter saw an explosive run out of the middle by Tommy G who hit a hard lead from Hamish who was away in a flash until within range. The opening goal saw his team mates get around him and spirits lift. Finally we were seeing the Bullants of old, hitting hard and full of run. Sam continued his recent form and was an absolute machine in his attack on ball and opponent. Around the ground tempers were getting frayed with the increased physicality. To their credit, the Bullants only had eyes for the ball and would not be drawn into anything untoward. We kept the opposition scoreless for the final term and ran off the ground with heads high.

Back in the rooms, the boys were praised for their focus on the ball and their impressive second half. Again, the scoreboard didn’t tell the full story but we know in our hearts what we did, what we can do and what we must continue to do.

Thomas Venuto was awarded the Sharks medal for his brilliant game. Well-deserved Venuto! Notable mentions to Hamish, Marcus, Sam and Dom (for getting his angry on!), great games all. Special mention to Browny…when I called out asking if he was angry…. The biggest smile you’ve ever seen and a thumbs up yes coach!
Really proud of how the boys stood up today and hope it’s a promise of things to come.

Under 12's Match Report
Whitehorse Colts
1.0.6 10.10.70
Goal Kickers  Jaxsyn (6), TJ (2), Robert (1) and Anthony (1)

On Sunday, Melbourne woke to a perfectly still day with glorious sunshine.  Everyone wants to be out on a day like that!  Let’s hope May continues to deliver such fine Sunday’s.  
The Under 12 Bullants were welcomed by Whitehorse Colts in our last grading game for 2018 in Blue division.  It was bottom versus top and the Bullants were conscious not to let their recent convincing three wins create over confidence.  The coaching team set clear objectives in the pre-game team meeting focussing on transition/ball movement, work around the football and each player taking accountability for 1 tackle and 1 shepherd per quarter.  
The coaching team led with a different forward structure in the first half, a 4 man forward line with 2 loose back men.  Robbie and TJ played deep forward with Will and Grady playing high half forward.  Will, Grady and TJ rotated into the mid-field during the first half.  What a weapon this structure turned out to be, with all players playing their role!  The backline, led by Patty, kept the Colts scoreless in the first quarter and scoring 1.0.6 by half time.  The formidable forward line scored 3.2.20 by quarter time and went in to the half time break 7.2.44.  Having been elevated to Green Division from Round 5 we will encounter a much stronger opposition; this proven structure will help us hold a strong defence while creating some excitement down forward.  
At half time, we employed our traditional structure and gave the team a realistic third quarter objective to keep the opposition scoreless and score 3 goals ourselves.  The backline was triumphant, keeping the Colts scoreless and the forward line fell short by 2 goals.  Unfortunately, the Bullants game in the third quarter could be described as a ‘rabble’.  At three quarter time, Pat challenged the Bullants to return to our style of football – keep the ball moving, quick hands, 2nd and 3rd efforts and use the voice to support quick decision making.  This resulted in a much cleaner final quarter of football and another convincing win.  
A few special mentions for Round 4:

  • Unfortunately, on Sunday we were without Caspian (healing broken thumb), Asher (away with family) and Lucas (broken finger).  We look forward to welcoming Asher back for Round 5 but Caspian will be another week and Lucas will be another 5 weeks unfortunately.

  • Congratulations to our goal kickers: Jaxsyn (6), TJ (2), Robert (1) and Anthony (1).  Well done Jaxsyn on 6 goals this week, what a great effort!

  • Well done to Javier (one of our first-time players) for an exciting passage of play on Sunday – clean ball pick-up to gain possession, acceleration and an effective disposal.  The hard work at training is paying off.  The coaching team were ecstatic!

  • Great hands from Robbie in the forward line on Sunday and using his body to out muscle the full back taking a clean mark and scoring a goal.  Robbie’s effort during pre-season has been first rate and we are thrilled to see him settle in to his new team.

  • Rylan worked tirelessly in the ruck for the majority of the game on Sunday and his dependable work rate and agility around the ground is outstanding.  Well done Rylan!

  • Patty is back!  Patty worked hard to lead the backline on Sunday keeping the opposition to 1 goal only.

  • TJ continues to demonstrate his value playing inside forward 50, goal kicking and hitting up team mates on the lead who goal as a result.

  • Will and Grady’s effort around the ground for the whole game was exceptional.  Will’s continual run and accurate disposal was high class and Grady’s courage and effort in the contest was excellent.  Well done boys!

The Round 5 draw has been announced with the Under 12 Bullants being elevated to Green division.  The coaching team and players are looking forward to the challenge of strong competition.  This will be necessary for our continued development as a playing group and as individuals.    
Go Bullants!

Under 13's GIRLS Match Report
Bullants Kew Rovers
6.4.40 3.2.20

We were back at home at Zwar Reserve for round 4 after taking to the road the last couple of weeks. Another sunny Melbourne day to behold and our girls seemed pretty excited about the upcoming match versus Kew. We had another two debutants in Olivia and Tyler playing their first games for the mighty red and white, with both girls adding speed to our already super quick list. The opposition was short on players and our girls did not hesitate in volunteering to play for the opposition. The sportsmanship within this team is really strong and makes us all proud. We were a little slow out of the blocks but still managed to outscore the opposition for the first term. The ball seemed to spend a lot of time in our back half for the quarter with Victoria mopping up and kicking long on several occasions. Libby’s speed also shone through. Ella at full forward managed to run through and kick a long girl to put us on the board. At the first break the scores were Preston 1.1.7 to Kew 0.0.0.

The second quarter saw the game tighten right up with Kew’s tackle pressure reminding me a lot of our own over the past few weeks. But our girls were in for a fight. The twins were running hard but even they found it difficult to find space in a very congested contest. We did not manage a score for the term but I still felt we had the guts to win this one. Kew registered their first score, a behind, and they probably deserved to be in front at half time. The Bullant grit and determination was about to be tested. The scores at half time were Preston 1.1.7 to Kew 0.1.1.

The third quarter saw the game go up to a new level. Kew was on fire and with Charlotte playing for the opposition they cashed in. They booted 2 goals for the quarter and hit the lead half way through the term. Our girls rallied hard with Erin, Marianne and Freya all showing fight. Hailey, one of our young brigade, was leading the way in the third quarter and locking the ball in at every chance. She has classic white line fever and I love it. Her determination was infectious and by three quarter time we had wrestled back the lead via a great team goal finished off by Erin. The girls ran in to the three quarter time huddle with purpose and intent. I knew at this moment that we were about to explode. The score at the break was Preston 2.3.15 to Kew 2.1.13.

The final quarter saw us play our customary free flowing game of 2018. We were moving the ball into space and our forwards all became dangerous. Charlotte was moved into the ruck and she gave us energy straight away. Lily played on ball and Olivia was moved to full forward, kicking a major in the first few minutes. From that moment on the flood gates opened and we managed to pile on 4 unanswered goals to take the game away from the opposition in 8 minutes of football. A highlight was Lucy kicking one of the goals of the year on her left foot. Kew managed to kick a late consolation goal but the day belonged to the Bullants. At the end of the match Tyler was awarded the opposition medal, a brilliant display in her first outing in Bullant colours. I told the girls to remember the feeling at three quarter time and to keep it up our sleeves for use later on in the year. Final scores were Preston 6.4.40 to Kew 3.2.20. A powerful display of football in the end. See you all at training on Wednesday night.

I write this every week but it should never lose its meaning. Thanks to Emma, Mish, Leanne, Bek, Jamie, Pauline, Sofie, Marc and Suki for taking on the match day roles. Emma is sensational with the rotations and the board and her football knowledge is a huge advantage. And when she is not around we have an ex AFL player in Jamie Cooper as the brains trust. My job is made easy because of all you guys. Thank you.

Under 13's Match Report
Bulleen Templestowe Bullants
4.3.27 2.19.31
Goal Kickers Coen 2

After experiencing their first loss of the season the previous week, the Preston Bullants were hoping to respond well in their fourth round encounter away at Bulleen Park West against Bulleen Templestowe.

After the first bounce, it was Bulleen Templestowe that got off to the perfect start, winning the first centre clearance and kicking the first goal of the match to take an early lead. The Preston Bullants reacted well, and applied plenty of pressure to lock the ball in their forward half for large parts of the first quarter, typified by Nathan applying a great chase down tackle on a larger opponent running the ball out of defence. Despite the forward pressure from the likes of Josh and Dion, the boys could only impact the scoreboard with six behinds to square the ledger before Bulleen Templestowe, in a quick transition out of defence, added a second goal to extend their lead. The Preston Bullants continued to attack, and finished with 10 behinds for the quarter.

As the second quarter commenced, Bulleen Templestowe would again kick the first goal of the quarter, extending their lead, while the Preston Bullants, despite their best attacking endeavours, could only add another three behinds, their first goal proving elusive. When Bulleen Templestowe did probe forward, their ball movement was fairly decisive, and could have been up by more had it not been for the Preston Bullants’ steely defence, with Daniel getting a desperate touch on a shot at goal. Having not kicked any majors in the first half, the Preston Bullants’ 13 behinds meant that they trailed Bulleen Templestowe by 8 points at half time.

When play resumed, the work rate around the ball lifted, with Nathan applying strong pressure at the contest, and Jordan relentless in his desperation to win the ball. Seb F, who’d been outnumbered by a few opposition players when the ball drifted forward, was equally committed, refusing to lose the contest, and winning a stoppage that allowed his teammates to set up. The general play had been an arm wrestle, with neither team gaining any ascendency in the third quarter, until great defensive efforts from Harry and Lachie forced the ball forward, with Coen pouncing to break the deadlock and finally kick their first. When Anthony saw the opportunity to have a shot at an open goal square late in the quarter, the ball seemed to take an eternity to bounce towards goal, only for it to be rushed through for a behind, one that would tie the scores at 21 apiece, setting up a tense final quarter.

In the fourth, Phoenix provided a consistent outlet out of the middle and Jack and Lucas continued to present up forward, with the latter kicking another minor score, only this time the behind gave the visitors the slimmest of leads, before Coen kicked his second, opening up a handy buffer to defend, and our defenders rose to the challenge, as Lachie and Rufus took some great contested marks, and Harry laid a critical tackle. Despite the pressure, the result was still in dispute, and when Bulleen Templestowe kicked their fourth goal, there was only a kick in it. When Jacob ran on to have a shot at goal, kicking a behind that had brought premature cheers from the Preston Bullants fans (it looked like a goal!), the tension was finally relieved moments later as the final siren sounded. A great finish to an entertaining match, and a win the boys can be particularly proud of.


Under 14's Match Report
Greythorn Bullants
1.2.8 23.24.162

This week we were blessed with another beautiful Sunday afternoon in Greythorn as the U14 boys ran out the last of the grading games against Greythorn. The boys played well defeating them 23.24.162 to 1.2.8.

Again, we unfortunately had to give 2 players to the opposition as they lacked numbers, and we thank Jack Beker and Maxim Schaper for volunteering themselves to play for the opposition.

The boys came out blazing with a great start to the game being up 9.5.59 by quarter time, playing excellent football. The boys unfortunately conceded 2 points in the first part of the second term as structures fell down and the boys became complacent. After half time the boys struggled to get a grip on the game plan and fell down, allowing the opposition to kick a goal. Finally the boys came out firing to finish the game the way they started kicking a brilliant 7 goals with highlight goals by, Tom Reynolds and N.Perizzolo finishing the grading period off in great style highlighting what we can expect to see, as the boys now progress into the Brown Division.

Now we turn our attention to Canterbury, who have had a great run in the Brown division thus far having won 3 and lost only 1 game. Therefore, we now have lots of work to do in the lead up to the first challenge our boys will face this year.

Under 15's Match Report
Bulleen Templestowe
5.6.36 8.9.57

"This week we played Bulleen Templestowe and they brought some fight to the game. We were on the back foot before the game start with only 18 players but the boys held strong. It was also Ethan's 100th game - what an achievement!

We had the ascendancy in the first quarter through good play out of the backline and some nice inside 50 movement. Josh and Alister were great on the wings as both boys provided handy switch-kick option to bring the ball to the open space. I was pleased to see the boys working on quick ball movement as that has been a focal point at training over the past few weeks; sometimes it paid off and others it did not but I am glad to see the effort.

In the second quarter the contest was equalised. Bulleen played to their strengths; contested football and making every contest a dog fight. Unfortunately, our boys lost their way from the first quarter as we began to rush our kicks out of defence which lead to turnover goals. Our insurance off half-back, Terence, steadied the ship. He played strongly late in the half which allowed us to still retain the lead heading into the main break.

It was much of the same in the third quarter. Our boys tried to find their mojo but Bulleen were very competitive and did not want to let go of the game. Credit to our opposition as they managed to take the lead half-way through the quarter. Eventually we were able to regain our lead late in the quarter which proved to be the only lead change of the game. Once again, Terence held strong in the backline with admirable effort from Charlie, Angus and Ross.

The fourth quarter was one I was proud of. I mentioned to the boys at three-quarter time to remain positive about the game even though it had not been our best performance; we still had a quarter to play our best football and secure the win. Then, for the final 20 minutes I was filled with pride. The boys pressed on and were able to run over the opposition and play out the game without a bench which was a highlight for me especially.

We finished 21-point winners. Coming out of the game there are some good signs that we are starting to instinctively look inside the middle of the ground. But, some key working areas were highlight such as: two-way running, midfield organisation and disciplined defence."

Youth GIRLS Match Report
Bullants Kew Rovers
3.8.26 2.8.20

A clear and pristine day at Zwar had us facing Kew Rovers. With thirteen players, Kew had to keep four on the bench. The girls were once again going to be challenged and we weren’t going to back away.

Mia B and Mia H led the side out once again with all players ready to strive for our first win of 2018. Mia B won toss and we were kicking to the City end, a good start and a sign of things to come.

From the first bounce our girls we ferocious at the contest, getting it in our forward fifty only a minute in. Georgia Barry was superb early and throughout the day, winning plenty of hit outs and allowing our midfield to get first use of the football. We had a number of early scoring shots but weren’t able to score a goal. This didn’t stop the girls continuing to hunt the football. In the middle, Mia Beki and Darci were bashing and crashing through packs the entire match with Mia B chipping in with a vital goal. The girls dominated the first quarter with the ball hardly leaving our forward line.

The second quarter began and Kew were desperate to get back into the game. Esther, playing on the wing for the first time was sublime, never backing away from the contest and always trying to move the ball to her team mates advantage. Kew began to move the ball better meaning our backline was getting involved in the game. Angelique and Zoe were like two generals down back, taking some really big marks and taking the game on without any hesitation. Oceane played intelligent football herself, always looking to kick boundary side and taking a mark back with the flight which would’ve made Nick Riewoldt proud.

At the halftime, the scores were close. The girl’s fitness and resilience was going to be tested. Kew were bound to come out firing.

The girls tried to keep the intensity up as it was in the first half but fatigue was visibly kicking in. The team kept pushing on, willing themselves to increase their lead. Down back again, Isabella was able to provide run and carry off half back Bachar Houli style. Mia H was everywhere during the match, either having a ‘rest’ down back, working endlessly in the middle and was able to kick a goal. Sabrije played in the midfield and backed herself at every contest, making life difficult for the Kew midfield. Kew were making the match exciting with themselves having opportunities at goal. In the forward line, Helena was terrific all day leading up as a target and improving each week. The siren sounded for the third quarter with a massive last term coming up.

The last quarter was an intense and bruising contest with most players feeling the effect of not having a bench. The start of the quarter we were trying to increase the lead but was difficult to do so. Ruby was unbelievable at full forward, hunting down Kew players and rewarding herself with a goal. Amelia provided us with a tall option forward and also rucking to give Georgia a rest and continued to improve massively each game. The last ten minutes of game was intense and exciting with Kew trying to score but our players were mature enough to keep calm and not let them score. The siren sounded and we held on for a six point win!

A grouse win for everyone with our girls playing with professionalism, discipline and team first mentality.

Thanks again to Sofie for being team manager and George helping out as assistant. Also thanks to Louise, David, Jodie, Anna, John, Monique and big thanks to Brendan who ran both boundaries for most of the match! Thanks to Adrian Vella for doing an awesome job as runner!

Enjoy the win but still come to training with an aim and focus and bring on the next opponents!


Colts 1 Match Report
Bullants Brunswick
16.10.106 4.6.30

Another warm autumn day with hard dry windless conditions ensured that players would be tested with their fitness and endurance.  The Colts again started well working hard and working well together with early goals with Rhett Aminde and Jack Nicolo. Matt Chilcott “Chilli” was strong in the backline on his birthday.  Quarter time saw the team lead 5.1 to Brunswick yet to hit the scoreboard.

To Brunswick’s credit their second quarter matched the Colts.  Jon Magriplis called up from the Colts 2 enjoyed his first goal with the Colts1.  Brodie Lacey was contesting well and Jackson Tierney was involved in the centre picking up multiple contested possessions.  Angus Green worked hard both in the ruck and around the ground. Half time the team was 8.1 to Brunswick’s 3.0.

The Colts lifted their intensity in the third quarter with the backline working well and continuing to link well offensively.  Nick Zonta made recognition to the back 6: Matty (Maiolo), Chambo, JD, EJ, Henry, & Chilli. Few moments are finer than watching a chase and tackle with being awarded a kick, Adrian Sasso’s did just this, a beauty.  Three Quarter time the scoreline was 12.4 to Brunswick 4.3.

The final quarter the team continued to runout and over Brunswick who were spent.  Rory Howard’s move forward was rewarded with high marking and clean kicking ending the day with a 4 goal bag, just behind Jack Nicolo’s 5 goals.  Jimmy Manias ran out the game well as did Stefan Valensisi. Overall it was the team’s best 4 quarter effort.

Colts 2 Match Report
Banyule/Doncaster Bullants
14.14.98 6.5.41

Well this wasn’t the way this day was meant to go! Bullants were handed a fair drubbing, while family and friends beyond the boundary line scratched our heads and wondered what the George Jones happened. And as always we must put things in context. So, I’ll give it a shot and then get to the game.

Banyule started the year in Division 4. After two big losses they came down to Division 5. Last week in this Division they played Whitehorse Colts, who are top of the ladder and unbeaten. Whitehorse have won three of their four games by 50 points or more. Against Banyule Whitehorse won by 12 points. And Banyule had more shots on goal than Whitehorse.

Bullants, as I have stated previously, is slowly moving past forming to storming. Players have moved up and down between Colts 1 and 2 as the coaches get an idea of the strengths of their squads. This is a necessary part of running two Colts team but it does mean that Colts 2 will take a little longer to settle through the group developmental stages: forming, storming and norming then onto performing. This will come and there were plenty of positive signs even in this big loss.

The final context note is how the game started. Literally as the umpire was about to start the game the Banyule assistant coach approached David to inform him that Banyule were playing with 16 players and appealed to the Bullants coach to do the right thing and play 16 on the field. To even things up. That’s okay, a fair contest is a good contest. But what it did was threw the Bullants game plan and structures, as all of a sudden players were called off the ground and the coaching squad scrambled to control field plays and positions with two extra reserves. Without taking away from Banyule’s good win because they were easily the better team on the day this sudden change worked much better for Banyule than it did for the Bullants.

The first sign that this was going to be a tough day at the office actually came after the Bullants had shown sparks of last week’s good efforts. Jakeb took a strong mark, Jack laid a good tackle, James S was good in defence then Banyule with two kicks from the centre scored the first of their 14 goals. A minute or two later they had another on the board. They were playing smarter footy.

Then we surged. Tony was holding the backline together (he was my pick for best Bullants player today). We got a clearance out of the middle and goaled (sorry I couldn’t see who kicked it). James was starting to take control. Chicca was too. Then the Bullants took it on. A series of strong kicks saw the ball move quickly downfield from Chicca to Jakeb to Leo then Jackson. When Nick goaled following a good mark and pass by Leo you almost believed we were in with half a chance.

Banyule goaled within a minute in the Second. We got one back through a good pass to Jackson and then Banyule piled on 4 in a row. Fraser was playing a good game and the Bullants didn’t quit but Banyule was first to the ball, running harder and faster and played the spare man giving them extra legs and support. They kept their forward line wide open so when they got the turnover, using their spare man and runners, they were able to get the ball past the Bullants and free of congestion all too easily.

Our coach was furious. He said we’re just chasing, we’re making them look better than what they are. I had to agree.

Another quarter another goal to Banyule in the first minute. Mind you, they would only kick one more for the quarter. The Bullants defence was terrific. Tony had them following his lead and his instructions. We were losing but we weren’t backing down. Players still sensed that if they just found the key they could get their motor running. Belief is a powerful thing. When our boys play with belief they stand taller. When Jack goaled after a great run by James hugging the boundary the belief could almost be grasped. Almost.

We lost each quarter by a couple of goals and after four quarters that adds up to 50 points. So it might seem weird to say it but we were in the hunt for most of the game. And we had good efforts across the ground. Jack K is playing better every week. Daniel Q is coming into his best. He had a couple of sprints and I reckon with one of them he could’ve had a couple more bounces and taken the ball deep into the forward line. Jack B played another beauty even with a sore ankle. Bull (captain today) gave his usual 110%.

David observed at game’s end that this is the flattest he has seen the team, even before the game started. A flat team will not win the footy. So there’s some things for the team to think about. However, they had moments of brilliance and moments of strong team work. As the team develops its own ethos we will see a level of performance well above what we saw today.

Thanks to all parents who helped out on the day. We need volunteers every week!

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